i crashed a high school dance (and this happened)

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Haley Pham

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hope ya'll liked me accidentally crashing a high school dance in a state that i don't even live in thanks to avrey!
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Emma r
Emma r Prieš metus
*remember to vote for haley everyday for her shorty awaarrrdddd*
Alejandra’s Stardust
Alejandra’s Stardust Prieš metus
Titan Raps well look at this pointless opinion
Titan Raps
Titan Raps Prieš metus
Kyrsten Lam she tries too hard to be funny, and fails.
Titan Raps
Titan Raps Prieš metus
Lorena Bakker She’s annoying, so no.
Ela A
Ela A Prieš metus
Arianna Harper I did
Kyrsten Lam
Kyrsten Lam Prieš metus
No vote for Joana Ceddia
Arielle Rodriguez
Arielle Rodriguez Prieš 22 dienas
your 18 and got that many friends damnnn
Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones Prieš 5 mėnesių
4:45 i laughed so hard at how much i related to the camera angle 🤣
mpsp Prieš 5 mėnesių
In this moment i'm only thinking: where is Ryan??
emmarina Prieš 7 mėnesių
1:39 Haley actually suits being prego 😫
Mischa Nel
Mischa Nel Prieš 9 mėnesių
God bless you
Olivia Sunflower
Olivia Sunflower Prieš 10 mėnesių
lol your the side chick or the 3rd wheel
Chelcc Prieš 10 mėnesių
Marie Elizabeth
Marie Elizabeth Prieš metus
The real question though... is Haley mormon or nah??
Elle Montanaro
Elle Montanaro Prieš metus
so nobodys gonna talk about them hopping into like a brand new beautiful brz? okay.
Cedrick Hall 3
Cedrick Hall 3 Prieš metus
I swear I thought u were Demi lovato
Arisa 7
Arisa 7 Prieš metus
Your videos are so unique and creative!💜
hana lb
hana lb Prieš metus
marla's merch!!!
ultimate gaming girl
ultimate gaming girl Prieš metus
When yr english and dont have dances 😂😂
Cierra Prieš metus
what kind of dog breed is eevee
kate Prieš metus
AS A person from Utah, a “Mormon high” is 100% a normal thing
Alexis Schoen
Alexis Schoen Prieš metus
Avery looks like the girl who played Dexter's daughter. In Dexter
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Prieš metus
me: *laughs that Haley doesn't have a date* also me: *realizes that my boyfriend is two hours away so I'll be alone to*
Thotamus Prime69
Thotamus Prime69 Prieš metus
i love his video and both of you are so pretty
Emma Martin
Emma Martin Prieš metus
haley is me with my friends
Maddie Styler
Maddie Styler Prieš metus
Where does Avery live in Utah?
Addie Prieš metus
*”good night we love you so bad!”* Idk why but that was so funny to me 😂
Emily Hollier
Emily Hollier Prieš metus
when you live in the uk and only have to school dances in your whole life
Maiah Serazin
Maiah Serazin Prieš metus
okay is ohio the only state that has grinding circles at every dance
Briley Sturgiss
Briley Sturgiss Prieš metus
Avery lives in my state 😳😂😂
Hazel Morris
Hazel Morris Prieš metus
chase is my favorite thing about this video
Shania _yoo
Shania _yoo Prieš metus
i feel like you kinda of ruined her experience and just talked bad about it too much and her friends and she just wanted to have fun and live life
zumzly. Prieš metus
lol at 1:07 the way you say Utah cracks me up. I would love to hear you say mountain, because with a Utahan accent with some words we don't pronounce the T.
emely with an e
emely with an e Prieš metus
Avery: So like I have a dance the night you come so you wanna stay at my hou- Haley : oh no! Looks like I have to go! Don't have an option
KawaiiPlayz Prieš metus
1:37 anyone else hear that?
Gabby Jamila
Gabby Jamila Prieš metus
"I'm gonna get a dog just like you!!" No Haley, you're not.
Kason Pippin
Kason Pippin Prieš metus
this year there’s 10 seniors at my school...i’ve got 12 people in all of eighth grade...
Poppie Longmore
Poppie Longmore Prieš metus
U guys are so beautiful!!!
Mialani Noble
Mialani Noble Prieš metus
mormon dances are wack
Tara Prieš metus
kaiimochii Prieš metus
Idk how haley made it, I would've felt terrible anxiety going to an event and not knowing anyone
Worldbuilder 10
Worldbuilder 10 Prieš metus
WHAT high school is this that dances get that lit
larni nairne
larni nairne Prieš metus
I love how Haley first posted videos teaches us how to put on a pink lip and how to dye your hair with kook aid EDIT: you should Defaintly react to your first LTlost video
Steffy Hdz
Steffy Hdz Prieš metus
What’s the name of Avery’s date??
linh hoang
linh hoang Prieš metus
but is avery finally wearing underwear in this video...
Katherine Rose
Katherine Rose Prieš metus
I love both of you and your videos. I feel the tiny school dance thing, my graduating class only had 65
Jerryryryryryr Prieš metus
literally i wish if you want to bring someone from outside the school to a dance they have to have a permission form and like a consent form signed and you have to let the school know weeks in advance
Kristyn Handy
Kristyn Handy Prieš metus
4:57 "it's called mormon high" OMG I live in Utah and that is the truest sentence I've ever heard
k4dayzz Prieš metus
mormon high is a real thing. let me tell you, i have lots of experience.
