Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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fufu mfrmfr
fufu mfrmfr Prieš 11 minučių
1,500 by 8. So .53333333% of there work force died of covid. And they can't even shell out for that, wow.
Fenris Lyulf
Fenris Lyulf Prieš 17 minučių
Aziz Abbas
Aziz Abbas Prieš 52 minutes
I buy my meat halal, alhamdulillah
Jeff Goddin
Jeff Goddin Prieš val
And when all of this is done, and the price of meat doubles or triples, and Americans eat less meat, we'll have not just safer meatpacking workers, but we'll also have done something about climate change.
twiggimmapiggus Prieš val
Before you have a night of fun, remember that a pervy owl is always watching. Just.... watching.
Kevin McKee
Kevin McKee Prieš val
a few managers of a company added money and levity to a deathly pandemic. wow tyson is terrible amiright/s. gtfoh what does that have to do with anything.
Alex Cio
Alex Cio Prieš val
we should stop buying meat!
wiltbradley Prieš val
So meatless meat can change this?
48 laws
48 laws Prieš val
the same humans that go and work for this shit and eat this shit are the same ones asking for change but it's quite obvious their actions show otherwise(and that applies to all industries) .. looking at people and their personal motives is like watching addicts telling everyone one the conditions they do their dope in is extremely poor no never mind they need to stop the dope addiction aka industrial farming in the first place LMFAO there is much to be said for people willing to buy the rope to hang themselves with..
VRK97 Prieš 2 val
at 7:39min his eyes look like they glow from the reflection in his glasses, like he's finally done with all the bullshit
Douglas Linke
Douglas Linke Prieš 2 val
vishal gill
vishal gill Prieš 2 val
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N9Breaker Prieš 2 val
The Tyson at Loangsport IN had a man killing pics for a little over a year when in paper max is 3 months because the person who is killing the pigs may develop seriousness mental illnesses. Yes it is a sponsorship town in rural .No they don't care Screening is a literal Bitsh aiming to hire the lowest IQ.
Farrah Upson
Farrah Upson Prieš 2 val
And keep in mind that a Covid relief bill wasn't passed at the end of the last administration because Mitch McConnell wanted to add additional protection for employers who get sued by employees who contract Covid at work. Lack of regulation helps the super rich to squeeze what little remains to squeeze out of the rest of us. And we vote for these people. It's surreal.
Egg Sandwich
Egg Sandwich Prieš 2 val
I wouldn't mind paying more for chicken. I am slowly phasing beef and pork out of my diet.
N9Breaker Prieš 2 val
Like if Family is #1
WarBerJr02 Prieš 2 val
Fishing for new material? Trump is not the president any more, so you cannot talk about him...
hisxmark Prieš 2 val
Every plant and industrial production site should have an assigned at least one on-site inspector, and those inspectors should be rotated every week. The industries involved should be required to pay, out of their gross profits, the costs of maintaining the inspections, including salaries.
Ken Bob
Ken Bob Prieš 2 val
11:25 Who else thought that was Newt Gingrich's shrunken head?
hisxmark Prieš 2 val
O' say does that star spangled banner yet wave O'er the land ruled by greed, and the home of the slave?
Priscilla Perez
Priscilla Perez Prieš 3 val
I work for Hello Fresh and I can tell you personally it is highly comparable to this. We actually just got a in faculty nurse last week. No other episode hit as personally as this one.
France Aurora
France Aurora Prieš 3 val
No call to action at the end, surprising
Aileen O'Rourke
Aileen O'Rourke Prieš 3 val
Guess what-all multinational companies operate this way. I worked for del monte tomato processing plant in HS. It was the same type of working conditions targeting immigrants, conditions were terrible but there was little else. That’s why it’s so important to support your local farmers
Ryker Hoffman
Ryker Hoffman Prieš 20 minučių
Hello Aileen. How are you doing?
Filbert Shi
Filbert Shi Prieš 3 val
We need to make sure this show stay around and continues to operate to bring light to our society...
Toc -
Toc - Prieš 3 val
Welcome to Capitalism. The ideology where greed is good and everything and everyone is a disposable resource.
Ranjit Chakravarty
Ranjit Chakravarty Prieš 3 val
And America disses China for " human rights violations" time to stop the hypocrisy
V S Prieš 3 val
I'll never buy Tyson or Pilgrims Pride ever again.
and hid
and hid Prieš 3 val
They are a family just a abusive family
greg berndt
greg berndt Prieš 3 val
Need to bring back butchers..
