Ex-Dancer Tries Hip Hop For 1st Time in a Year

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Haley Pham

Prieš 2 mėnesius

here goes me trying to do hip hop for the first time in 2 years I think actually!!
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serenity fosdick
serenity fosdick Prieš val
It’s Eric yanez! He taught my drill team when I was in highschool very funny guy 😂
Miranda Prieš 4 dienas
me when Haley danced: amazing, talented, an absolute MACHINE🖤👄🖤 me when Ryan danced: Go White Boi Go White Boi Go!!!😀👍
juju draws
juju draws Prieš 5 dienų
haley you need to dance more!
Ginger the cat
Ginger the cat Prieš 14 dienų
I think the guy has a crush on her cuz he keeps complementing her and is making fun of Ryan
kurapikas gf
kurapikas gf Prieš 17 dienų
Haley, whats the song called that u used at the end of the vid?
laura godoy
laura godoy Prieš 19 dienų
WE NEED MORE DANCE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
niki urquhart
niki urquhart Prieš mėn
please more dance videosss(:
Dina Prieš mėn
I love these kind of videos💙💙
Rebecca Trzecki
Rebecca Trzecki Prieš mėn
Lol I took a convention class from Erick lol
Veda Craig
Veda Craig Prieš mėn
I love the style of this video! made me laugh smile and all the good feelings! Keep doing you boo :)
Unicorn 21212 xoxo
Unicorn 21212 xoxo Prieš mėn
Justine G
Justine G Prieš mėn
all dancers can relate to their teacher saying oh uh back around and you know what they are talking abt 😂
Happyinhi 7
Happyinhi 7 Prieš mėn
Haley, you are a gifted dancer! I hope you continue dancing because it brings people joy. Thank you for this fun video!
Amritha Shirley
Amritha Shirley Prieš mėn
HALEYYYY, DANCE MOREEEEE. We need more dance vidssss
Libby B
Libby B Prieš mėn
27°C is hot 😭😭😭 defs not AC
fatemah lattrag
fatemah lattrag Prieš mėn
Girrrl both of you killed it ❤❤❤
carlie madison
carlie madison Prieš mėn
You look like you’re having so much fun dancing girl you glowing
Mady Williams
Mady Williams Prieš mėn
yung nessi
yung nessi Prieš mėn
The choreographer was carrying the whole video 😂 he’s been waiting for his time to verbally shine
Tamara Pavlović
Tamara Pavlović Prieš mėn
Alex J
Alex J Prieš mėn
You honestly suck as a person.
Taru Oikku
Taru Oikku Prieš mėn
27 celcius is 80.6 in fahrenheit 😬
Erin Hague
Erin Hague Prieš mėn
What platform is Haley & Ryan doing their Bible study on? Anyone know??
Mischa Nel
Mischa Nel Prieš mėn
God bless you so much gorgeous
Known_Terrestrial Prieš mėn
I wanted to hate it, but she was great! Seriously, I love her style! 10/10
Lila Tschida
Lila Tschida Prieš mėn
We need another cmc episodeeeeeee
Abigail Bodnarchuk
Abigail Bodnarchuk Prieš mėn
Loveddd this 😍 I wanna see Haley do more hip hop!! She’s soo good!! 🤩❤️
Reia Love
Reia Love Prieš mėn
Ok but why does Ryan low key looks like he got it down? He looked good
Charlene Areche
Charlene Areche Prieš mėn
Haley 😍😍😍😍😍 you are fire 😍😍😍😍 love the outfit 😍😍😍
Sierra Williams
Sierra Williams Prieš mėn
Can someone please tell me what song this is?
Marisela Cota
Marisela Cota Prieš mėn
Haley still got it!
Cassey Bobbitt
Cassey Bobbitt Prieš mėn
“I’m injured” 😂 saaaaaaame Ryan, same.
Sydney Hadfield
Sydney Hadfield Prieš mėn
We have to remember we only see a tiny portion of their lives and who they truly are. Let’s move past this and let them continue to be kids having fun and most of all...kids LEARNING!
Maricela Hernandez
Maricela Hernandez Prieš mėn
it’s Erick Yanezzzz
Sunflower Jennifer
Sunflower Jennifer Prieš mėn
omg would love see her dance more, she’s so good
Adventure Vlogs by Em
Adventure Vlogs by Em Prieš mėn
Isela Lopez
Isela Lopez Prieš mėn
more dances!!
Emily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt Prieš mėn
We need more dance videos
soulblade Prieš mėn
Coming at us with that fuego I seeee 💪
abagail olivia
abagail olivia Prieš mėn
this video makes me miss dance sm :’)
mimi Prieš mėn
dancer haley is back😂
GreenJay Prieš mėn
Ryan was carrying hard
Fart Doug
Fart Doug Prieš mėn
I loved this so much and the music video at the end was so satisfying and cool
Marley Upp
Marley Upp Prieš mėn
wait this is one of my new favorite vids of yours!!
Ariana's Vlogs
Ariana's Vlogs Prieš mėn
I am living for RYAN!!!!!