Avah Cathey
Avah Cathey Prieš metus
So Haley is crashing a high school dance and ryan was asked to prom... (How do I get both of them to come to come to my school dance!?!?)
lex burk
lex burk Prieš metus
ahh yess the mormon high
emma Prieš metus
I love how haleys forever gonna be in these people’s pictures and they have no clue who she is and why she’s there
Ellie Rudd
Ellie Rudd Prieš metus
Eyyy I live in Utah would’ve been awesome if I saw you 😅😅
Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson Prieš metus
hes fit
miska Prieš metus
let’s just say there a lot more full of...grinding
miska Prieš metus
and usually an open bar for literally anyone who wants to drink (at mine we spent about 300 dollars of class money on everyone’s drinks yay)
miska Prieš metus
wow chilean dances are different
Mariana Colom
Mariana Colom Prieš metus
This video is uncomfortable to watch
mejai israa
mejai israa Prieš metus
3:43 she is me everyday
brooklyn Prieš metus
i live in utah and the energy drink “mormon high” is the most relatable thing i’ve ever heard 😂
Brianna Seaton- Payne
Brianna Seaton- Payne Prieš metus
wtf y is there like a professional white thing with flower petals on it on someone's home wow what
Nancy Nba
Nancy Nba Prieš metus
Ang Prieš metus
Davis Houk
Davis Houk Prieš metus
being Mormon: lived in Utah: Haley Pham: "I'm actually having fun, cause this guy drank an energy drink, and it's like he's drunk or something.." Fellow Mormon maybe? "it's called a Mormon high" Me: understands completely
Barbara Prieš metus
ok but can we talk about how HOT avrey's bf is omfg
Shamarie Rules
Shamarie Rules Prieš metus
I was dead when she let her stomach out and looked pregnant😂😂
Kimberley Cabral
Kimberley Cabral Prieš metus
I go to a country school that isn’t popular and in my school there is only 24 people in my year
duckwaddle Prieš metus
1:44 her dress= *D* *E* *M* *O* *N* *I* *T* *I* *S* *E* *D*
Kloe Stanger
Kloe Stanger Prieš metus
I live in utah
bella sophia
bella sophia Prieš metus
Y’all look gorgeous 💓
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams Prieš metus
Me going to my home comings😂😂 each year just staying less and less
kailtyn w
kailtyn w Prieš metus
i would die for that dog
Megan Barlow
Megan Barlow Prieš metus
I was there at the dance and saw them both and I didn't say hi... lol
Noelle Sung
Noelle Sung Prieš metus
*"ShE DoEsNt Even GO hEre"*
olivia h
olivia h Prieš metus
OMG when I heard she was in Utah my heart dropped because I live in Utah and I had no idea and I’m so sad!😭😭😭😭😭🖤😘
Giraf Panda
Giraf Panda Prieš metus
I’m going to my School Dance today so i kinda have to get ready now
nova ivatt-oakley
nova ivatt-oakley Prieš metus
iS ThAt A NePtUnE BoTtLe?
Siyanne Redda
Siyanne Redda Prieš metus
ok im sorry but is no one going to talk about how she said she was going to the dance in her vlog posted a day before this video?
AwesomeKid MSP
AwesomeKid MSP Prieš metus
Legit blessing
Ella W
Ella W Prieš metus
lo Hedrick
lo Hedrick Prieš metus
I live in Utah and the dress codes are CRAZY lol, and all the Mormons are obsessed with energy drinks too! this video is my life
Allie L.
Allie L. Prieš metus
Allie L.
Allie L. Prieš metus
love sisters supporting sisters :')
Adriana Jiménez
Adriana Jiménez Prieš metus
In my school this year there were only 5 seniors in total
Heather baxter
Heather baxter Prieš metus
you standing there with the corsage is me
Bianca Rames
Bianca Rames Prieš metus
I go to a private catholic school and it makes me sad to know I'll probably never get to experience a dance
bella lopez
bella lopez Prieš metus
Fellow harmony person ;) I know how you feel
lily Prieš metus
demi lovato?!?
caroline bezner
caroline bezner Prieš metus
I should be studying for my test, but im out here living my best life and watching haleys vid😂😂
Camille Zepeda
Camille Zepeda Prieš metus
Wait this was so funny omg
anime :V
anime :V Prieš metus
I have to say what EVERYONE (or just ppl attracted to guys) that her friends d8 it HELLLLLLA CUTE/HOT damn ok 👌 Anyway, im a HUGE fan love uuuuu
shifra samuel
shifra samuel Prieš metus
He’s really hot
Moo! Prieš metus
carly Prieš metus
Is it just me or does Haley low key look like Demi Lovato???
Alex Whybrow
Alex Whybrow Prieš metus
If you think a 1.5 hour dance is bad try going to a high school ceilidh her in Scotland. They last for like 3 hours and you basically get flung around the entire time
Livee Price
Livee Price Prieš metus
haha i live in utah the mormon high thing is relatable
Natalie Perez
Natalie Perez Prieš metus
3:26 that was so cute! *cries in single*
Elizabeth Mitenberga
Elizabeth Mitenberga Prieš metus
is this what school dances are like in other states??? its sooooooooo different in nyc🤣🤣🤣
Sarah Farias
Sarah Farias Prieš metus
The highschool graduating class at my school is 19 people
snooping over to u
snooping over to u Prieš metus
I remember the first video I watched of u was a bikini waxing video xd
Samantha Peterson
Samantha Peterson Prieš metus
“Mormon high” had me dying😂😂
-ok Prieš metus
"it's called morman high" i'm dying lmaooo😂
Kxeira •
Kxeira • Prieš metus
k but the dude that drank a energy drink is a daddy wooww
Anh Le My Nguyen (Annie)
Anh Le My Nguyen (Annie) Prieš metus
haley de thuong :')
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan Prieš metus
K also Avrey’s date is so cute like what?
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan Prieš metus
Wait what happened to Avery’s date? Did he stay at the dance or did you take him home?
K Unicorn
K Unicorn Prieš metus
What if you got the shits from the Mexican food
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