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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
hello alex turned 18 so we spoiled him with a new college wardrobe, tattoo, and dinner! yum and fun! woohoo!
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JOY Prieš 24 dienas
雨=rain in Japanese
Deanna Kok
Deanna Kok Prieš 3 mėnesius
haley I think you got broncheese
Deanna Kok
Deanna Kok Prieš 3 mėnesius
*bold* :)
ava harris
ava harris Prieš 6 mėnesių
8:15 we love a humble king.
Elizabeth Gammon
Elizabeth Gammon Prieš 7 mėnesių
Dude the *most* adult thing you can do is go to the DMV on your birthday
Natalie Olalde
Natalie Olalde Prieš metus
isaac wearing a san antonio spurs shirt just makes me love him more (‘: like how he know that’s my favorite basketball team
Jen L
Jen L Prieš 11 mėnesių
Natalie Olalde ew get a life
emily seifert
emily seifert Prieš metus
Isaac is a mess he’s literally wearing mismatched socks
emily seifert
emily seifert Prieš metus
Happy late Birthday Alex !
Lindsey G
Lindsey G Prieš metus
does she have a promo code for Hollister ?
Dakota Stars
Dakota Stars Prieš metus
Is uo oregon?
Superman112 Prieš metus
Who are Alex and Isaac like r they brothers or best friends
HyungJoo (Kevin) Shim
HyungJoo (Kevin) Shim Prieš metus
@9:54 Its not teached its taught
Athena Noordendorp
Athena Noordendorp Prieš metus
OMG my name is Athena go wach 2:56
Vanessa Haldeman
Vanessa Haldeman Prieš metus
I spent 5 hours at the dmv yesterday
Marissa Porter
Marissa Porter Prieš metus
*It hurt for the first few minutes the. It just faded away and it went numb* _WHY IS THAT A MOOD?_
maggie brown
maggie brown Prieš metus
Such a cute friendship
honey bea
honey bea Prieš metus
yo, they're cute
squid jimmy
squid jimmy Prieš metus
plez re stockkkkk
Zai'Nieycia C
Zai'Nieycia C Prieš metus
Alex is so cute omg he’s adorable
Addie Reese
Addie Reese Prieš metus
I used to have the same couch that alex has now
Isabel Angulo
Isabel Angulo Prieš metus
yes alex going to ou which is in my homestate!!
weston monroe
weston monroe Prieš metus
i am in love with isaac
Jyrah Conti
Jyrah Conti Prieš metus
i really love the friendship that you had guys 😭❤💕
Brianna Haufman
Brianna Haufman Prieš metus
T R I S H Prieš metus
Haley is just David Dobrik at this point
Abby M.
Abby M. Prieš metus
Okay but whyyyyy did I get sad when Alex said he’s never shopped before 😪😞 . Petition for all us girly pops to find him and take him shopping !!!
Dulce Medina
Dulce Medina Prieš metus
what was the store at 7:40
Renee Prieš metus
cute. we love this.
Renee Prieš metus
Jodi Chiong
Jodi Chiong Prieš metus
"happy 19th birthday Alex and then he just deleted it" lmaoooooo I'm dying
katherine !!
katherine !! Prieš metus
no one: alex: i LOVE blue
sofia farkhani
sofia farkhani Prieš metus
I love them so muchhhhh 😍😍😭😭😭😭
caroline Prieš metus
they have the cutest friendship omg
Amanda Kernan
Amanda Kernan Prieš metus
Alex is adorable!
Alice Xu
Alice Xu Prieš metus
Alex is so hot I’m gonna die
Royal Chukwuka
Royal Chukwuka Prieš metus
"I am...cause she's paying for it."
makenzie webster
makenzie webster Prieš metus
All three of you together is so funny
Julissa Prieš metus
You look like the type of person who puts others before herself, and is always wanting to make the ones she loves happy.
Soffa Prieš metus
Okay Haley Spak is really cute but the fact that he’s in every video is getting kinda annoying, it’s like looking at a picture of the same cute dog everyday. I have my own dog and I care about him more than I care about your dog because he’s my dog. We get that you love your small cute dog but it’s getting old. Please just include him less
Julissa Prieš metus
Is he your brother or your boyfriend?
Addi Adele
Addi Adele Prieš metus
At 4:08 Spock stares down Alex 😂
Babii Ghoul
Babii Ghoul Prieš metus
hey small youtuber here ! y’all should Che l out my channel and reply so i can check yalls out
elaine carire
elaine carire Prieš metus
Happy birthday Alex🎉
kathe gon
kathe gon Prieš metus
Georgia Reynolds
Georgia Reynolds Prieš metus
Hey can you please make an extreme hide and seek with all of your friends
Satanic Hispanic
Satanic Hispanic Prieš metus
Hugh jass low-bolls
Lydia Jackson
Lydia Jackson Prieš metus
Traci Moyer
Traci Moyer Prieš metus
haley: makes a video with isaac and alex everyone: liked that
DeMaudrei Yazzie
DeMaudrei Yazzie Prieš metus
haley, taking the emergen-c packets BEFORE you go traveling will prevent you from getting sick. if you take it when you come back from traveling it won't really work just thought I'd share that with you 🙃
Yari Bustamante
Yari Bustamante Prieš metus
I really want to help grow the LTlost community! With that said, any small youtubers want to help others out?