YEAH RIGHT Prieš 4 val
These people do not understand how the manufacturing lines work. One worked does not process the whole 45 pcs during one minute but rather he or she does only their part in this process, which can be cutting off a leg or the wing and such. It's like saying that GM's factory makes one car per minute and attributing that to one single worker. It doesn't work like that. Now, if they can't get a bathroom break, that's a shame though. That's not right
joejt09 Prieš 4 val
more people need to become vegetarians
Don'tSpikeMyDrink Prieš 3 val
just a step
Kikko M
Kikko M Prieš 4 val
we should stop thinking that this is the greatest country in the world.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Prieš 5 val
Another reason not to eat meat loll
Andis Lezdins
Andis Lezdins Prieš 5 val
Go go you Jhon
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed Prieš 5 val
Hi good morning beautiful nice day
dawid pionk
dawid pionk Prieš 5 val
y u brit bro
Henry Prieš 5 val
sometimes i really wonder why John wanted to immigrate to America of all places
Sal Prieš 5 val
solution...Boycott these companies.
L33tspeak Prieš 5 val
This is a third world country
John Smith
John Smith Prieš 5 val
USA - The land of the free "Slaves"
Meadow Rae
Meadow Rae Prieš 6 val
They open a lot of these centers in rural areas where there aren't any other jobs.
MadGrubble Prieš 6 val
Go Veggy 👍🥦🫐🍚
I G Prieš 6 val
Once again I'm so happy I don't live in America
Maldini Maldini
Maldini Maldini Prieš 6 val
The ironi of unfiar condetion for workers that are killing animals. In are place called slaughterhouse. Just let that sink for a min.
Lipstick Venus
Lipstick Venus Prieš 6 val
Stories like this make me want to go vegan - and then I learn how agricultural workers are treated, or how my clothes are made. Time to go live in a forest naked foraging for nuts and berries - that is until developers level the forest. ☹ 🔫
Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson Prieš 6 val
Oliver is so lame.
Roland Kölzer
Roland Kölzer Prieš 6 val
The best country of the world? Dream on!
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon Prieš 6 val
Well, and here i complain about my work conditions lol... is like 100 times better then these US workers have. Sucks to be murican~
Truth Matters
Truth Matters Prieš 7 val
USA citizens are being poisoned in so many ways. If the food, air and/or water does not kill us, the vaccines and medications (and most doctors) will. Why is no one alarmed that doctors 'practice' medicine or that the symbol for medicine is a snake? They are putting what they are right in our faces. A physician's asst student told my friend, 'the best way to stay healthy is to not go to a doctor for any reason.' Two very close relatives of mine are case managers/RNs for a very well known health insurance company; neither go to doctors. All of this speaks volumes to me.
viktor1496 Prieš 3 val
I hope you're joking. Why don't you take a look at the average life expectancy? It's only going up bud, and it's not because people have gone to doctors less. In fact, life expectancy is directly linked to how often you check up. Japan, one of the healthies countries has one of the highest doctor visits per capita, the US is bottom rung. And the symbol of a snake for medicine goes back to the ancient greeks, WAY before the Jews introduced the snake as evil/a deceiver. Educate yourself
Dan Larsen
Dan Larsen Prieš 7 val
Ah john oliver your show is so good hbo gave it to youtube for nothing. You did some good work in the show community.
Truth Matters
Truth Matters Prieš 7 val
so glad you are back Mr. Oliver
Gratitude Always
Gratitude Always Prieš 7 val
Read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
John Anthony
John Anthony Prieš 7 val
Not just USA, similar situations in Europe. I am not a vegetarian but I rarely overcome my conscience and buy meat.
viktor1496 Prieš 3 val
And you think these practices are unique to the meat industry? Oh please, take a look at workers conditions on the soy plantations.... corporate greed exists among all food products.
Darklight Prancer
Darklight Prancer Prieš 7 val
Reminds me of futurama... "I don't think of this as a business. I think of it as a source of cheap labor. Like a family."
Gratitude Always
Gratitude Always Prieš 7 val
At least he didn't crap in the glove.
commonbapu Prieš 7 val
@lastweektonight Can you please make one more episode on India, modi, farmer’s ongoing protest, biased media there and effects of tweets from Greta, Rihanna. Jailing Disha Ravi for making toolkit. They BJP AND ITS SUPPORTS. Went all in attack on this 22 years old activist. Plz plz make an episode, we will need outside help to stop the tyranny in India.
