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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
finally i present to you my apartment tour of 2019! my first ever apartment and all thanks to you guys! i think you would call this bohemian? basically just urban outfitters decor :)
Items mentioned:
UO Bohemian Platform Bed White Bed Frame: go.magik.ly/ml/ok31/
UO Wooden Clothing Rack: go.magik.ly/ml/ok3c/
UO Dylan Reyes After School Art Print: go.magik.ly/ml/ok3u/
UO Cecily 10” Planter + Stand: go.magik.ly/ml/ok49/
Target White Cord String Lights Clear - Room Essentials: go.magik.ly/ml/ok4b/
Gum Ball Squishy Ball: go.magik.ly/ml/ok4w/
Chamberlin Velvet Soft Seat: go.magik.ly/ml/ok57/
Chamberlin Velvet Love Seat: go.magik.ly/ml/ok5m/
Tabby Circle Wall Shelf: go.magik.ly/ml/ok7a/
Virginia Woven Rag Rug: go.magik.ly/ml/ok7v/
Camila Nightstand: go.magik.ly/ml/ok84/
Decorative Vine Sets: go.magik.ly/ml/ok8e/
Pacifica Island Art Vintage Hawaiian Embossed License Plate: go.magik.ly/ml/ok8o/
UO Cabbage Rose Neon Sign Table Lamp: go.magik.ly/ml/ok94/
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How old are you?
What camera do you use?
Canon 80D
What editor do you use?
Final cut pro x
Jumpin Boogie Woogie by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: audionautix.com/

Natalie brown
Natalie brown Prieš 5 mėnesių
Were dose mom sleep
Olivia M
Olivia M Prieš 6 mėnesių
okay someone said that the sand glasses @ 2:22 could be the one ryan used for their proposal 🥺
eva karoly
eva karoly Prieš 9 mėnesių
honestly your living room is goallssss
Ciara McCullough
Ciara McCullough Prieš metus
Where did you get those photo prints (the ones of the wall) 8:36 I really want them for my room or at least something like them!!
emily pearson
emily pearson Prieš metus
unpopular opinion: a teen girl who just graduated high school should decorate her apartment however she wants and shouldnt be expected to decorate like an interior designer
jasmine tootle
jasmine tootle Prieš metus
You’re apartment is like vintage/comfy just really nice and comfortable. I really like the records on the wall. And, I loved the rose lamp!
Batoul Arafa
Batoul Arafa Prieš metus
Why is Haley so cute in this video?
Bliss Josy
Bliss Josy Prieš metus
Who else likes her bedroom much better than the living room?
mercury Prieš metus
Why is everyone hating? This is high key my dream apartment
Janeika Webb
Janeika Webb Prieš metus
You sholf do a closet decluttering video
Kristyna & Malia
Kristyna & Malia Prieš metus
wait where’s the sunglasses shelf in your room from that’s cute
Rosemary Jimenez
Rosemary Jimenez Prieš metus
I just want to know where she got her pictures for her office:( like they are soooo pretty! please lmk if you know!!!!!
Elle Faye
Elle Faye Prieš metus
Everyone’s making fun of your decorating style, but I do exactly the same, in everyone else’s words: “hang everything I own on my wall” I’m definitely not ocd I love your apartment
Nidhi Bhagora
Nidhi Bhagora Prieš metus
Call mr. Kate we will love to see how she transform you place , it’s nice though coz it’s your personal space but still coz I luv Mr. Kate so much
Moogily Googily
Moogily Googily Prieš metus
"I got my retainer in this container"
afakasibaby Prieš metus
a 14 year old decorated this luxury apartment
Aubrey Alexis
Aubrey Alexis Prieš metus
Ok, but I actually love her apartment....!!!
Chimboica Prieš metus
I Love your bedroom
Iris Stopar
Iris Stopar Prieš metus
is it just me or is this apartment huge? how much do yuo pay for it per month?
Don’t let them take our maymays
Don’t let them take our maymays Prieš metus
Kate Doherty
Kate Doherty Prieš metus
mama pham is the cutest
Jill Winters
Jill Winters Prieš metus
I can’t believe I’ve never asked this but what breed is Spock?
