Preparing for Coachella just to BOYCOTT it

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Haley Pham

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annesophie Prieš metus
Y’all should have a look into “whataboutism” bc that’s what this comment section is full off. Just bc she’s trying to do one thing right, doesn’t mean she has to do every freaking thing right. At least she’s doing SOMETHING about climate change whatsoever. Still better than doing nothing. Work on yourself and stop judging others ffs
Brandon Gusain
Brandon Gusain Prieš metus
I think the argument many are trying to make is that if she truly condemned the harms to the LGBTQ+ community that Coachella supports, she wouldn't support other organizations that also are against that community. But she does. And *that's* why people are crying hypocrisy.
Emma Prieš metus
annesophie because it’s a crock of bullshit that’s why
N Y Prieš 18 dienų
Girly Pop
Girly Pop Prieš 7 mėnesių
When she said she’s going with Doat I was so happy she said no or decided not to go because of all the terrible things that happened on that trip now that it’s over
Hannah D
Hannah D Prieš 8 mėnesių
You know when your watching Haley and you look at her and you see a flashback to her younger self
Siobhan Nozomi
Siobhan Nozomi Prieš 9 mėnesių
She was at the Nordstrom in the domain... lolo
User 1
User 1 Prieš 9 mėnesių
My god what is with all of you hating on Haley. Do all of you do everything right? Are you all perfect? You obviously aren’t because you’re picking at all the shit she does wrong.
Siobhan Nozomi
Siobhan Nozomi Prieš 9 mėnesių
Thank you
Charlotte Clements
Charlotte Clements Prieš 9 mėnesių
when she put the highlighter all over her face I just couldn't
Aaron Gonzales
Aaron Gonzales Prieš metus
How jump ropers wear made!
Aaron Gonzales
Aaron Gonzales Prieš metus
Aleixs waer the venom you tell about how it was made!
Aaron Gonzales
Aaron Gonzales Prieš metus
Venom in the kai , karete kid!
junkyard dog
junkyard dog Prieš metus
i miss this
Ellie Fried
Ellie Fried Prieš metus
Hahahahhhaa the jelly highlighter
kitten Prieš metus
I love her so much she’s so pretty and sweet 🥺❤️❤️
joni :3
joni :3 Prieš metus
why did i think haley was putting on deodorant in the thumbnail 😂
Anthony Priamo
Anthony Priamo Prieš metus
Every mirror makes me look like I am 20 pounds bigger
Théa Floreani
Théa Floreani Prieš metus
your videos are the best hellos and hardest goodbyes man
edie brannon
edie brannon Prieš metus
what fake tanner do you use?
Betty Loewen
Betty Loewen Prieš metus
Haley: “ I hope y’all enjoyed this video.😊” My cat: meows an aggressive no
huwaidah priv
huwaidah priv Prieš metus
Your’e sooooo pretty and i love you and you’re video’s ❤️
Maeve Butler
Maeve Butler Prieš metus
cheese barrell
cheese barrell Prieš metus
i was watching this on the tv and my mom said “she shouldn’t be nervous about other girls, she’s beautiful.” *ILY HALEY*
Rain Ricketts
Rain Ricketts Prieš metus
Your prettier than me, don't doubt yourself, like I feel that way too, I'm black most if the girls at my school are white and beautiful I, like people call me the prettiest black girl, but...yeah so 💕
fart head
fart head Prieš metus
ok but lgbtq people don’t seem to care
Hannah Hoffmann
Hannah Hoffmann Prieš metus
nobody: absolutely nobody: literally nobody: Hayley: “this is do my cowboy outfit!”
Imy Platt
Imy Platt Prieš metus
Once me and my friends all had like a spa night before a comp thing for cheerleading and we put face masks on and it was burning our faces, we were reading the instructions to see if we were doing wrong, turns out it was a hair mask 😂
Peachy Bri
Peachy Bri Prieš metus
I don’t know why but seeing you “shave” (That thingy gave me anxiety 💀 shit’s scary) your armpits made me feel better about myself, knowing that other girls and grown women shave without embarrassment.
NYXia Prieš metus
HALEYYY i love you but I love hauls!!! Shallow down plz. 😭😭
Peter Prieš metus
Good choice.
Zainub Faisal
Zainub Faisal Prieš metus
The care/of code for me is useless because "care/of isnt available in my country and its only supplementing people over the age of 17! Not trying to hate or anything..just thought you should know!
Kylie Anderson
Kylie Anderson Prieš metus
When she put the hilighter all over her face🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nima Nadervand
Nima Nadervand Prieš metus
You made a good decision all hell broke loose at Coachella
princesseof2g Prieš metus
When she said “ dote” l went HHMMMMMM ok
FryRei&oREGANo Prieš metus
Which nail salon do you go to?
Aidan J Lorenzana
Aidan J Lorenzana Prieš metus
Did you name your dog thanos?
