hot girl fall routine (w/o the hot)

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Haley Pham

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Haley Pham
Haley Pham Prieš metus
the title literally shows how much of a mom I am trying to keep up with trends...did I do it right kids? anyways happy fall and i love you more than you could possibly imagine
Jon Savage
Jon Savage Prieš metus
(210 checking in) S.A T,X
Bailey Jean
Bailey Jean Prieš metus
Really wish your content wasn’t so over done. Take a break.
kj assad
kj assad Prieš metus
Stydia Shipper218 omg ikr and also ur userrtt
Afia Mafia
Afia Mafia Prieš metus
M O and I oop excuse you WATCH THE FRICKING VIDEO on her vlog channel and don’t disrespect me🙃
Sha’maiya Jankins A
Sha’maiya Jankins A Prieš metus
Haley Pham it’s actually fine girl fall
Žuks Vadims
Žuks Vadims Prieš 2 mėnesius
Привет ❤️
sophz k
sophz k Prieš 5 mėnesių
no one: haley: 🎵henlo henloooo 🎵 lmaoo that was my favourite part of the video 💞
Bella Books
Bella Books Prieš 6 mėnesių
I’m a booktuber. Read 30 books in a month😅. Why am I like this?🤣
Grace Watson
Grace Watson Prieš 7 mėnesių
RobloxWithMe Prieš 11 mėnesių
Where's the hot girl?
Thelma Prieš 11 mėnesių
who else is getting lovato vibes here?
no Prieš metus
this was the last video that was enjoyable from her lol
rio zavala
rio zavala Prieš metus
i miss this haley she has changed SO MUCH over the last month
House of NBA
House of NBA Prieš metus
hot girl summer instead as video
raven Prieš metus
Hayley I love you but your videos are forced and maybe you are under pressure to post. You should a break. Love you ❤️😊
Hgp_entertainment Hgp_Jackson
Hgp_entertainment Hgp_Jackson Prieš metus
Girls up
Fabiënne Burgers
Fabiënne Burgers Prieš metus
Your school videos r still the best
emmy condry
emmy condry Prieš metus
what did haley even do to y'all? why are y'all being such b's to her?!?
Asya Akar
Asya Akar Prieš metus
“That’s freakin cringey as frick”
Sophia Salisbury
Sophia Salisbury Prieš metus
She’s not sorry because she’s entitled :)
Honey’s Asmr eating channel
Honey’s Asmr eating channel Prieš metus
I can’t tell you how long I have been subscribed to you! I LOVE you Haley
Kimberly Carrim
Kimberly Carrim Prieš metus
can y 'all *actually* chill with your damn "aPOLoGIZe" yes, she messed up and said some things she shouldn't have, but I know from firsthand experience how hard apologizing is when you know you're in the wrong. Haley got all of the backlash at once after that video, you can't expect her to *immediately* pop back up with an apology, because getting pressured and yelled at by people to apologize is going to make her not want to do it. And even if she doesn't end up apologizing, which I don't think will happen, just don't watch her anymore and move on in your life and stop making hers miserable.
Kimberly Carrim
Kimberly Carrim Prieš metus
@retrotastix sigh...i wish she would keep it up :(
retrotastix Prieš metus
She posted an apology video on her vlog channel a while ago but I think she deleted it.
Chloe Richardson
Chloe Richardson Prieš metus
can somebody fill me in on what Haley did?? I’ve been gone a while
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy Prieš metus
Your content is amazing xxxx
Oliche Prieš metus
Yeeeeees please do a booktube where you just recommend books you like
Claire Platt
Claire Platt Prieš metus
I know that Haley did something wrong but can someone explain what she did wrong?
viola Prieš metus
Claire Platt just search Haley Pham tea some videos should pop up
Jessica Arteaga
Jessica Arteaga Prieš metus
correction... * thotumn *
Ella P
Ella P Prieš metus
"the smallest social interaction gets my heart racing" ive never heard anything more relatable
Aniece middleton
Aniece middleton Prieš metus
I remember when she used to be a dancer that’s When she was my idol
Re w
Re w Prieš metus
Lol I kinda think it’s funny that she’s always saying she doesn’t like to brag about having money/opportunities....but then she complains about minor things during an INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY TO EUROPE. Also, without nurses and PAs the healthcare system would not exist. I know you’re young and learning...but check yourself cause u can be young without being rude and disrespectful.