AJSteelSDMF Prieš 7 val
Me: Hey John the sky is blue, but only during the day. John: Holy shit!
l3moh94 Prieš 7 val
Please John do another segment on Mexico, our current government is a comedic gold mine, from the way they’re handling the pandemic to their infrastructure “projects” to raffling the presidential airplane to supporting a RAPIST as a candidate for governor I really wish I was making this stuff up
Kattywampus Prieš 7 val
One of my friends works in one of these places, and I worry about him every day. I feel like this video was just barely scratching how bad it is in there. My friend made a comment about counting his days once, and I can't forget it.
imp3r1alx Prieš 7 val
If work is that bad, why still work there though ??
imp3r1alx Prieš 2 val
@viktor1496 if there are no other work.. than don't work for em ?? i mean.. how come they can live their life before the factories come in ?? i really don't get it, if this is so bad.. like the worst there is.. than being a farmer might not be so bad.. oh don't say cause they dont any land.. cause they at least have a house right ??
imp3r1alx Prieš 2 val
@Gratitude Always Oh if the answer is cause people need the work and money.. that's not what i'm asking
viktor1496 Prieš 3 val
Because these factories are put into regions with high unemployment and over abundance of cheap labor. Often there IS no other work, not everyone is blessed with a college degree and the ability to change jobs whenever they want. Just because a job can be done by anyone, doesn't mean that the working conditions shouldn't be humane. Otherwise why don't we go back to factory conditions in the 19th century eh?
Gratitude Always
Gratitude Always Prieš 7 val
Edward Votel
Edward Votel Prieš 7 val
I think it's a shittt job but it has to done and must feed the country.
David Miscaviage
David Miscaviage Prieš 8 val
You should do an episode on 2600 magazine and how it effected hacking, coding, and the internet today. Don't forget the l0pht.
Jordan Gladney
Jordan Gladney Prieš 8 val
"Our company is more like a family" is code for "we're gonna fuck you over. hard."
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Prieš 8 val
When I was a kid, all I wanted was to move to the US and live there. Now that I know how fucked up the country, I don't know if I even want to visit it.
No comment
No comment Prieš 8 val
These conditions are happening in other food manufacturing plants including those that pack frozen dinners and veggies. Avoid all processed foods as much as you can.
redX111t Prieš 8 val
More and more I learn about USA it feels more and more a third world country.
JayCao Racing
JayCao Racing Prieš 8 val
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Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Prieš 8 val
MEat packing... that’s where covid came from... wild animals in a market being sold as meat... disgusting.
Taran topness
Taran topness Prieš 9 val
John Oliver is a meat packer.
Joseph Gooden
Joseph Gooden Prieš 9 val
These problems are not exclusive to meatpacking. People in this country seriously don't understand what the price of their convenience is...
Strife The Wise
Strife The Wise Prieš 9 val
Casino workers should all have lawsuits but nope, trump put laws in place to protect them and tell them they can do whatever they want, since he owns casino's
PragueFashionScene Prieš 9 val
This is literally what the entire book ,*The Jungle* was about. Glad to see 1906 is making a come back.
Andrin Poopfong
Andrin Poopfong Prieš 9 val
Open borders will solve all this. They need to change jobs to solar panel manufacturing.
Brock Lenger
Brock Lenger Prieš 9 val
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LÆVIS Prieš 9 val
Seeing who they hire and looking at the amount of black & hispanic employees, perhaps the root of it all are the police and justice system. Progress remains too slow.
Vegano Vitor
Vegano Vitor Prieš 10 val
"What can we do?" Maybe, just maybe, stop eating animals should be a good idea?
Some Guy
Some Guy Prieš 8 val
These industries just supply the demand of people buying meat. No demand, no supply.
Some Guy
Some Guy Prieš 8 val
One more reason we should all be vegan.
Osc1llate W1ldly
Osc1llate W1ldly Prieš 9 val
well, I'm afraid this might be the last thing the absolute majority of people wanna be reminded of. And since John Oliver wants his show to be kept crowd pleasing he won't mention it either...
Bern Vigz
Bern Vigz Prieš 10 val
Humor is the new logic.
Vegano Vitor
Vegano Vitor Prieš 10 val
Osc1llate W1ldly
Osc1llate W1ldly Prieš 9 val
like your sarcasm and very valid point mate!
Peter Mwaura
Peter Mwaura Prieš 10 val
Pipe down on the sexual jokes, they are unnecessary and not funny.
Daniel Valerio
Daniel Valerio Prieš 10 val
It's no secret how dirty the meat industry is, so why not just go vegan?
Osc1llate W1ldly
Osc1llate W1ldly Prieš 9 val
because most people simply don't care (enough to stop being unkind to animals)
Awkward Gaming
Awkward Gaming Prieš 10 val
I always roll my eyes whenever I see company propaganda claiming that their workers are "family" while underpaying their staff and generally not giving a fuck about their workers. This has been true at every single companies I work at including my current one.
