how i found my long lost sister on the internet

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Haley Pham

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hope ya'll like vlogs! this is where i write keywords so here we go: this is a day in the life of teen youtuber girls and we are definitely annoying but at least we are aware! a fun behind the scenes vlog of our transformation videos!! car vlog! starbucks! target! wow! teen! girls!

Solana Baehni
Solana Baehni Prieš 5 mėnesių
Before that video *I relate so much with hailey* After video *omg, mai and I are so alike!*
4A20 韋姬思 (Rai Christina)
4A20 韋姬思 (Rai Christina) Prieš 5 mėnesių
Both of you should take a DNA test!
Sabrina Leal
Sabrina Leal Prieš 5 mėnesių
Watching this now that we have tap for our cards lol
Faith Ncho
Faith Ncho Prieš 5 mėnesių
they look alike lmao
Hannah Bibi
Hannah Bibi Prieš 6 mėnesių
Got to love Mai. My sprit animal ☺️ hold wait my sprit human 🙂🙃🙂
Chloe Plouffe
Chloe Plouffe Prieš 6 mėnesių
literally my two favourite youtubers😱😍
Oopsies Leyah
Oopsies Leyah Prieš 6 mėnesių
*dip powder nails* ( sorry I watched a lot of nail videos)
Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose Prieš 6 mėnesių
okay we may not have tap pay everywhere but we still have target
Loa 3311
Loa 3311 Prieš 7 mėnesių
lol i literally watched mai's videos these days and I forgot what your name was and now I found you again haha
Nour Abbas
Nour Abbas Prieš 7 mėnesių
That’s insane that y’all have the same birthdays as well haha! Actually I just realized I’m subscribed to both of y’all 😂 gotta love the phams!
mAx Prieš 7 mėnesių
Ah...yes when human interaction was still a thing.
Fatou Diallo
Fatou Diallo Prieš 7 mėnesių
it says " *outro hakey* " im dying😂😂
my_life_full_of_adventures Prieš 9 mėnesių
I’m Canadian too
Mirna Prieš 9 mėnesių
And it's really weird that i like you both even before i know that you are long lost sisters😂
• S k y •
• S k y • Prieš 10 mėnesių
Triplets? Jay Pham!!!!
Sarah Bogush
Sarah Bogush Prieš 10 mėnesių
She didn’t leave a link to the metal straws :/
riley keegan
riley keegan Prieš metus
When mai is done moving into her house Haley should go to Canada and visit her so we can get this iconic duo again
Dalatonia /
Dalatonia / Prieš metus
You have the same nose
Gaming with Jess
Gaming with Jess Prieš metus
Is that necklace honeybylex?
Aruvi X BTS
Aruvi X BTS Prieš metus
Waaaaita minute. I live in Canada and there's a target 5 minutes from my house lol...
Lucy Farrington
Lucy Farrington Prieš metus
Ohhh myyyyy its 5:53 where I am and I just laughed so loud if I woke up my mum my ass is gonna get kicked
Adiyah Crenshaw
Adiyah Crenshaw Prieš metus
Ummmm we do have “TAP” in America 💀
MK Tech
MK Tech Prieš metus
We have tap pay in England if its less than £30 but we call it contactless and if it’s over thirty pounds you have to put it in and do the pin and everything
Syddney leighh
Syddney leighh Prieš metus
I love how organized and all the planning haley does!!!
Syddney leighh
Syddney leighh Prieš metus
mai is literally me omfg
Patrycja Matyjasik
Patrycja Matyjasik Prieš metus
Why do u use duck tape in your car
goodnessgraciousgrace Prieš metus
Ryllee Russell
Ryllee Russell Prieš metus
I love how Haley hearts like everyone ❤️
Ava Jette
Ava Jette Prieš metus
Someone please tell me why she has ducktape in her car ? lol
Nowelia Blake
Nowelia Blake Prieš metus
Hey everybody please read: 👑JESUS👑 loves you You are amazing Never give up on yourself and never give up on 👑GOD👑 because 👑HE👑 has a plan for you❤️❤️
Elayne Nauss
Elayne Nauss Prieš metus
I live in the same place as her
Cherie Moncur
Cherie Moncur Prieš metus
who shops at walmart?!!!!
Cherie Moncur
Cherie Moncur Prieš metus
they don’t have TARGET WTF
bea fayee
bea fayee Prieš metus
you put outro hakey😂
Hermana OGC
Hermana OGC Prieš metus
I lovvvveee her. Y’all are so funny lol
Eva Woodcock
Eva Woodcock Prieš metus
You can tap your phone to pay... Idk if that's similar or what
Jayden Mandau
Jayden Mandau Prieš metus
in st. catharines we had a target but it didn’t even last a year. rip
Marie Skarpeid
Marie Skarpeid Prieš metus
Outro hakey??
Jelisa Alexander
Jelisa Alexander Prieš metus
soooo when did she say if they are sisters or not ?
Naachan Prieš metus
haley is so annoyed lol
Abigail Reeder
Abigail Reeder Prieš metus
“It doesn’t make me different” ... *long pause* “Well I guess it does” 😂
Kitty Jade
Kitty Jade Prieš metus
In England we just hover the card over the machine thingy
That tall girl Amanda
That tall girl Amanda Prieš metus
Bro we don’t TAP our credit cards. It’s debit cards
cherrymilk mp4
cherrymilk mp4 Prieš metus
wait you don't tap in america??
Kati G Avery
Kati G Avery Prieš metus
What does she use the duct tape for when she is in the car?