Re w
Re w Prieš metus
Okay so I watched the apology and I appreciate it and just hope you can learn and move on.
Yosei Aku
Yosei Aku Prieš metus
*Haley: this is my last video before i become a booktuber* *me: Faints*
Evangebean Prieš metus
LISTEN HAKEY you are relatable and quirky! you dont gotta apologize for those who think you are just acting like that. love you boo
hejira Prieš metus
No one cares
savannah jordan
savannah jordan Prieš metus
Okay where is the story time video
sonali •0•
sonali •0• Prieš metus
Someone please explain what she said that was offensive?
Rose Maariee
Rose Maariee Prieš metus
Loner tbh: I wish Haley was my friend. She's so bright and cute and I need friends like her.
Lilly Capute
Lilly Capute Prieš metus
Where does haley get her rings?
L H Prieš metus
What an annoying video
jordyn maxfield
jordyn maxfield Prieš metus
“the smallest social interaction gets my heart racing” i felt that.
Ellie_Olivia Prieš metus
wow, everyone in this comment section is heckin annoying
Kate S
Kate S Prieš metus
Wow so you’re really trying your best to have terrible content
Auni lipsi
Auni lipsi Prieš metus
Why does everyone always look for everyone to APOLOGIZE to everything lmao I’m confused. In real life no one would say “apologize “ for an opinion 💀 anyone wanna fill me in?
Hamzzi Hmz
Hamzzi Hmz Prieš metus
Wht up girl pop
Bianca Marchetti
Bianca Marchetti Prieš metus
ngl contents been trash lately you’ve been trash lately
helena Prieš metus
Haley where are your earrings from?
Lydia Kelsh
Lydia Kelsh Prieš metus
loveeee your channel!!! you are such a nice genuine youtuber!!
heaven irl
heaven irl Prieš metus
im allergic to severely.. my aunt had pumpkin pie once and she was in a coma for like 4 days..
Ja dk
Ja dk Prieš metus
Why not post the apology video on your main channel? seems like you want all trace of your comments to be erased from your main channel but people won’t forget what you said, posting it on your vlog channel shows that you’re trying to hide the situation from as many people as you can. Its very spineless
Lucy Wisz-Froeslev
Lucy Wisz-Froeslev Prieš metus
You look like Demi Lovato
Kerstin Nilsson
Kerstin Nilsson Prieš metus
I miss your dance videos 😢 I only say that cause I used to compete in dance and watched you when you made those vids and I quit not long before you did. You just seem so different now
c h a r l o t t e
c h a r l o t t e Prieš metus
You say you’re a workaholic but you upload once a week a vid of you drinking sTaRbUcKs like lmao bye
Leah Melendez
Leah Melendez Prieš metus
Team sex before marriage
Abby Espinoza
Abby Espinoza Prieš metus
Hailey- “Like sweet perfume” Me- soo.... perfume?
Angelica Justine
Angelica Justine Prieš metus
she is a "workaholic" and works so hard on her youtube videos that she decides to film a tasting chocolate milk video and doesn't have 10 seconds to research what lactose free milk is for a video that she makes money off of! (plus wastes alot of milk!) and gets a sponsorship with united for being a "traveler" when she can't even plan an anniversary correctly because all she wants to do is shop and go to the beach at a place with a great economy! ha ha ha
Scozmoic Prieš metus
Jesus not liking this b
floralvintagexoxo Prieš metus
Why is she pretending to be happy so bad
Jasmine Couch
Jasmine Couch Prieš metus
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but.... Start today!! 🌸🌞 Whether that be a goal, working out, or starting your dream career. Just start doing one thing today that’ll make you happy and don’t stop until you reach your goal! ✨💞 Love from a small youtuber 🖤🦋
Mary Rose
Mary Rose Prieš metus
Loved this video!:)
norah Prieš metus
Okay, listen. I know some of y’all are mad at her, but that gives you absolutely NO reason to be mean, rude, and disrespectful. Everyone makes mistakes and if you would stop hopping on hate bandwagons and would do some research, you would find an apology video. I understand that you may be upset, but calling her childish doesn’t make you anymore mature. There are already hundreds of comments addressing the issue. We don’t need anymore. Haley is human and makes mistakes. Give her a break. It’s not like she killed or raped anyone. There are WAAYY worse things going on right now. So save yourself some wrinkles and take a seat. Thank you for your time.