Kennedy Kavanagh
Kennedy Kavanagh Prieš metus
Where does ur mom sleep
Trip With Mae
Trip With Mae Prieš metus
The best! Let's support each other
Molly Nash
Molly Nash Prieš metus
“it makes me look skinny, if you see it on my Instagram don’t believe it! it’s all a scam!!” 😂😂
Myrka Rodríguez
Myrka Rodríguez Prieš metus
awww your mom is so cutee
yiya yiya oh
yiya yiya oh Prieš metus
Ok side note but where do you get your scrunchies
Maia Prieš metus
Having an apartment is cute and all until you have to pay every bill
Caitlyn Prieš metus
Everything is so cute but I wish it was less cluttered
Lauren McCabe
Lauren McCabe Prieš metus
I’m sorry but your apartment is a lot less eco friendly than I imagined
sarah //
sarah // Prieš metus
haley saying "this is from urban" "oh and this is from target" for 13 minutes straight
Kaitlyn Puleo
Kaitlyn Puleo Prieš metus
nobody: haley:" this is from urban "
Jenna Prieš metus
dude where does her mom sleep ahahahaha
amelia si
amelia si Prieš metus
anyone think the water and sand from the beach were so adorable? idk why, but it made my heart tingle a little...
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Prieš metus
Organize closet plsss (Like so she can see)
Adelina Harrington
Adelina Harrington Prieš metus
so basically a tour of urban outfitters lol
Erica Hernandez
Erica Hernandez Prieš metus
Your apartment is really cute
Juliane Kissel
Juliane Kissel Prieš metus
I've never seen such a wonderfully decorated apartment! I just love all the thought you put into the decor and the color coordination. So relaxing to look at! Keep that great content coming!
Arie J.
Arie J. Prieš metus
3:50 you’re welcome
Donatas Urbonas
Donatas Urbonas Prieš metus
literally ll the things that you got is from urban amazon and target
Abby Brandenburger
Abby Brandenburger Prieš metus
what’s the sustainable bag???
Little nugget
Little nugget Prieš metus
I feel like she sais that her room and pink couch area is only for functionality or is not cute but they are the best decorated spaces 🤔
Little nugget
Little nugget Prieš metus
But if your mom moved with u where does she sleep?
Elaine Hudgins
Elaine Hudgins Prieš metus
This is my favorite apartment tour yet! Haley you've done such a good job customizing it to your wants and it just looks gorgeous! Have to say though that your office is my favorite room. It's just sooo aesthetic 😍😍
Mabe Vaca
Mabe Vaca Prieš metus
Love it but where does her mom sleeps?
Chloe Mccoy
Chloe Mccoy Prieš metus
Wait what about the mums bedroom?
Ava Fienup
Ava Fienup Prieš metus
Where is your moms bed?
Ava Fienup
Ava Fienup Prieš metus
Where is your moms bed?
Sara Orioles
Sara Orioles Prieš metus
Anyone know where she got the posters from on her wall in her office?
Rosa Bennett
Rosa Bennett Prieš metus
no one: haley: this is from urban
Lydia Crouch
Lydia Crouch Prieš metus
Where did you get your pictures on the wall in your office!!
Art Zebra
Art Zebra Prieš metus
"i don't really get it because it's a fake plant" 😂😂 me
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips Prieš metus
i half expected haley to say "this video is sponsored by urban outfiters", but then i realized that im watching a haley pham video
Discover Life Media
Discover Life Media Prieš metus
Had to say something. Good work!
Jordyn Daneluik
Jordyn Daneluik Prieš metus
where does your mom sleep?
Alayna Dae
Alayna Dae Prieš metus
okay let’s be friendssssss I think I live in your cityy soooo let’s hang. insta: @/ alayna.dae
Lindsay Burgess
Lindsay Burgess Prieš metus
Where does your mom sleep
Koki SaysHey
Koki SaysHey Prieš metus
Reema Chada
Reema Chada Prieš metus
5:24 i’m crying😂😂😂😂😂i rewinded like 15 times and died each time lol
Lydia Kampanellis
Lydia Kampanellis Prieš metus
You should definitely do a hoodie and sweatshirt collection!!!✨✨✨❤️❤️
marra531 Prieš metus
Jasmine Lash
Jasmine Lash Prieš metus
you should come to new zealand!! PLEASE
julianne ranft
julianne ranft Prieš metus
Where is the colorful Polaroid from?!!🤩😍
Andres Velez
Andres Velez Prieš metus
“Wow where did yo-“ Haley: I got it from urban outfitters
Madison Lastra
Madison Lastra Prieš metus
where is the kit from for the photo wall in your office?