Athena Pengg
Athena Pengg Prieš metus
ashley ann
ashley ann Prieš metus
alex: "i was having a serious moment and you went HEEEE" that killed me lmao
I love u
I love u Prieš metus
So did she get her new licence
moyo froyo
moyo froyo Prieš metus
Ok I get it😂😂 he been wearing a black T-shirt with blue shorts in the last 2 videos
Jordan J
Jordan J Prieš metus
OU Sucks!
styleanderror Prieš metus
no one: alex: i like blue
Makenna M
Makenna M Prieš metus
Alex and I share the same birthday month👌😜
Glena Ra Shaw
Glena Ra Shaw Prieš metus
We need more Haley, Alex, and Isaac vlogs
Antonia Xx
Antonia Xx Prieš metus
alex and isaac have so much chaotic energy i love it
no name
no name Prieš metus
I did this for my best friend in high school (tho I only took her out for lunch, a movie, and ice skating since she never went ice skating before lol :p) and she literally cried lol
Hollie Grieve
Hollie Grieve Prieš metus
“i like that place called cotton on” me: HEY I WORK THERE, BUT IN NEW ZEALAND
Sela Harrison
Sela Harrison Prieš metus
This is my favorite trio on LTlost!!
Faith s.
Faith s. Prieš metus
hey what time is it? doesn’t matter ou still sucks 🤠
isabell cardenas
isabell cardenas Prieš metus
when they’re at your mall🥺
JaNiya Hart
JaNiya Hart Prieš metus
am i the only one who realizes that she put 10 in the beginning instead of 18
Johnna M
Johnna M Prieš metus
So pure 😭😭
melanie b.
melanie b. Prieš metus
My birthday is soon ;) (8/8)
josie arnold
josie arnold Prieš metus
Me and Isaac are both wearing spurs shirts lol
chloe Prieš metus
isaac is like hotttttttt
Abby Clay
Abby Clay Prieš metus
Came into my shift at Hollister and 2 of my coworkers tell me Haley Pham was just here and that they both tried to talk to her about the sales going on in the store and she completly ignored them and walked right by them. The 2 guys however did stop. You would think it would be the other way right? Considering she’s on our marketing and all. My coworkers thought it was pretty rude and we’re disappointed after seeing your face on our wall for months that you were not nicer.
Abby Clay
Abby Clay Prieš metus
It seemed pretty clear to my friends that they were ignored. One yelled “hi welcome to Hollister” and “can i help you find anything today?” right when they walked in which is pretty hard to miss. The other walked right up to them a minute later to talk about the sales and she kept walking while the boys stopped.
Victoria H
Victoria H Prieš metus
Did she just not notice them? Or did she intentionally choose not to acknowledge them? I agree that it wouldn’t be right if she ignored them. I wouldn’t expect that from her, though.
Dina Prieš metus
„I think Haley got bronchitis“😂😂 „I was having a serious moment and you went ....”😂😂😂
wise guy
wise guy Prieš metus
I loved that hoodie he picked
Samira abdulkadir
Samira abdulkadir Prieš metus
alex deadass needs his own channel
Brooklyn Monroe
Brooklyn Monroe Prieš metus
Everyone is a fan of Alex, like come on...cute, funny, and enjoys/is cool on camera. :))
Makyden Parreira
Makyden Parreira Prieš metus
Happy late birthday 💓
Manuel Seda
Manuel Seda Prieš metus
Pfff that’s not even Ryan!
Danai Dimitrova
Danai Dimitrova Prieš metus
Is anyone gonna comment on how cute Alex actually is?
sundus shaq
sundus shaq Prieš metus
alex and issac for sale $10
Dance Girl
Dance Girl Prieš metus
Lonely little Ryan
Dance Girl
Dance Girl Prieš metus
I love how we are in on the inside jokes :)
Dance Girl
Dance Girl Prieš metus
I think Isaac is tired of being ignored in these videos
Arianna Sings
Arianna Sings Prieš metus
Katelyn Prazak
Katelyn Prazak Prieš metus
I would love if Alex made a youtube channel. He seems to really like being int he videos and he has good dad vibes. Very wholesome
katie crowell
katie crowell Prieš metus
wait why does haley always say "choose out"
mary.ignat v
mary.ignat v Prieš metus
Isac is hot af
mary.ignat v
mary.ignat v Prieš metus
Oh sorry just found out I spelled it wrong “issac”
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams Prieš metus
Hello Haley!! :) I enjoyed this vlog
Darby Hogan
Darby Hogan Prieš metus
I feel like Isaac looks like an Alex and Alex looks like an Isaac
Darby Hogan
Darby Hogan Prieš metus
I feel like Isaac looks like an Alex and Alex looks like an issac
Divya Rana
Divya Rana Prieš metus
Alex is so cute😍😍. Love ya Haley❤
Safe space for my loves
Safe space for my loves Prieš metus
Ok can I get a sugar parent 😂😂😂
Emi_ Jade
Emi_ Jade Prieš metus
me, an australia, not realising cotton on is in america: that looks like cotton on... is that cotton on... it can’t be wtf- *next minute seeing alex hold a cotton on bag* 😳😳
Jalynn Komardley
Jalynn Komardley Prieš metus
Jalynn Komardley
Jalynn Komardley Prieš metus
Sophia Nicole
Sophia Nicole Prieš metus
Where did u get your shirt? It’s so cute
Liz Rose
Liz Rose Prieš metus
Do they have instas lol
zoë hopkins
zoë hopkins Prieš metus
izzacs so akward
alyssa claire.
alyssa claire. Prieš metus
alex is so adorable I can't 😩
ju Prieš metus
haley doing a fortnite dance nervously after telling alex about the surprise
Abby Roth
Abby Roth Prieš metus
who else wants a friend like haley?🙋🏼‍♀️
Macy Holland
Macy Holland Prieš metus
isaac is lowkey a SNACK
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