Katie Bell
Katie Bell Prieš metus
Omg I love book tube lol
zelal emre
zelal emre Prieš metus
i’m unsubbing
Payton Prieš metus
the ‘idk what to say’ video isn’t even an apology, it’s just you reflecting on what you said. How hard is it to say « im sorry and i hope to learn from my mistakes »
Nikos Andreou
Nikos Andreou Prieš metus
If she is a virgin, i am the President of the United States!!!
Turtle Turtle
Turtle Turtle Prieš metus
Y’all got to remember that she’s only a teenager! Don’t expect her to always be a perfect person cause we all aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes at least once in our lives. She’s also made an apology video so take it or leave it.
애니 annie
애니 annie Prieš metus
5:19 sis that book ain't working 🙄
애니 annie
애니 annie Prieš metus
you didn't even post the apology on your MAIN channel, you've changed so much haley, might unsubscribe later
Sarah Ash
Sarah Ash Prieš metus
I wish I had the money to buy the same products as her becuase she is absolutely stunning even without makeup and I hate ittttttt. But I love you Haley ❤️
E&G 20
E&G 20 Prieš metus
Your mom is literally adorable🥺💙
Lily English Year 11
Lily English Year 11 Prieš metus
* just going to ignore the fact she offended a whole country, healthcare workers, airport staff, books the whole trip wrong yet it isn't her fault* LeTs Go GeT StArBuCkS, QuIrKy TeEn AhAhAh. kinda disappointed how you can not address the issue whilst clearly a lot of her ex subscribers are still mad. i can't see how she is 'mature' when she can't book a flight or hotel on the wrong day yet plans to buy a house. ' workaholic ' i get editing can be stressful but as far as I'm aware buying Starbucks and drinking chocolate milk isn't stressfull lol.
Abigail Prieš metus
Hi Hayley - Just wanted to say that you had a very eloquent and responsible apology. You took the positive criticisms that were given to you with a lot of grace. I’m glad that you have sort of had a bonk on the head and realized that you’ve been acting not as your true self! We love you for you, not for you being a Relatable Teen. xoxo
yashica Prieš metus
why is everyone going off on her i’m confused??
kiara Prieš metus
"the grande was sickening" wtf. idk why but she bothers the fuck out of me now
Samantha Starcher
Samantha Starcher Prieš metus
my life will be complete if you start a podcast!!!
Emily Harper
Emily Harper Prieš metus
First of all she already made an apology video. its in her vlog channel. Also think before you comment something you don’t even know about.
Klara Laurence
Klara Laurence Prieš metus
I am a new youtuber! I would love it, if you would check me out!
Island c Yang
Island c Yang Prieš metus
She is literally the same, people are saying she's "changed" "spolied" "a brat" just because of one mistake like stop if you don't like her don't watch her videos. Don't go out of your way to leave hate.
Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson Prieš metus
who unsubbed? :(
Bella Lemus
Bella Lemus Prieš metus
Someone tell me what to ask for for those nails!
DeimanteVi Prieš metus
Can someone tell my whats actually happening???????
Yummy Sounds ASMR
Yummy Sounds ASMR Prieš metus
I bet Haley got really good grades in high school. She is reading all the time. 📚😄📚
Cara v Biljon
Cara v Biljon Prieš metus
Afiq Rizal
Afiq Rizal Prieš metus
guys she apologized move on stop making this a big issue
Day Hernandez
Day Hernandez Prieš metus
ur mom is so cute omg😂😚💓
Ayu Arbie
Ayu Arbie Prieš metus
I wish Haley would watch Joe Gordon Levitt speech in Ted Talk, I’m not saying that Haley seek for attention, I just want youtubers watch it so they remember that trying to be the trend makes you less creative. Because I feel like that’s what happens to Haley right now, I could be wrong I’m sorry.
Andreas Koukoulis
Andreas Koukoulis Prieš metus
Guys never forget what she did to Greek people. Unfollow her. She never apologized. She in not a good influence for young people!
Andreas Koukoulis
Andreas Koukoulis Prieš metus
@R P are you kidding me? She did it on a channel that has so fewer subscribers. She should have said the same things here! So every of her followers should listen. She was telling bad things about Greeks for an hour and she apologized for 1 second? If it was your country how would you feel?