Siobhan Nozomi
Siobhan Nozomi Prieš 9 mėnesių
Hana Kazumi
Hana Kazumi Prieš metus
Love your channel. I subbed...
Christy Panneck Waite
Christy Panneck Waite Prieš metus
2:05 awe
Catelin Pugh
Catelin Pugh Prieš metus
10:00 hahahahaha
Soma Dilshad
Soma Dilshad Prieš metus
2:06 this was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😭😭♥️
Amber W
Amber W Prieš metus
I DIED when you mistook the highlight for face mask 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Toprak Prieš metus
2 milyon
Toprak Prieš metus
Gina Underwood
Gina Underwood Prieš metus
Hey Haley, I know you usually go through the drive through for your Starbucks but often they have to have the cup cause they are making it while your waiting. Starbucks has strict drive through times they have to meet so having to wait for you to get to the window and use your own cup isn’t the best way. So if you want to avoid that then you should go inside and use your cup
Nikki's Kaleidoscope
Nikki's Kaleidoscope Prieš metus
Am I the only one that loved the black boots?
Camille Davis
Camille Davis Prieš metus
What’s her vlog channel
jhopeful flower
jhopeful flower Prieš metus
first reformation dress? *ashley's breathing intensifies*
Kennedy Bill
Kennedy Bill Prieš metus
Ryan’s little ily is so cute I live them ❤️❤️
Anya Massey
Anya Massey Prieš metus
about the cup thing, either go in and hand it to them or support smaller cafes you know, starbucks dont deserve the simoleons
Chelsea Lomez
Chelsea Lomez Prieš 7 mėnesių
Team.Lari Prieš metus
Well on their website you have to live in America. Unfortunately there is the question from which state I am and when in enter mine from another country it’s not valid
ashley cotsman
ashley cotsman Prieš metus
i died at the face mask part
Javon Brown
Javon Brown Prieš metus
This is the kind girl that wants to fit in
Bo Peep
Bo Peep Prieš metus
Bruh who cares I would still go to Coachella
misunderstoodanaid2u Prieš metus
I think for the reusable cup you have to go inside because that way they can make it in the cup where in a drive through they would have to put it in a cup while they wait because they only have so many cups
anoushka m
anoushka m Prieš metus
you go girl. i think every you tuber goes but does not want to go or then they realize it was a horible thing to do
mimi Prieš metus
guys.. just leave her alone.
josie pearl
josie pearl Prieš metus
rose cassidy
rose cassidy Prieš metus
proud of u for sticking up for whats right. also kinda glad I'm not the only one who get anxious and uncomfortable in big groups of people. just know ur not alone we support u.
samantha fain
samantha fain Prieš metus
I saw you at church!!
LILIANA LINS Prieš metus
I’m posting this cause I can’t sleep right now.... ok goodnight! Love you Haley just started watching you and already love you soooo much
Mikayla's life
Mikayla's life Prieš metus
Yess great video! Btw I recommend you get your eyebrows threaded if waxing ever doesn’t work out....but don’t get your upper lip threaded!!
miki cutter
miki cutter Prieš metus
Girl.... I just went to go see how much the new merch costs.....and I’m WAY TOO broke for it even though I have a job 😂
The Reactions
The Reactions Prieš metus
her: hey girly pops me: im a boy so im unsubbing
vincy jpg
vincy jpg Prieš metus
YeS boycott it
thebeatlesbutsad Prieš metus
You said you wanted a grande drink and then said you had a reusable cup so they could’ve gotten confused
Blazing Hot Cheetoz
Blazing Hot Cheetoz Prieš metus
of course this would be all female
Beth Bell
Beth Bell Prieš metus
Coachella more like co-hella 😂😂
Ciania De Jesus
Ciania De Jesus Prieš metus
are you Filipino????
Lex V.
Lex V. Prieš metus
kylie a
kylie a Prieš metus
doesn’t use dairy based protein but used milk for the protein shake? i’m confused
Multifandomxseriesx Prieš metus
Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly Prieš metus
you literally make me feel so calm, thank you so much 🧡
María Pérez-Gómez
María Pérez-Gómez Prieš metus
No hate but she changed from her old videos when she got picked as a model for Hollister
jatziry x
jatziry x Prieš metus
yet she eats chick fil a?
jatziry x
jatziry x Prieš metus
Lauryn Taylor yikes
Lauryn Taylor
Lauryn Taylor Prieš metus
yeah... she's super inconsistent. same with her ranting about reusable cups, then accepting a sponsorship for individually wrapped vitamins.