princesseof2g Prieš metus
Anybody else remember LazyTown
ZIA Prieš metus
What's the tape for 1:22
Audrey Marie
Audrey Marie Prieš metus
Pham squared!
Ayo Prieš metus
EllaNora Prieš metus
We even have tap in the UK 😂
Emily Keith
Emily Keith Prieš metus
lmfao we can tap, swipe aNd iNsErT in Australia
hannah Wilson
hannah Wilson Prieš metus
I remember the ducktape from one of your first videos
Alyssa Prince
Alyssa Prince Prieš metus
Why do you have duct tape in your car?🤷‍♀️
yo itz imani
yo itz imani Prieš metus
7:17 i physically CANNOT
Cudddles83 83
Cudddles83 83 Prieš metus
Ok so i know this is old but, we do have the option to tap not everywhere but there are places where you can. Its more of a option for us
y3nevii sanchez
y3nevii sanchez Prieš metus
my teacher's last name is pham!!💖💖
Ellie Cubitt
Ellie Cubitt Prieš metus
We dont have a Target in Canada, we have a Target and Walmart in America, gurll in England we have neither
Kelis Hood
Kelis Hood Prieš metus
I live in the same city as mai :p
Paige Holt
Paige Holt Prieš metus
300 sub in 40 min
Nilima S
Nilima S Prieš metus
*Mai annoying Haley for 12 minutes straight*
Nilima S
Nilima S Prieš metus
Opposite attracts lol
Szucs Lili
Szucs Lili Prieš metus
Haley looks sooo upset by that girl😂
jhopeful flower
jhopeful flower Prieš metus
*in australia we have tap OR swipe*
Daisy Birch
Daisy Birch Prieš metus
bro, they don't have tap in the US??
Notterma d
Notterma d Prieš metus
I found it hilarious that she kept saying "let's go to Target" and they didn't go for like 10 minutes. 10 minutes in LTlost time = 2 years in real time 😂😂😂
parvin hossain
parvin hossain Prieš metus
thats ur sister? i like litterally saw her video before watching urs me going to have a heart attack
Kendra Gross
Kendra Gross Prieš metus
Australia also has tap and go lol.
シエラ Prieš metus
I used to watch my phammy all the time
Amy Wattenbarger
Amy Wattenbarger Prieš metus
Jaime Madam
Jaime Madam Prieš metus
We have tap and swipe in aus
Kaitlin Wright
Kaitlin Wright Prieš metus
i have the same rainbow lights I'm happy
cass morgan
cass morgan Prieš metus
Haley looks so annoyed...just me?
shae Prieš metus
The difference between a type a and a type b personality
Beth M
Beth M Prieš metus
I didn't know Americans didn't have tap??
Grade -A- Weirdo
Grade -A- Weirdo Prieš metus
I LOVE this vlog lmao 😂😂😂
Grade -A- Weirdo
Grade -A- Weirdo Prieš metus
Lmao we do have tap though just not everyone
help Prieš metus
you shouldve made it say "Pham Fam"
pine apple
pine apple Prieš metus
Mai..u good babe?
Sunflow -Blooming
Sunflow -Blooming Prieš metus
She’s so hypeee but I’m for itt
jasmine magallano
jasmine magallano Prieš metus
Damn the U.S is so different from Canada
Bree Simulated
Bree Simulated Prieš metus
We have paywave in Australia too haha
Luna Roja
Luna Roja Prieš metus
What is the tape for? This is the second time I have seen it haha
Nadine M
Nadine M Prieš metus
U twins for real wtf
Aksa George
Aksa George Prieš metus
Wait, people in America Don't Tap?!!?1?
Let’s sacrifice Toby Marshall
Let’s sacrifice Toby Marshall Prieš metus
Wait you don’t have contactless in America?? Wtfff
Yeetis Prieš metus
Only if finding my dad was this easy....😭
Shreeshree 345
Shreeshree 345 Prieš metus
When she’s in the car what’s the duct tape for?
Ashmita Gurung
Ashmita Gurung Prieš metus
We have the same thing with our cards in England, we have contactless cards so we just need to tap. I really thought America would have to same, you guys need to shape up!
angelbri379 Prieš metus
Honestly really happy to see Mai and Haley laughing and having fun in this vid. The crazy rich Asians transformation vid was low-key concerning just cause it seemed like Haley was v annoyed by Mai. 😂 Love them both ❤️
Tessa Apperley
Tessa Apperley Prieš metus
You can't use tap with certain cards but for like 95% you can ( edit: I'm Canadian)
hamiltrash Hamgelica
hamiltrash Hamgelica Prieš metus
I think that she is so environmentally friemdly because of her bf
Katie B
Katie B Prieš metus
omG CANADA DOESN'T HAVE TAP??? cmon us even australia has that gOSH
Red. Dragon
Red. Dragon Prieš metus
I love them together 😂😂
Lila Prince
Lila Prince Prieš metus
Your eyelashes 😍
Sarah Faith
Sarah Faith Prieš metus
Such an inconvenience to your tongue. -Haley 2019
no Prieš metus
Outro hakey
azza Prieš metus
in the uk u tap as well😂
peaceout Prieš metus
they didn’t say if they were related😪
Elly Scheer
Elly Scheer Prieš metus
yo haley if u still want a hot pink lipstick to match ur nails and scrunchie, check out the By Terry lip expert in Pink Pong or Pink Party :) these colors reminded me of u hehe
a Prieš metus
What's Mai's channel called?
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