I Wore Rainbow Eyeshadow For A Week *Experiment*

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Haley Pham

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Haley Pham
Haley Pham Prieš metus
Hey girlypops! Like I said at the beginning, my social anxiety was a bit higher the week that I filmed so I was acting differently. Not only that but the purpose of this experiment was to go out of my comfort zone and it was uncomfortable! If you like happy Haley my vlog channel is so happy rn and I’m also doing so much better. I understand some of y’all were just concerned, but don’t worry I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Exciting vids coming soon I love you 🧡🧡
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Prieš metus
@Adeola Ash thank you very much and also I agree I love this video and don't rlly know y people are complaining it is just as amazing as all her others 💕💕
Adeola Ash
Adeola Ash Prieš metus
I honestly liked the video and I don’t see what everyone is complaining about. I think they just miss your old format, not that this video was actually bad. I also totally get that sadness one gets when your mom calls you chubby, fat, etc 😪😪😪 But ya, I definitely liked this video bc it was real
Adeola Ash
Adeola Ash Prieš metus
Rachel Smith hailey sani’s jewelry line called soleil
crystal f
crystal f Prieš metus
ily soooooo much haley i swearrrrr
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Prieš metus
Where did you get they really cute lock and key necklace that you had on when you did the purple day? It's so amazing and cute and I'd really love to know where you got it. Also I love your videos you're such an amazing and funny LTlostr, keep doing what you're doing because your Channel is amazing 💕💕🎉
Betshwa Pyngrope
Betshwa Pyngrope Prieš 2 mėnesius
tbh it was kinda annoying when you were complaining so much. but no hate, all love.
Mikayla H
Mikayla H Prieš 6 mėnesių
8:50 “help me” accurate representation of the little voice in my head when I’m stressed, also this has me crying 🤣🤣
SOF K Prieš 6 mėnesių
2020 ganggg
Gracie Strayer
Gracie Strayer Prieš 7 mėnesių
All of the eyeshadow looks good stop judging urself and ur skills
Hxney_ bee
Hxney_ bee Prieš 7 mėnesių
Actual video starts at 3:15
e t h x l
e t h x l Prieš 7 mėnesių
am i the only one who like the vid before it even starts :) i luv u haley ur the best
Ainsley Waters
Ainsley Waters Prieš 7 mėnesių
I literally paused it at the time 6:30 and I just laughed so hard. Nobody... Not a single soul.. Literally not even piece of dust... Haley: I look like a rusty little pumpkin 🤣😂
gogodance Prieš 10 mėnesių
I get social anxiety and mental illness but tbh the constant self- depreciation and the constant mention of anxiety and the negativity made me not want to watch this person anymore cuz I instantly got annoyed and considering this is my first video from her I dont think I want to watch more and im sorry if this is rude but if you're feeling off don't make a video and take a break to take care of yourself cuz its apparent to your audience
Eiko Kagamura
Eiko Kagamura Prieš 11 mėnesių
You should have put white under the light colors to make them pop
Alli Burnett
Alli Burnett Prieš metus
She said her mom had called her chubby. Wtf that’s so rude of her 🙊
idi0t Prieš metus
''my mom called me chubby and i lost all motivation'' ME
Electrified !
Electrified ! Prieš metus
i loved the orange look
Nicole J
Nicole J Prieš metus
not that you will ever see this haha but it looks super cute if you didnt a really light glitter on the lid and then putting the color right under you lower water line, it will look so good!!!!
cantwaitforthis meh
cantwaitforthis meh Prieš metus
Girl the Orange make up so gooood the blush too it’s glowing on u
Savannah Brower
Savannah Brower Prieš metus
i can see that everybody L O V E S the blue look and i agree
Flo Mills
Flo Mills Prieš metus
Who else thought all the colours looked good on Haley ?
baby gorl
baby gorl Prieš metus
one degrading comment can ruin my week
Savannah Bryan
Savannah Bryan Prieš metus
I honestly kind of dig your blue eyeshadow look 💙
ƘǏŦǞ Prieš metus
where did you get that lock and key necklace???
chaerppy Prieš metus
kaayyy it might be just me but isnt haley like a live human version of Penelope Vonshweets(?) from Reck It Ralph???!! (srry not sure if i spelled the characters name right😂😂)
kendall helms
kendall helms Prieš metus
i love how the blue looks
Livy L
Livy L Prieš metus
The orange looks awesome😫
BurntPotato Yesh
BurntPotato Yesh Prieš metus
Ok so the beginning was so funny I was dying inside!
Catherine Alexandra
Catherine Alexandra Prieš metus
Your style keeps moving on and i 💕 u
Lorelai Prieš metus
I’m so confused with the both ryan’s like WHUT?! I can’t be the only one❤️
emmita Prieš metus
Why u so pretty 🤩🤩🤩🤠
Olivia Gauthier
Olivia Gauthier Prieš metus
Omg no hate Haley i love your videos but at 3:32 u look like Danny Devito
Madalyn _ 20
Madalyn _ 20 Prieš metus
Love you your videos are amo
Dakota Danielle
Dakota Danielle Prieš metus
3:23 at least you look great bald.