Akshaya R
Akshaya R Prieš mėn
Haley that was awesome
Nina Michelle
Nina Michelle Prieš mėn
yesss more dance vids that was awesome
qzectbu145 Prieš mėn
really shaky cam but this was soo entertaining
Brooke Sarah
Brooke Sarah Prieš mėn
The choreographer says don’t worry it’s slow and turns on the music and it’s faster than the speed of light
Maricela Hernandez
Maricela Hernandez Prieš mėn
i’ve had him as a teacher at conventions and omg it’s sm harder that it looks
Katelynn Bissell
Katelynn Bissell Prieš mėn
I love you 🥺
lihie ayalon
lihie ayalon Prieš mėn
Damn Ryan has some swag
jada david
jada david Prieš mėn
was it a whole year already the last time i saw her dance was with trahan,yerrow with that white boys trys hip hop
Kelly Nichole
Kelly Nichole Prieš mėn
how is she so freakin good at hip hop without even trying
Josie Denton
Josie Denton Prieš mėn
these videos are really my fav, please do more love!! x
Sophia Pas
Sophia Pas Prieš mėn
emma erlenbusch
emma erlenbusch Prieš mėn
tehe love u
Flora Morrison
Flora Morrison Prieš mėn
soooo talented plz do more dancing u have a gift
A Dawg
A Dawg Prieš mėn
Go Haley!!! That was awesome!!! You’re literally so talented! I love the dancing video, Ryan was such a great addition to it!
Kristin McCallum
Kristin McCallum Prieš mėn
Aww Ryan is actually so sweet and pure I love it 😂🤣
santi elise
santi elise Prieš mėn
Shaila Pottinger
Shaila Pottinger Prieš mėn
we need more of these videos - just saying...
Amber Simmons
Amber Simmons Prieš mėn
Theres nothing I love more than watching Haley dance!!!!
Barbiez xoxo
Barbiez xoxo Prieš mėn
You need to work on how to deal with criticism point blank period. That video was constructive criticism and y’all just thought oh this video wants a bad marriage , no.
Haley Pham
Haley Pham Prieš mėn
A video addressing it all is on Ryan's Channel
Lia Prieš mėn
More dance video pleaseee!!!
Olivia Dixon
Olivia Dixon Prieš mėn
Please acknowledge the criticisms against you!
Kyra Marie
Kyra Marie Prieš mėn
I'm the ryan of every group dance I've ever done lol
Charli Scott
Charli Scott Prieš mėn
27 degrees celsius is so warm to dance in HAHAHHA
Kayne Borg
Kayne Borg Prieš mėn
Ryan makes this videos so funny😂
Badjie K
Badjie K Prieš mėn
i dont think yall need to make any more addressing videos, because you deleting comments from your fans that are genuinely trying to reach out to you and help you is already a response. when it’s fun and games, we’re girlypops, but when we hit a bump on the road we’re suddenly strangers to you. how ✨mature ✨ of you.
Queen B
Queen B Prieš mėn
I love these videos
margot berry
margot berry Prieš mėn
when are you restacking your merch? also loved the dancing you're amazing!
Julissa Prieš mėn
More dance video
Julissa Prieš mėn
More hip pop
miia backstrom
miia backstrom Prieš mėn
haley that was so good! omg i was blown away 💖
SAM MUSIC Prieš mėn
Pls do more dance videosss
Serena Z
Serena Z Prieš mėn
ltlost.info/put/vaizdo-ra-as/caebyNlnl7PXb7A the pause video^
Ally Seal
Ally Seal Prieš mėn
How are Alex and Issac doing?
Anne- Mirelie Antoine
Anne- Mirelie Antoine Prieš mėn
Ppl this video is not about the 2 hour critique of their relationship you really don’t need to comment that here comment that when they put a video out on it 🤦🏾‍♀️
jelly bunny
jelly bunny Prieš mėn
@13リナ she didn't disable comments on her instagram though?
Brandy Prieš mėn
People are commenting on here now, cause the video is gone.
13リナ Prieš mėn
I mean didn't she disabled comments on her Instagram and everything so I don't blame them because there's a lot of fans who cares about them and wanted them to grow or at least pause for a second because that video have valid criticism but so far, the way they're handling it and how ryan doxxed the guy, yeah my opinion on both of them has lowered a whole lot.
Grungophone Prieš mėn
This feels like a Ryan video but I liked it a lot super cute and funny
Maddie Powell
Maddie Powell Prieš mėn
Erick was my hip hop teacher at a convention!!
Alaina Lee
Alaina Lee Prieš mėn
Yesss I wanna see more of this
Lula Pearl
Lula Pearl Prieš mėn
Tayelors Dolans
Tayelors Dolans Prieš mėn
You know someone’s a good dancer when you’re hyping them up through the phone😂😂😂
Paige Falcomata
Paige Falcomata Prieš mėn
wouldve liked to see haley dancing more since ryan was only there for support lol
lindsey wittman
lindsey wittman Prieš mėn
Crocs have been back
Sonic Hero
Sonic Hero Prieš mėn
All of these sheeple in the comments with their spotty "criticism." Goodness people are so easily brainwashed.
