Hear the Martian wind! Perseverance rover's first sounds captured

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NASA's Perseverance rover's microphone captured the sound of Martian wind. -- Watch the Perseverance rover land on Mars in this epic first-of-its-kind video: www.space.com/perseverance-rover-mars-landing-video-amazing-photos
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Avi Guide
Avi Guide Prieš 17 dienų
That wind sound must've gave Elon Musk an erection.
A.J. Gallegos
A.J. Gallegos Prieš 17 dienų
Get out of the car!!!! Get out of the car!!!! NOW!!!!
Fw Wryh
Fw Wryh Prieš mėn
Nice to see they are using crackly microphones from the early 80s. What a load of shite.
Indy Resident
Indy Resident Prieš mėn
How about “And here’s Johnny” !
Derek Langlois
Derek Langlois Prieš mėn
386 042
Dale drake
Dale drake Prieš mėn
Sounds dead.
Christopher Borisevich
Christopher Borisevich Prieš mėn
Imagine if instead it was the sound of Adam calling to inform you that they've attempted to reach you about the extended warranty that's on your car is set to expire.
Jeff Milner
Jeff Milner Prieš mėn
its a pity Carl Sagan missed this
Syed Waqas
Syed Waqas Prieš mėn
If this is real than this is the most expensive sound track.
davidce11 Prieš mėn
Why this man is wearing a mask?
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma Prieš mėn
imagine hearing Meghan markel giving interview to aliens about her time at Buckingham
anotherOneMore7 Prieš mėn
I think likely that second version has removed a lot of non-rover sounds also. Didn't sound nearly as natural as the first version.
Shubham Chaudhary
Shubham Chaudhary Prieš mėn
Imagine suddenly Oblivian martian music starts playing
7788um Prieš mėn
I didn't know what I expect. It's wind.
Vignesh V
Vignesh V Prieš mėn
What is the gas of wind made up of in mars?
Pascal Leers
Pascal Leers Prieš mėn
Just imagine hearing "Ack, ack, ahk, ak, ak !"
John Spelic
John Spelic Prieš mėn
Amazing how much Mars looks and sounds like just outside Las Vegas.....
Socrates Plato
Socrates Plato Prieš mėn
If the audio was any longer people would work out it's earth.
Richard Landis
Richard Landis Prieš mėn
2nd sound: Take me to your leader.
Jake Perl
Jake Perl Prieš mėn
Yep, it's wind.
Mevine Ven
Mevine Ven Prieš mėn
Lies lies lies
Tuomo Mutru
Tuomo Mutru Prieš mėn
this is great opportunity to troll ppl:D
TeeKayy Prieš mėn
Hey guys, my page iss literally full(not exactly) of planetary stuff, and if you like those, you'll for sure like my page, go visit!
Dave MuckEye
Dave MuckEye Prieš mėn
The most expensive sounds ever heard by human ears 👂...
Ratius Rattius
Ratius Rattius Prieš mėn
A transmission? Out here? What kind of a transmission? Acoustical beacon. It, uh... repeats at intervals of twelve seconds. S.O.S.? I don't know. Human? Unknown.
H D Prieš mėn
Wow wind. Never heard one.
jinred Prieš mėn
and he is wearing a mask to protect from that wind... fckin commies
BigNig YaDig
BigNig YaDig Prieš mėn
Holy fuck i have never heard wind before this is amazing
Tyler Prieš mėn
I closed my eyes, imagined myself standing on red soil, looking out at the Martian horizon and heard the wind. Then I heard someone talking and I started panicking and screamed “how tf do you know English?!!” Then I opened my eyes and realized it’s this dude on the video talking.
vxbz Prieš mėn
Lol !!
LaMusicade4 Prieš mėn
Yeah it’s scary to think about the loneliness of that sound
Lázaro Alves Teixeira
Lázaro Alves Teixeira Prieš mėn
Povo mentiroso : esse som aí não é de planeta nenhum , é o som das fontes de alimentação do robozinho . Uma tv de led gera som semelhante.
john smith
john smith Prieš mėn
Sounds like wind
Arian H
Arian H Prieš mėn
the audio glitching of the video also suggests this was uploaded from mars
Jonathan Martens
Jonathan Martens Prieš mėn
Cool. Sounds just like my balcony.
Knock Out King
Knock Out King Prieš mėn
It was a fart...no ones really on Mars...BS
Lord Gains
Lord Gains Prieš mėn
I can already see the memes coming in after this... "sit back and try to imagine what it's like to be on mars" plays rickroll
Avery Khoury
Avery Khoury Prieš mėn
If yall think this is cool check out the rings of saturn.