Hanna Bober
Hanna Bober Prieš metus
the blue wasn't even that bad
Emily Denomme
Emily Denomme Prieš metus
Okay this comment is late as heck but I just wanna say I love you and you're adorable and people hating on this video are annoying and rude
Serjant1234 Prieš metus
8:30 you sounded like Gypsy Rose Blanchard
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston Prieš metus
You need to stop putting yourself down
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston Prieš metus
Sorry to bust your mood but you did red orange yellow green blue purple that's only six colors theres seven days of a week?
Isabella G
Isabella G Prieš metus
I wanted that brandy melivill jumper so bad but it was sold out
chloe roel
chloe roel Prieš metus
Your beautiful either way
White Gem
White Gem Prieš metus
I loved the blue
Jackie Cardenas
Jackie Cardenas Prieš metus
where is her necklace from???
Janaya Ortiz
Janaya Ortiz Prieš metus
If she would have put some sort of white base to the yellow shadow it would have popped more
Hannah Neilson
Hannah Neilson Prieš metus
Hannah Neilson
Hannah Neilson Prieš metus
11:27 you're not a phailure haley :):):):)
Isabel Williams
Isabel Williams Prieš metus
Am I the only person that actually really enjoyed this vid?
anna Prieš metus
This comment is gonna be kinda long soo get over it lol Red- seriously so cute wtc Orange- so peachy, cute, and fun omg Yellow- cutee what a queen Green- omg I LOVE that color ahhh Blue-that color was amazing omg Purple- YESSSSS Also- I love your editing omg
Taija H
Taija H Prieš metus
you are so good at makeup omg!! you put yourself down but you definitely don’t deserve it. i struggle with the same stuff (rly bad social anxiety) and i’ve been trying super hard to be kinder to myself lately. just remember that you are awesome and deserve the best ❤️🌸
Camri Taylor
Camri Taylor Prieš metus
I’m a little late to the party, I just recently discovered your channel and I love your content. I understand you were having a hard week, we all deal with stress and have bad days/weeks. It just makes me sad to see such a beautiful and sweet girl degrade herself so much. We all are too hard on ourselves and I think we should be a little nicer to ourselves. Honestly I thought every eyeshadow look looked very pretty, but I understand that it was out of your comfort zone and you felt intimidated by the colors. I hope you’re doing better now with your anxiety❤️
Olivia Cheston
Olivia Cheston Prieš metus
Can you link where you got your lock and key necklace in Instagram so I can see?🤩💗
savanni .x
savanni .x Prieš metus
You looked so cute the entire time, don’t be so hard on yourself love
Sadie C
Sadie C Prieš metus
as someone who is currently putting on orange and blue eyeshadow, with green mascara, i give you massive props for doing this
Alita Prieš metus
You look so good in purple!
Charity Colvin
Charity Colvin Prieš metus
every single one is 700 times better then I could've done..ur so pretty like omg
Olivia Nargi
Olivia Nargi Prieš metus
Ooooh I also love the purple
Olivia Nargi
Olivia Nargi Prieš metus
Oh my gosh I love the green!!!
Lara Munro
Lara Munro Prieš metus
Dno why u even uploaded this it’s not even the proper challenge
Yana Samouilidis
Yana Samouilidis Prieš metus
should've done blue eyeshadow below the eye like the water line or done a blue wing maybe idk
Raliza Guanlao
Raliza Guanlao Prieš metus
haley: blue eyeshadow doesnt look good on anyone *jeffree star releases entirely blue eyeshadow palette*
Seerat Prieš metus
You look like an Asian version of Nina Dobrev 😍
Vendula Jančušová
Vendula Jančušová Prieš metus
Does anyone know what is this eyeshadow pallette called?
fallaway Prieš metus
WOAHHHH the blue was honestly my favorite look
gal horvitz
gal horvitz Prieš metus
U should try ASMR❤️❤️ Love uuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
vashtify Prieš metus
oh god i wish you told what eyeshadows you were wearing
Naa Ashitey
Naa Ashitey Prieš metus
omfg 1:50 gave me a motherfucking heart attack. Haley!? Chill! lmao
j p
j p Prieš metus
no one: no one at all: hakey: qUiTe HonEsTLy
Katya Prieš metus
Oh my gosh you're so stunning and every single one of those eyeshadow looks looked absolutely fantastic. Also every time you said "green day" I started singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams because I'm just that weird. Anyways, you don't seem to be doing too great so I hope that you feel better because you deserve it and ilysm💕
Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson Prieš metus
uhm I love the orange. 😍
julia Prieš metus
Wow the blue eyeshadow actually looks so good I really liked it on you!!!!!!