Angelli Rodriguez
Angelli Rodriguez Prieš mėn
i honestly don’t understand why everybody is coming and attacking them. they’re just living their lives. just because someone made a video about them and is making you think other things than before, keep it to yourselves. y’all have no right to tell them what to do. they’re young adults, and everybody makes their decisions. stop judging them and making them feel bad when y’all make worse decisions. y’all need to get over yourselves and respect other people’s way of living. everybody needs to grow up and move on. it has nothing to do with y’all, and it shouldn’t have any affect on y’all. leave this to haley and ryan. it’s their business, not any of ours.
Mk 15
Mk 15 Prieš mėn
@Isabella Iarocci exactly
Isabella Iarocci
Isabella Iarocci Prieš mėn
This is a toxic and enabling mindset. They CHOOSE to broadcast THEIR life to their young viewers and give inexperienced advice daily. That's what the real problem is. It's not that their life is different and no one wants them to be happy or can't mind their business, but that Haley and Ryans' way of influencing their audience is extremely detrimental in so many ways and they don't care to correct it. Yes people make mistakes, and they can address each mistake all they want, but an apology without change is just manipulation.
Mk 15
Mk 15 Prieš mėn
Angelli Rodriguez no one is telling them a way to live their lives it's just some constructive criticism on how they choose to mishandle certain events. We didn't say you have to do this it's advice. And I don't think bashing and literally doxxing someone to over 600k people is a wise choice that not going to be criticized
Jo's Jesus Creepers
Jo's Jesus Creepers Prieš mėn
More hip hop/dance videos please!!!!
Hannah Merrick
Hannah Merrick Prieš mėn
Deleting any and all comments even just mentioning the SPV video on nearly every media platform just ain't it sis
Haley Pham
Haley Pham Prieš mėn
I haven't touched a single comment on this video
Annie Rizzo
Annie Rizzo Prieš mėn
Idk crocs are all I wear at home! Especially the fuzzy ones lol Ryan’s on to something 😂
kirsty lol
kirsty lol Prieš mėn
for the people who are wondering what the video is that everyone is talking about, heres the link: ltlost.info/put/vaizdo-ra-as/caebyNlnl7PXb7A
Nalakitty Prieš mėn
Ryan is impossible to faze or embarrass 😂 the perfect support dancer
Macy Pantana
Macy Pantana Prieš mėn
when u realize u want to look like haley when u dance but u prolly look like ryan :// (LOL LOVE U RYAN)
Lucian Reynolds
Lucian Reynolds Prieš mėn
Fav video of 2020. I will watch it everyday🤣 “drama” aside it sucks this video came out when it did cause this would usually be killing the charts rn
Sarah S
Sarah S Prieš mėn
Omg no wonder you were sweating your asses off the room was at 27 DEGREES CELCIUS lmao that is way too warm I don't even set that temperature in winter
allie perkins
allie perkins Prieš mėn
for anyone upset about her "disregarding" everything. step back for a moment and imagine if this was happening to you. whether some things in the video were true or false, that's a lot to take in especially when it's made very public. let her just breathe for a moment and come to discuss it when she's ready.
allie perkins
allie perkins Prieš mėn
personally, if that were to ever happen to me I'd be terrified to ever speak on it.. you never know if you'll regain the support that literally puts the food on your table, or if that you will lose it and everything else on top of that. although it needs to happen eventually, if I were in her shoes I would be a mess, and would take as much time as I need to fully process it and formulate what to do or say about it.
Hanah van Wyk
Hanah van Wyk Prieš mėn
I'm so sory that I laughed SO hard at ryan
Gabriela Barbosa
Gabriela Barbosa Prieš mėn
Really disappointed with y’all responses to the video.. when I watched I got super happy cuz I thought all those advices would genuinely help y’all very much, but you chosen the “it’s hate” narrative. Always gonna luv u Haley, just can’t get past this phase of yours. Hope u have a great life, God bless.
Simone Fourie
Simone Fourie Prieš mėn
@Brianna Hanson did you watch the video?
Brianna Hanson
Brianna Hanson Prieš mėn
Right I am super disappointed as a viewer that her and Ryan call everybody’s constructive criticism “hate” it’s really disappointing to see that
alyssa m
alyssa m Prieš mėn
Hey Haley, I know the topic of the SPV video is very sensitive right now. This is no hate towards you or Ryan or your timeline/lifestyle when it just concerns you two. However I hope you understand that when you advertise this lifestyle to your young audience that is where damage occurs. I understand you care for and appreciate your fans, so I believe a proper address regarding the SPV piece is needed. At the very least, answer the 31 questions he outlined for. It doesn’t have to be a video but I believe that this will strengthen yours and Ryan’s partnership so you both do not enter a situation you are unable to leave.
Leandra Stone
Leandra Stone Prieš mėn
Ryan’s “I’m injured” is equivalent to “ haha I’m in danger”
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