I. L.
I. L. Prieš mėn
Lol imagine believing this bullshit
rehyt001 Prieš mėn
NASA is a derivative of satan
rehyt001 Prieš mėn
this is ridiculous, complete scam
AJ r
AJ r Prieš mėn
This isn't the first time hearing another planet. In 1982 Venera 14 probe recorded audio from the surface of Venus.
rythmcubed Prieš mėn
Martian wind be like bzzzzzzzzzzz
Nitros Prieš mėn
you just got coconut mailed
Zombie Fool
Zombie Fool Prieš mėn
Stupid. Gawd awful expense and we get a poor recording of nothing. Thanks NASA! I’m sure the millions of people that could have been fed with that money are impressed. Jackasses.
Xulfi Nawaz
Xulfi Nawaz Prieš mėn
finally a place where there is no construction going on nearby.
Stevie McSchneive
Stevie McSchneive Prieš mėn
Sooo...actually the first sound the Rover recorded was the Rover itself.
3dgun Prieš mėn
Imagine if the first sounds we heard were the Kardashian's arguing, or worse, a bunch of feminists saying that they have a great sense of humor.
3dgun Prieš mėn
@eyescreamcake Lol. The important thing is to never stop amusing yourself. Plus it got a response from you, so yeah...
eyescreamcake Prieš mėn
Imagine thinking this comment is clever
Jesus is my King 68
Jesus is my King 68 Prieš mėn
Imagine hearing the drone landing haphazardly on the rover. Lol
mlame95 Prieš mėn
I was ready to hear the shriek of a banshee for the entire recording. Guess Mars isn't so alien after all.
Someone got there during the lockdown to get a haircut
Someone is getting haircut on Mars? Sounds like trimmer
Kilikus Prieš mėn
Imagine yourself sitting on the surface of Mars. (Closes eyes and starts rolling on the floor in pain.)
o0jency0o Prieš mėn
On some Total Recall shit! 🤣🤣🤣
C S Prieš mėn
Mary Phillips
Mary Phillips Prieš mėn
Sounds like the beach
Filterdissman Prieš mėn
Imagine hearing, “ Ya finally made it back?! What happened to all the UFO’s and ambassadors we sent to earth the last 60 years?!”
Palindrome Prieš mėn
Looking forward to a Martian wind ASMR.
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell Prieš mėn
You all recorded that from earth...come on...admit it... lol...why in the first place is that a big deal... we already knew Mars has an atmosphere so naturally it would be similar to earth... how much of my tax money did that cost.
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte Prieš mėn
the air pressure on mars is twice as high as mt everest.. you cant hear anybody on mars..thats just stupid
Earmuff Hugger
Earmuff Hugger Prieš mėn
They deleted the "ack... ack ack....ack ack ack" 〽️
Ronin Says
Ronin Says Prieš mėn
This is what billions of dollars worth of equipment can record....
Narrow Way Gaming
Narrow Way Gaming Prieš mėn
Amie Petroski
Amie Petroski Prieš mėn
It fuckin wimdy
Animatic Dream
Animatic Dream Prieš mėn
Such a small thing, but with such a big impact.
KittyBlues Pink Shoes
KittyBlues Pink Shoes Prieš mėn
So what’s the big deal?
John Koenig
John Koenig Prieš mėn
Color me underwhelmed.
Amanda Watson
Amanda Watson Prieš mėn
NASA, you keep playing us wind noises while I check out the ancient ruins you try so hard to obscure.
F Ado
F Ado Prieš mėn
We can get used to the CO2 and CH4 winds on earth before our biosphere blows away.
Born Again
Born Again Prieš mėn
I could of swore I heard someone smacking on their chewing gum in the background of the wind. The cognitive dissonance continues.....................................
S Fouche
S Fouche Prieš mėn
I can't hear shit
Andrew Wian
Andrew Wian Prieš mėn
Fn idiots.. Get your mask of fear off you parasite..
Alexander Preston
Alexander Preston Prieš mėn
Makes more sense than anything I hear from Joe Biden.
Lahiru Umesh Lokuliyana
Lahiru Umesh Lokuliyana Prieš mėn
we believe you nasa
clever trevor
clever trevor Prieš mėn
We come in peace............shoot to kill !
Liv 4ever
Liv 4ever Prieš mėn
Close to 666 down votes
yelurilakshmi 100
yelurilakshmi 100 Prieš mėn
Mars మీద గాలి వుందని తెలుస్తుంది
croco pix
croco pix Prieš mėn
Cool.. thanks.