Andreas Koukoulis
Andreas Koukoulis Prieš metus
@R P LTlost will decide about your hate speech. I don't care about her vlog but about her videos. If you don't have life and you follow her in everything she does it is your business. Using hate speech against me it is not your business. Still waiting your full name
Andreas Koukoulis
Andreas Koukoulis Prieš metus
Could you please tell me your full name? I haven't seen any of her apology on LTlost! Also I reported you for your racism on me. I hope you won't continue. I also have to tell you that I am not afraid of your hate speech and I have the freedom to tell my opinion! So you as a fan of her you are also a bad influence doing on me what she also did!
Sea Howard
Sea Howard Prieš metus
you’re the most ignorant person in the world for dragging PAs & nurses when you didn’t even complete high school
Yoursisshantii *
Yoursisshantii * Prieš metus
Subs bout to drop
Yoursisshantii *
Yoursisshantii * Prieš metus
Her views have really gone down
I think the fuck not trick ass bitch
I think the fuck not trick ass bitch Prieš metus
So u gonna address the situation or..?
retrotastix Prieš metus
It's on her vlog channel -
Erika Dillon
Erika Dillon Prieš metus
ooo i live with my boyfriend of three years and am having his child. i feel so impure and dirty watching her videos
Kylie Ward
Kylie Ward Prieš metus
@Valerie Ohhh, I understand why people would still be upset then for sure. My bad. I do think she should put her apology on her main account in that case.
Valerie Prieš metus
Kylie Ward it doesn’t matter if she disabled it herself, she already knew people wouldnt be able to comment but she blames LTlost so people cant critisize her for it
Phillip Makropoulos
Phillip Makropoulos Prieš metus
@Kylie Ward how about then her main account on ytube???
Kylie Ward
Kylie Ward Prieš metus
Phillip Makropoulos LTlost automatically has her comments disabled on her vlog channel.
Phillip Makropoulos
Phillip Makropoulos Prieš metus
@R P why she didn't upload the video on her prime acount? and why did her disable the comment's?She didn't apologized for all her mistakes.
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith Prieš metus
Lovee videos like these 🤩
Marlee Prieš metus
its been super hot in nashville and i can relate cuz i just moved here and im used to a real fall
B Prieš metus
guys her apology video is on her vlog channel
That’s so Tabitha
That’s so Tabitha Prieš metus
I thought you quit Starbucks mm still drinking it
Mary Martin
Mary Martin Prieš metus
unsubscribed because of how entitled and ignorant you’ve become, yikes. deleting a video doesn’t mean we didn’t see it lmfao
ForgottenRoar Prieš metus
It's so disappointing that she would post the apology on her second, less popular channel...
Khristin Dare
Khristin Dare Prieš metus
Girl please don’t try and describe hot girl summer with knowing nothing about the OG hot girl🤨😪
Naomi Jonathan
Naomi Jonathan Prieš metus
Watch the apology
Carina Neu
Carina Neu Prieš metus
The “cancel culture” that you’re being hit with right now is ridiculous. You are one of the most genuine youtubers that I’ve ever watched. Just know that your true followers have your back.
Marta Mendes
Marta Mendes Prieš metus
People are just mean. Guys... calm down. Whatever you don't like in your life you can just stay away from it. Spread positivity
Professer Dumbledore
Professer Dumbledore Prieš metus
Hey Haley, I came to comment this, because there's something I wanted to say. I saw that you took down the story time video, and your vlog channel won't allow us to comment, but I watched the story time, and I was so confused, and a bit angry of your choices, and your word choice. All I could really think about is how much I used to love your channel, and how sad I was to see you make those choices. Yesterday, I saw your apology video, and I wanted tell you how much I loved that you recognized your wrong decisions. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we're proud our favorite LTlostr is making the right decisions. We love that you're back again, and we all forgive you. Don't listen to the haters, honey. Much love from a big fan
Simona Dimitrova
Simona Dimitrova Prieš metus
See you say this video is pre-filmed in your apology, but it really isn't.... You have the same nails in the apology video which you did in this very video. So which one is it?
jessie Prieš metus
and people wonder why americans get so much hate haha
Daphne Vlak
Daphne Vlak Prieš metus
I got the isle of paradise drops because of your recommendation and i've got to say thaaaank youuu! First self tanner i've tried that does not make me feel gros and sticky
forcing a summer glow up *gains confidence*
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