I Get Shocked When I Lose Hearts in Minecraft...

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I Get Shocked When I Lose Hearts in Minecraft... This was crazy.
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This was a crazy challenge. We played this in Minecraft 1.14, although it would have worked on 1.15. This was much more fun and funny for me than it was for George. This is very similar to our other Minecraft but, challenges like "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time..."
Although this wasn't inspired by "A Robot Shoots Me When I Get Shot in Fornite", it was definitely inspired by Michael Reeves.
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FYI this was posted on reddit yesterday, but we had been working on this for months. We purchased the parts in November. Further explained on the other video. Also, the one posted on reddit was fake : )
MuHaimin Playz
MuHaimin Playz Prieš 20 dienų
Do a face reavel
Angela and Margaret lps
Angela and Margaret lps Prieš mėn
I like that George starts screaming lol
Sean Conneely
Sean Conneely Prieš mėn
Dream I am not a fan at all. I challenge you to a duel. If I win, you have to scream everything in your next video. If you win, I will sub to your channel and wear the humiliation that my record is lost
Y O O K I E Prieš 2 mėnesius
: )
Ayden Smith 14 (STUDENT)
Ayden Smith 14 (STUDENT) Prieš 2 mėnesius
Why would you do that dream
Chōji Akimichi
Chōji Akimichi Prieš 5 minučių
Jonaseyyy Prieš 22 minutes
i like how he shows whos unknown
White Wolf
White Wolf Prieš 38 minučių
Hold it... THERE IS WAY MORE THAN 10M VIEWS :0... shhhh ik I’m late
jen misterio
jen misterio Prieš 40 minučių
Emagine george being your brother and he scream's so loud and u rage but dont make a noise
Darky hs
Darky hs Prieš val
Epic and br !
binaya rajbhandari
binaya rajbhandari Prieš 2 val
Eli 67
Eli 67 Prieš 3 val
I feel sorry for him
Michelle Du Toit
Michelle Du Toit Prieš 4 val
dream is logan paul
Dragonela Draws
Dragonela Draws Prieš 5 val
Dream is me and George is my little cousin when he joins minecraft and I swear to protect him
tarık karabulut
tarık karabulut Prieš 5 val
Kason Nelson
Kason Nelson Prieš 6 val
Hey got 26 mil
Maryam Begum
Maryam Begum Prieš 6 val
Show your face your real face dream
ธนัช ศรีโปฎก
ธนัช ศรีโปฎก Prieš 7 val
ธนัช ศรีโปฎก
ธนัช ศรีโปฎก Prieš 7 val
Dreamtaem Prieš 8 val
W3irdWitch Weirdo
W3irdWitch Weirdo Prieš 8 val
George: *gasps* Ford add: *plays*
Sara Halilovic
Sara Halilovic Prieš 8 val
Hi Clay
Luke Alexander Botardo
Luke Alexander Botardo Prieš 8 val
George: Scared girl screaming Dream: My time to shine
veniceann vlog
veniceann vlog Prieš 8 val
Me ears
Cristian Ricafranca
Cristian Ricafranca Prieš 8 val
Katie Sommer
Katie Sommer Prieš 10 val
Me:I love him suffering and u JJ:AAAAAAAAAAAAA Dream help me Dream:ha 😄
Big Maj
Big Maj Prieš 11 val
When your shoulder is SUS
Artemis Prieš 11 val
George in regular videos: Ohhhh Drrrreeeam George In this video: DDDDDDRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!
Artemis Prieš 11 val
I swear if George live alone in an apartment, his neighbours must think something is either wrong or something with him constantly screaming 😂😂😂
when you forget your backpack
when you forget your backpack Prieš 11 val
Basically tennis in minecraft: 6:03
White Mr Oof
White Mr Oof Prieš 11 val
All i can say is... Lol
bulaklak dahunan
bulaklak dahunan Prieš 12 val
Why dreamm I had headphones on
Death note !6!
Death note !6! Prieš 13 val
George is like literally crying when that ender man chased him
Liam Toner
Liam Toner Prieš 13 val
Imagine doing manhunt with this
Aidyn Hemphill
Aidyn Hemphill Prieš 14 val
Minecraft but George becomes a total sissy
Ben Carver
Ben Carver Prieš 14 val
Dream: 10 million views face cam Video:26 million views Us:😕
skid and pump
skid and pump Prieš 14 val
13:16 omg 26 MILL where's that face cam
Louisa x
Louisa x Prieš 17 val
alternative title: dream protecting george for 19 minutes and 39 seconds
leon garcia
leon garcia Prieš 17 val
Other title " your ear drums bleed when George takes damage"
•Freak •
•Freak • Prieš 17 val
When George screams he sounds 9 😭
mark klimenko
mark klimenko Prieš 18 val
24million views where’s the face reveal 😢
Dxge Prieš 18 val
George is terrified the whole vid lol
Hajra Khan
Hajra Khan Prieš 19 val
8:14: what did u say dream?
Vilmer Kouvalainen
Vilmer Kouvalainen Prieš 20 val
7.59 plz
Babak Yousefi
Babak Yousefi Prieš 20 val
18:20 I’m dead lol
Pickleation Prieš 21 val
11:09 Me when i die to a zombie without keep inventory
Ally Valley
Ally Valley Prieš 21 val
Months Wow I wouldn’t do it in a decade
Kin Ryan's Maid
Kin Ryan's Maid Prieš 21 val
No offense, George kinda looks like a 13-year old, that's cute🤣💗
Williamsucksatlife Prieš 21 val
Wheres the face cam?????????