addy lynn
addy lynn Prieš metus
brooo they were all good and the blue one was rlly good but when u took it off i cringed cuz it was goooood
Abby G
Abby G Prieš metus
You look like Mulan here: 3:40 No. Just me? Idk
Bárbara Fonseca
Bárbara Fonseca Prieš metus
i actually have an eye infection so i´m offended
Ella Blackerby
Ella Blackerby Prieš metus
Does nothing to appearance “I LOOK LIKE A BIRD”
Lexie Lee
Lexie Lee Prieš metus
Puts in family hoodie...looks great thought it was the same color , puts on a lime greenish yellowish whatever tf that color is.. almost throws up
Tess Bryson
Tess Bryson Prieš metus
i love the blue so much i wish i could do that
allie wilson
allie wilson Prieš metus
Almost at 2 million!! 😘
Ella Andersen
Ella Andersen Prieš metus
The blue was beaaauuuuutifuuul
Taylor Stephan
Taylor Stephan Prieš metus
Blue eyeshadow looks so cute on you man
Cameran Strickland
Cameran Strickland Prieš metus
Sadie Saxon vibes with the “you’re welcome” Hahahha
Itzel !
Itzel ! Prieš metus
Your Hair 😍
Kailee Johndrow
Kailee Johndrow Prieš metus
The orange looked so GOOD
Sue Styles
Sue Styles Prieš metus
orange was my favorite
Evanlyn Lio
Evanlyn Lio Prieš metus
This is the first video I’ve seen and omg you’re so cool ily🧸
tea time
tea time Prieš metus
Is it just me or does she look like demi lavoto
Zoe Clark
Zoe Clark Prieš metus
Where is that necklace from
Mona456monarch Prieš metus
This was such a mess Hailey, I under stand your going through a lot but maybe take a few weeks of bc I would rather good content then just thrown together missed footage content. Ily btw its just youve been a mess for a while and its starting to show and people are noticing it.
Maria Olkinuora
Maria Olkinuora Prieš metus
does anybody know where her necklace she is wearing in the intro?
Bodhi 887
Bodhi 887 Prieš metus
Omg I love the orange look
Cecilia Sjöblom
Cecilia Sjöblom Prieš metus
Phoebe Barton
Phoebe Barton Prieš metus
Every time she said “green day” I was like hehehe... 😂👌🏻
Kezia Oktavia Manik
Kezia Oktavia Manik Prieš metus
I never skipped when I saw ur videos but these times I just watch like 2/3 minutes in each of your videos idk why I just got uncomfortable watching your recent videos. I still love you tho, you made me fall in love with the youtuber community. Can't wait for more exciting videos!
Maddie DeSoto
Maddie DeSoto Prieš metus
Okay but the orange looks SO GOOD
Lauren's Life
Lauren's Life Prieš metus
I Love you❤️❤️ I’m a super small LTlostr (not the best) I just uploaded a new video
lara frelih
lara frelih Prieš metus
can I just mention how glad I am and how much I appreciate the purple frame when she was talking about the sponsor...I knew exactly when I had to skip. much love
Kisha T
Kisha T Prieš metus
Came from Ryan's video I didnt realise that you had a channel
Kaitlyn White
Kaitlyn White Prieš metus
orange day is so cute
Shelby Darling
Shelby Darling Prieš metus
I really love all the makeup looks you did! You did such a good job and go you for trying something new keep it up! I hope therapy helps and gives you joy!
Tabby Sweet
Tabby Sweet Prieš metus
the blue eyeshadow looked really good on you!
gaby arias
gaby arias Prieš metus
did anyone else notice the red on her lash line?
RoamwithRach Prieš metus
HOW do you look good in legit every colour? 🌈 😍
Sydnie Wheeler
Sydnie Wheeler Prieš metus
I love blue eyeshadow, I thought that color was really pretty!
Olivia Degn
Olivia Degn Prieš metus
At 10:21 am I the only one that thinks that color is blue 🤔
julia carey
julia carey Prieš metus
haley please please please *do not* get a doodle from a breeder. i know why you want to get one (it’s a perfectly legitimate reason) and i know that you may think that breeders are the only option for you, but please know that it’s definitely not. there are so many homeless dogs in shelters that need love, but because of the misconceptions about not being able to find the perfect dog at a shelter, most of them live their whole lives never knowing what it’s like to be loved. there are actually lots of hypoallergenic dogs and even specifically doodles that need to be rescued. even if you can’t find any in rescue centers near you, it is so easy to find one on a website (i would recommend adoptapet.com or petfinder.com). that is how i found all of my many dogs i’ve had in my life and they can really tell that they were not just some kind of gmo that was forced to be created because someone swiped their card and said the word. this is not hate to anyone who has done this in the past i am just saying what i believe you should do a someone who is such a great role model and would influence many other people to do the same. just remember to go into this with an open mind and that there is absolutely no harm in trying! :)
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