Hannah Godson
Hannah Godson Prieš metus
Soooooooo where does your mom sleep????
violet sk
violet sk Prieš metus
the end bit omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Prieš metus
Um What about your Mom?!
Kennedy Ray
Kennedy Ray Prieš metus
i just want to tell you that i love you
the frog man
the frog man Prieš metus
it’s so funny cause barely anyone likes haley’s style for her apartment, but it’s literally my favourite apartment i’ve ever seen!! 💜💜💜
Caroline Burns
Caroline Burns Prieš metus
your apartment is so cute!!!! i love it
An Irrelevant Child
An Irrelevant Child Prieš metus
I want a video about your record collection
yana harv
yana harv Prieš metus
I have the same world map in my room wow :’)
Lizzie Munden
Lizzie Munden Prieš metus
You should donate the PR makeup to the womens shelter
Lizzie Munden
Lizzie Munden Prieš metus
can you please to a specific record video or a tech video with like your cameras and stuff
Lizzie Munden
Lizzie Munden Prieš metus
and a sticker collection
ttiffanys Prieš metus
"i'll try to link everything down below!" doesn't link one thing
Ella Soyder
Ella Soyder Prieš metus
I was looking for the link for the decorations but there was nothing 😂
Anna L. M.
Anna L. M. Prieš metus
I‘m moving to College in October and this video is such a good inspiration for how I could decorate my first Apartment 😊byeeee have a nice day, god bless u
Imogen Krauze
Imogen Krauze Prieš metus
Didn’t know she was so religious :/
Imogen Krauze
Imogen Krauze Prieš metus
rose leah just don’t really like watching you tubers who fuk w/ religion- to me it just makes them questionable
l v
l v Prieš metus
and what's wrong with that lol
Paige Lee
Paige Lee Prieš metus
All I ware is hoodies too. Even in the Arizona summer 😂
kayra selin
kayra selin Prieš metus
personally, i love how Haley decorated her apartment! it has all of the things she loves and it looks super cute all together!
Discover Life Media
Discover Life Media Prieš metus
I'm digging it!
Cordelia Grande
Cordelia Grande Prieš metus
Can I move all the furniture around in ur room it’s my hobby lol
evan andrew
evan andrew Prieš metus
You rock
elf eila
elf eila Prieš metus
Halt of the video: “this is from urban” Me: gurl I wish but I’m to broke for urban outfitters 😂
Melany Estrada
Melany Estrada Prieš metus
also were does your mom sleep?
Melany Estrada
Melany Estrada Prieš metus
no one is talking about the fact that she has 3 polaroids and kylie skin? but I LOVE YOU AND RYAN AHHHHHH!
pee pee pee pee pee
pee pee pee pee pee Prieš metus
drinking game: take a shot every time she says urban
Seren_ Xo
Seren_ Xo Prieš metus
Does anyone know where you can get cool stickers like the ones she has in the UK?🤩
Johanne Juelsgaard
Johanne Juelsgaard Prieš metus
Looooved this video !!!
lifewithem Prieš metus
Omg I have the same mirror from target and it makes me look skinnier too!
Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis Prieš metus
Wait, why are you moving out in 8 months? someone please update me!!
Gabby Potter
Gabby Potter Prieš metus
That’s when her lease is up and she’s looking at houses now
Danielle A.
Danielle A. Prieš metus
love that her vision board says "buy mom a house"
lara heyward
lara heyward Prieš metus
"tHiS Is FroM uRbaN"
Natalie Hager
Natalie Hager Prieš metus
so many people are commenting about how they don’t like how she decorated lol it’s her apartment not yours she can decorate it however she wants
haley Prieš metus
She uploads to LTlost? She should expect her audience to comment on it
Woah There Pal
Woah There Pal Prieš metus
Natalie Hager I applaud you
Natalie Hager
Natalie Hager Prieš metus
it’s so aesthetic and represents her perfectly i love itttt
ALLEGRA SAN MILLAN (Student) Prieš metus
Salomé Delemazure
Salomé Delemazure Prieš metus
Cady Simril
Cady Simril Prieš metus
9 months after I started watching your channel when you were moving in, you finally are doing the tour!
LeeAnn Freeman
LeeAnn Freeman Prieš metus
But like... ur mom has her own bathroom and closet but no bed¿
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