LifeofSarah Prieš metus
OMG I love videos . I make lookbooks videos plz check me out.
gaby toharia
gaby toharia Prieš metus
wow I stan you so much, it really upsets me that so many influencers are still supporting it :((
rosalina fire
rosalina fire Prieš metus
hell yeah haley! im so friction proud of you
Megan Callahan
Megan Callahan Prieš metus
i haven’t watched your videos since you moved and i’m so confused what’s happening, but i love you much
Samantha Nicole
Samantha Nicole Prieš metus
i 100% get you not going to coachella because you genuinely don’t want to & that you felt like you’d have more fun at home. but, the anti-lgbtq+ coachella situation is a RUMAR. they do SO MUCH charity work, they fund a planned parenthood and transgender charity.
kaitlan prioleau
kaitlan prioleau Prieš metus
i'm sorry but i'm confused,,, isn't haley a christian? i mean sure it's not good to discriminate and u can hate the sin not the sinner, but isn't this a bit much?
blackSwan Prieš metus
kaitlan ._. Your black talking about how she can’t be a Christian if she supports not funding events that are anti lgbt as if the Bible didn’t justify slavery and other bs that was horrific. Everyone interprets the Bible differently and that isn’t a sin.
blackSwan Prieš metus
kaitlan ._. No. You can be Christian but interpret the laws differently in modern times. Literally the Pope said that and if your saying the Pope is wrong then maybe you’re not that into religion then you think you are.
kaitlan prioleau
kaitlan prioleau Prieš metus
blackSwan exactly then she's not even a christian if she doesn't agree with the laws in the bible
blackSwan Prieš metus
So you want her to go cause she’s Christian and the Bible condemns gays? She has her own morals that might not align with an outdated book.
Pip Chillin
Pip Chillin Prieš metus
A queen who actually listens to her fans
Adelaine Lambert
Adelaine Lambert Prieš metus
I kept getting confused because I am also named Addie.
Menue Prieš metus
@5:00 Wow man. I would've been that one petty customer to drive around the corner, walk into the Starbucks, and ask for the manager just to get her a strike or something.
Jade Waters
Jade Waters Prieš metus
When ordering at Starbucks with your reusable cut tell them before you start ordering
Brooke Dawson
Brooke Dawson Prieš 8 mėnesių
That’s what she does
A Nielson
A Nielson Prieš metus
Care/of is really cool, I just took the little survey thingy!
Caroline Cochrane
Caroline Cochrane Prieš metus
you can hear ryan gasp ay 6:53
Grace Williams
Grace Williams Prieš metus
It’s honestly so frustrating to see someone get praised for boycotting Coachella who continuously gives their money to chick fil a
Iris Van de Nieuwegiessen
Iris Van de Nieuwegiessen Prieš metus
what's up with chick fil a?
jennifer park
jennifer park Prieš metus
lol maybe she doesn't know? dm her on insta and let her know the facts so she can be more aware
eve driggers
eve driggers Prieš metus
eve driggers
eve driggers Prieš metus
I love you Healy have a Great day and it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to Coachella
Kayla Farrell
Kayla Farrell Prieš metus
Using his phone at the gas station & he didn’t blow up?!?
Samara Knight
Samara Knight Prieš metus
Take a shot every time she says cowboy outfit
Bark Bark
Bark Bark Prieš metus
Fucking thank you for being real about Coachella. Fuck Coachella, fuck everyone that gives them their money, and fuck all those artists that know about all the shit and still perform. So sick of everyone talking about how great Coachella is. It's not.
Eloise Blaikie
Eloise Blaikie Prieš metus
I’m really sadddd ☹️ the people that sponsored you don’t ship to the uk ☹️☹️
Izzy Smith
Izzy Smith Prieš metus
only person I know that looks pretty w short hair
abbio Prieš metus
remember tippies?? lol i was watching your old vids cause i couldnt be patient. love yooouuuuu
Charlie Xox
Charlie Xox Prieš metus
Does anyone know what tanner she uses? Xx
Alex Carter
Alex Carter Prieš metus
love that you actually are taking into account the social issues regarding coachella and not ignoring it like every other "influencer" lol
Scout weeks
Scout weeks Prieš metus
I really respect you for talking about why you aren't coming and bringing to light what's going on behind the scenes. It's very admirable that u didn't go as well partly because of the different values the company has. ilysm :)
Ella Ringrose
Ella Ringrose Prieš metus
Can someone please tell me the song at 2:06 ❣️❣️❣️
Yoyo Prieš metus
You put on a front about liking Coachella even tho you don’t like it and waste all this money and for what? I get that you don’t want to support those type of people, like I understand. But just don’t do it. You’re honestly so strange bc you always talk about being quirky and how you’re not that but you are always contradicting yourself. It’s annoying, why can’t you just be yourself without having to make a video of you being yourself. It’s childish
Syon Lee
Syon Lee Prieš metus
“For my cowboy outfit”
Urban Pineapple
Urban Pineapple Prieš metus
What epilator are you usingg 😬
emma chamberlain
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1st summer road trip with my puppy!
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was this $500 black friday haul worth it?
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forcing a summer glow up *gains confidence*
how we've been preparing for the wedding *too personal*
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