My own species
My own species Prieš 22 val
Day 461 of wondering when dream is going to play the shock game 🥺
Freakyboy Petersen
Freakyboy Petersen Prieš 23 val
18:00 then it starts
Freakyboy Petersen
Freakyboy Petersen Prieš 23 val
11:08 Then he shouts AAAAAA but then a enderman comes and make his life worse
Jordan Diliberto
Jordan Diliberto Prieš 23 val
George: STOP LOOKING AT ME!!! Dream: I have no eyes.
BRODZ & AZA Prieš 23 val
He can do a dream count 😂😂😂
Badoop Prieš 23 val
13:00 ahem?
Sigrid Hildingsson
Sigrid Hildingsson Prieš dieną
I feel like this video is just George screming out off fear.😂🤣
Denelson Schardijn
Denelson Schardijn Prieš dieną
Me wondering why george never dig a hole in the ground and cover it up when he's in it
Kyle time
Kyle time Prieš dieną
Who is watching this in 2021
IRxvert Prieš dieną
I like the part the shock happens..
AlyssiaSophia Xx
AlyssiaSophia Xx Prieš dieną
it’s at 26mill soooo
It'sCrazy But sweet
It'sCrazy But sweet Prieš dieną
How does he have 20M but only 1M has watched this
sunsea Prieš dieną
awww adorable
Unicorn Gaming
Unicorn Gaming Prieš dieną
Late Late
Late Late Prieš dieną
“I would turn on my facecam for 10mil views” Now: 18th April 2021 and it has 26mil views Dream we are waiting and have been waiting for it a very long time... 🤟🥺
GeorgeJinch Prieš dieną
if this video gets 10 million views heya dream its 26 million
zyrell Saladino
zyrell Saladino Prieš dieną
Bro I'm wearing headsets
Aayan Shimaan
Aayan Shimaan Prieš dieną
George : Gets shocked Also George : "Walks into berries" DREAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!
LACHICA Earl John L.
LACHICA Earl John L. Prieš dieną
Love george when getting hurt
AlexaPlays Guitar
AlexaPlays Guitar Prieš dieną
Doese dream have a big chin 🤔
Crafter :3
Crafter :3 Prieš dieną
Alternate title of the video: Dream protecting George for 19 minutes straight
CHUNLI WANG Prieš dieną
Like and sub to dream
Niclas Gross
Niclas Gross Prieš dieną
ShelbyLover 135
ShelbyLover 135 Prieš dieną
comic gold this was 👍😂
Noob The Gamer
Noob The Gamer Prieš dieną
Alternate title: Minecraft but I’m George’s bodyguard
L & R Hammond
L & R Hammond Prieš dieną
French Toast
French Toast Prieš dieną
Whether skeleton hit him the first time... I never in my 13 years of life have heard a single male scream that high pitched.
French Toast
French Toast Prieš dieną
Well maybe once.
animator :3
animator :3 Prieš dieną
lol lisin to this 11:09
s u g a i f l y
s u g a i f l y Prieš dieną
I refuse to believe George is older than Dream.
CALIBUR 11 Prieš dieną
Now he has 26mil views
Izzy Gold
Izzy Gold Prieš dieną
The video has over 10 mil views wheres the facecam
Gautam U.
Gautam U. Prieš dieną
Face Reveal?! Edit: no wait its george
Giecele Miranda
Giecele Miranda Prieš dieną
Ilysm pogchamp🥺❤️
Jayden Yang
Jayden Yang Prieš dieną
Inside George’s face I saw small eyes
Lightning Fox
Lightning Fox Prieš dieną
Hi clay:)
ツMadi Prieš dieną
Lmao I want the beginning scream when the video started cropped lmaoo
Ella Allen
Ella Allen Prieš dieną
Catreline Esther
Catreline Esther Prieš dieną
I feel so bad for George
Olivia Young
Olivia Young Prieš dieną
He never did the face reveal
xXalina Xx
xXalina Xx Prieš dieną
He did but just a half of face
Random edits
Random edits Prieš dieną
cant u do dream getting zapped and his fans help him
Lightning Fox
Lightning Fox Prieš dieną
Ca you face reveal
Jesse BeMe
Jesse BeMe Prieš dieną
George in the beginning was like 😁to😱
Anna Gontarek
Anna Gontarek Prieš dieną
Dream why do you never show your face
Giulia Sullivan
Giulia Sullivan Prieš dieną
8:33 AYO?
•Mikasa Ackerman•
•Mikasa Ackerman• Prieš dieną
Every time he got shocked I watched it in slow motion T^T
Aleksa Nikolic
Aleksa Nikolic Prieš dieną
Dex rock make this video too
Moesura Noi
Moesura Noi Prieš dieną
yo i actually cried from me dieing im such a horribble person man this made me cry tears of joy
Nanette Cornejo
Nanette Cornejo Prieš dieną
Imagine a manhunt with this
Eason Lin
Eason Lin Prieš dieną
Dream face reveal
Szarvas Szilvia
Szarvas Szilvia Prieš dieną
The video basically: George: *screaming* Dream: *wheezing*
AntMoundSock Prieš dieną
It got way more than ten million views
juju pokegamer
juju pokegamer Prieš dieną
Dream being george's bodyuguard for 19 minutes straight
BurbMonclair Prieš dieną
i couldnt stop laughing
makayla palmer
makayla palmer Prieš dieną
Jodie Agee
Jodie Agee Prieš dieną
It’s dream sounding like a tea kettle for me and George screaming like crazy for my sis🤣🤣🤣
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