Nikola Novakovic
Nikola Novakovic Prieš mėn
🌬It definitely sounds like the wind in New Zealand, but not just anywhere in NZ, Christchurch to be more precise, yes definitely Christchurch 🌬🌪💨
Zarak khan
Zarak khan Prieš mėn
My experience with ads on youtube have been fucking bulllshit
ZoRG2017DT Prieš mėn
и неодного русского коментария а мужик болеет одел намордник
Kiddeth Prieš mėn
i got to hear sound on another planet. amazing.
Tiktok Funny Videos
Tiktok Funny Videos Prieš mėn
Amazing 😍
David C.
David C. Prieš mėn
So, Mars sounds like the ceiling in my apartment.
CharlieV Ena
CharlieV Ena Prieš mėn
Can't wait to watch a concert in Mars
Pepe Sylvia
Pepe Sylvia Prieš mėn
How do we know it's not an alien breathing heavily on the mic?
BrodyLuv2 Prieš mėn
5 meters a second !? That's decent atmosphere, no ?
BrodyLuv2 Prieš mėn
All I could hear when I closed my eyes was the sound of Arnold Schwarzenegger screaming as his eyes are being sucked out of his head 🤷
Malik Tanveer
Malik Tanveer Prieš mėn
so i played this sound and closed my eyes and i listen guitar music these LTlost ad's.
jack1701e Prieš mėn
And the noise that was heard? Tekeli-li... tekeli-li... Really though it's so cool! An alien wind!
Brian S
Brian S Prieš mėn
1 minute and 39 seconds of your life that you won't get back...
Sebastian Silva Perkins
Sebastian Silva Perkins Prieš mėn
You, and me commenting here is a waste of life too.
Captain Inner Monkey
Captain Inner Monkey Prieš mėn
My house sounds the same... And you spent billions for this.... Send me a check please... I will give you sounds you wont forget...
ThatAwkwardKid Prieš mėn
To the future people on Mars, please draw a donut for me. :)
Kringle1 Prieš mėn
I thought i was gonna hear Matt Damon....oh well
Sergei Lizotte
Sergei Lizotte Prieš mėn
Hearing sounds on the surface of another planet as if we were there. It's mind-blowing!
Dan Abraham
Dan Abraham Prieš mėn
and this last one, if you will. Close your eyes and imagine you've just landed on Mars, right next to huge Martian kegger and one of the guests begins to ride your rover around. Specifically, listen for the 'hoots' as his buddies realize what he's doing....wait...we can't play that one. Ahhh....yeah...ahh we, we just have wind; that's all we heard was wind.
CabezaBlock Prieš mėn
What do you expect to hear on a world where the air density is almost nil? Those weren't wind gusts, they were sand storms.😂
Everything Prieš mėn
What if there is someone speak on Mars ?
Isaac Yoder
Isaac Yoder Prieš mėn
It's really neat, overwhelming if you will
Flat Out
Flat Out Prieš mėn
Bill Nye " the earth is a fixed system people need to understand nobody can leave the earth" well how did they get to the moon then? 😆 Neil DA tyson "the earth is an oblate spheroid. Its wider at the bottom than the top" hmmm well why is every globe photo a perfect circle. we must just be lucky enough to be the only pear as everyother "planet" is a perfect circle. 😆 Buzz Aldrin " we never went there in the first place" guess he couldn't bring himself to tell that little girl the truth. 😆 on msm news. He also got really mad when asked to swear on the Bible that he went to the moon. Nasa trains in pools. We can clealy see air bubbles floating up while they're supposed to be in "space". 😆 Nasa astronots " oh yeah you could see all the stars when we were in space" "no we couldn't see any stars when we were in space" which is it? 😆 There are 50000 satelites but we can't see them and they cant put cameras on any. 😆 every pic of earth is 100% cgi. Also I live in the tri city area where I am surrounded by big cities. Somedays I can't make phone calls or get data on my cell phone. Yet Nixon can call the moon and nasa can send us HD quality pics from Mars. Sometimes yt quality here on earth are worse most days. 😆 Also all internet and cellphone communication is done via landlines and cell towers. Simple research. Nasa launches hundreds of balloons. If they have 50000 satelites and tons of aircraft whats the purpose. So they can give us more cgi pics and vids. 😆 Three astronots went to the moon but when interviewed they looked an acted as if thier dog just died. 😆 The rail gun on military ships can shoot over 100miles. It can only hit targets in line of sight. Simple research. Challenger passengers were all spotted after they blew up on TV. 😆 Nasa "We lost the technology to go back to the moon" hmm guess they forgot to write it down. Cellphones won't be made anymore they forgot to write down how they were made. 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Jazzaconda Prieš mėn
Flat Earther's, they're a different breed!
TobaccoRoad87 Prieš mėn
sound of perseverance brought me here ;)
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