Delila Mctague
Delila Mctague Prieš 10 val
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Jake Offenhymer
Jake Offenhymer Prieš 10 val
MEat packing... that’s where covid came from... wild animals in a market being sold as meat... disgusting.
RoxxyKaos Prieš 10 val
Am I even legally allowed to say this? Why don't we just "get rid of" these monsters? Pretty sure you've forfeited your right to live when your favorite hobby is collecting money off the pain, and literal mortality, of others.
rswingman Prieš 10 val
This is pretty much true of most production work: I started a factory job last Fall and didn't last 2 weeks. I shat myself because there was no one to substitute for me. We were taking staggered breaks to catch up on backlog and working through "normal" break-time. I've gotta go, I look out and there are no blue-shirts, nobody; they're all on break. When I would get home, I'd open the car door and move to try & get out... body don't work. And instead, I'd just flop back in the seat and sleep in the car. About a week and a half in, I can't take this anymore. I'm letting the team down, I can't keep up, I'm getting buried.
lob ster
lob ster Prieš 10 val
Oliver knows all about meat packing 😏
Vokul Marcus
Vokul Marcus Prieš 10 val
BIG SOLUTION: How about you just stop buying the shit that kills you anyway!
Ankit Pareek
Ankit Pareek Prieš 10 val
No wonder capitalism started with the conveyor belt. When profits are based on reducing time, and when time is more important than people.
senni bgon
senni bgon Prieš 10 val
When I was a kid, all I wanted was to move to the US and live there. Now that I know how fucked up the country, I don't know if I even want to visit it.
Steve Puskaric
Steve Puskaric Prieš 11 val
The betting pool is hilarious. I would have thrown in my money. John... not so funny. Just terrible at irony, allegory, anachronism, metaphors, imagery and humor. I want my time back but the worth of watching this video is less than two rat craps.
Irgendwie Anders
Irgendwie Anders Prieš 11 val
Keep eating cheap meat, this is important to keep up our Western Lifestyle!
Irgendwie Anders
Irgendwie Anders Prieš 10 val
@senni bgon And enjoy all the cheap produce that the bare-footed, uneducated masses prepare for us!
senni bgon
senni bgon Prieš 10 val
What can we do? Get a good education so you don't work in a shit job.
Kenny Planter
Kenny Planter Prieš 11 val
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B izichyld
B izichyld Prieš 11 val
Don’t eat meat. If you do, don’t eat much, and buy it from a small, reputable farm. Or, better yet, hunt it yourself.
Lindsey Costa
Lindsey Costa Prieš 11 val
I literally stoped buying all Tyson products after the betting pool hit the news. No, firing them doesn't fix anything, how do you hire that many psychopaths in the first place. At the very least, it was already acceptable behavior in your corporate culture. I generally avoid Texas made products as the only reason companies move there is because the state doesn't enforce employee rights. Be wary of any company relocating there, they're avoiding standards along with taxes.
Magnus Bergner
Magnus Bergner Prieš 11 val
Corporate fines should always be assayed as a percentage of total company revenue. The minimum fine for a non-accidental violation of a law or rule should be 1% and the maximum should be 100%. Certain types of violation should come with a mandatory minimum level of fine. For example if they cause a fatality through a previously known but not fixed safety hazard they should have to pay 10% of revenue or a hundred thousand dollars, whichever is greater. If they expose a bunch of employees to known chemical hazards without informing them or providing them with safety equipment and they get seriously sick; 50% or a million, whichever hurts the CEOs bonuses the most. Oh, and the should be a law in place that no company executive can get a bonus in a year where the company has been fined a percentage of their revenue. Maybe also force them to move the maximum amount of money that they could be fined into escrow whilst the company is defending their actions in court, that way it hurts as much as possible as soon as possible and might cause companies to want a speedy trial, thus keeping costs down for the agency issuing the fine. No need to waste taxpayer money after all.
Hymedude Prieš 11 val
Maybe Tyson meat is made from mutant guenie pigs....
l s
l s Prieš 11 val
looks a lot like a market regulating itself...
Marlin Record
Marlin Record Prieš 11 val
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Jay Zamora
Jay Zamora Prieš 12 val
Thank u Mr Trump
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2. Prieš 12 val
eat the rich
Doom 'N Gloom
Doom 'N Gloom Prieš 12 val
And its go boys go they'll time your every breath, and every day your in this place you're two days nearer death...
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