The Truth About my Son

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Mark Rober

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Now that you've met my son, please consider sharing and donating to impact his life and so many others like him.
Livestream link (April 30th- MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!)-
Learn more about the charity NEXT for Autism here-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober Prieš 26 dienų
If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)
42mavsbball Prieš dieną
Heart warming Mrs mark rober, your son is a very happy kid and I hope it stays that way. Also you should make the envelopes merch and donate the money to color the spectrum
Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee
Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee Prieš 6 dienų
bye 👋
Emtube Prieš 7 dienų
i know mine is not as bad as you really sweet son but i have dyslexia and get made fun of for it and i have depression and anxiety and i love your son that he gose through that and it makes my day to see that he can make it through that and if he can go through that than i can to. Yall macke my dad
Not Yours
Not Yours Prieš 16 dienų
Most wholesome video ever. Even Mark himself started to get sad and studder.
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends Prieš 18 dienų
I actually didn’t even notice. I thought it was just a different haircut 💇🏻‍♂️
Slicks 78
Slicks 78 Prieš val
I’m am so happy I clicked on this video I have epilepsy and I have vocal seizures and I am always depressed but this video showed me that I am my own person and even if I’m different I can be the best me thank you so much for sharing this with me
Anthony Massimino
Anthony Massimino Prieš val
You're a great dad Mark!
YourDuckyDayGamer Prieš val
I like how all those people will be there, but where is bill gates?
Grshi Sghello
Grshi Sghello Prieš 2 val
I am so excited bc he about to hit 20000000
Andrew Payne
Andrew Payne Prieš 3 val
I loved this episode so much!
lemon acid
lemon acid Prieš 3 val
he has the sweetest smile💓
Daring Gamer
Daring Gamer Prieš 4 val
why do people even unlike this
Gon Freecss
Gon Freecss Prieš 5 val
*start to tear up* Butiful
Sara Dujmovic
Sara Dujmovic Prieš 5 val
I do not know what to say. Im in tears. :)
Yasser Terrafi
Yasser Terrafi Prieš 6 val
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is so cute 😩 I would love if he was my little brother
berry bear
berry bear Prieš 6 val
I am autistic to
Hannah Kitten
Hannah Kitten Prieš 6 val
Oh my g- you have a son! Congratulations!! 🎉
The legend H
The legend H Prieš 6 val
You did show him in one of your videos you showed him in your skin a watermelon trick at 2:31
Beth's Vanlife Adventure
Beth's Vanlife Adventure Prieš 6 val
Thank you for also NOT using a puzzle piece!!!!
Banana Are cool
Banana Are cool Prieš 7 val
That is so sweet. I love how you do so much for your son. This is in May 12 but when someone says or dose something like that for someone different then them it can create a whole story. When you said that you don't show your son in videos, that made me cry on the inside because how different he is. Being autistic is not a disability, but something a human can't do. I heard a bunch of sad and crazy stories but since you make videos like this and telling us how things work it helps me think or maybe just not me but everyone. You have a special someone in your family and that's ok. If you see this, Tell your son that to keep on being the kid he is and to keep on laughing. :)
Wacky Astra
Wacky Astra Prieš 7 val
There are cool people, and there are even cooler people (people that are autistic) -Joycawn
Mario Ramos
Mario Ramos Prieš 8 val
sorry mark
Ammachi_Wid_Luv Prieš 8 val
Uk wat ur son and all his friends has got many powers... And the one striked me the most is how they express their emotions... I find it hard to express how I feel... It's so complicated in my head... How ur son laughs at ur simple jokes it's like magic to me how that kid was so amazed to see Santa to laugh to love that's their super power I'm glad u have them yes they made me smile they made everyone smile he needs to be acknowledged I wish if I can write him a letter What's ur fav colour son
Ammachi_Wid_Luv Prieš 8 val
I'm happy mark rober... I'm happy
GBoyplays -gameplayz
GBoyplays -gameplayz Prieš 9 val
who threw the dog oh no
GBoyplays -gameplayz
GBoyplays -gameplayz Prieš 9 val
my brother has this
Romy Murphy
Romy Murphy Prieš 9 val
My brother has autism... thanks to you i know how he thinks and feels Thanks
RevineYT Prieš 9 val
Mark can you find a way to keep the carbonation from Diet Coke so that if you pour it into a bathtub then pour mentos into it, the chemical reaction occurs and it shoots up?
Canada Prieš 9 val
As an autistic... I am moved by this.
report haxs
report haxs Prieš 10 val
i swear i would donate if i wasn't broke
WiseWater Prieš 12 val
No judgement bro, your son is cute.
Dayyan Munir
Dayyan Munir Prieš 13 val
Your son is unique and perfect
Devin Cristopher
Devin Cristopher Prieš 15 val
Great video as always🍾 🎀❤️🎀
Zaxi0 Prieš 16 val
I wish I could smile as much as him.
Thorium Prieš 17 val
Whenever I come out of my room I get a "oh look who came out of their cave", so it's safe to say that he has a better social life than me
Youtuber Rozonexkt
Youtuber Rozonexkt Prieš 19 val
This was so sweet
Don _Forca
Don _Forca Prieš 19 val
this is beautiful 😍
Wayne FPV
Wayne FPV Prieš 20 val
Robin Kat
Robin Kat Prieš 20 val
My heart is warmed by this!
Mary Ellen Miller
Mary Ellen Miller Prieš 23 val
If you didn't already know how many of your childhood fans were kids on the Spectrum and their parents, I hope you understand it now. Thank you for this. You just made my kiddo feel so awesome because your family looks just like ours. 💗
Doot Prieš 23 val
I donated like 30 bucks
Nao Wright
Nao Wright Prieš dieną
My niece is autistic. She is beautiful and though she has trouble with social interactions she can sing like no one else. Her voice has such resonance and vibrato you would never know she was nine. You never know what your son will accomplish especially with such loving parents. Autistic people have done some great things.
Sarah scholz
Sarah scholz Prieš dieną
Thank you mark.I have a friend how has autism. I also play football with him
Kay Prieš dieną
I totally get your fear of posting this, I get bullied so much for this, especially online. 🥺
Tad Tolbert
Tad Tolbert Prieš dieną
This makes me happy!
emma Jesse
emma Jesse Prieš dieną
I grew up having a learning disability and I just found out I have autism today I was literally talking to one of my friends and I was listening to music on my TV then on my phone and talking to them outside my phone they asked me how I did and I don’t know how to do it and I did not explain it but I am really hard times reading but I have great times with math. So Forssman judges them try to figure them out first there’s no room for a trip when we have no control of it
Miss Holly Travels
Miss Holly Travels Prieš dieną
AW! He is so cute! My cousin has autism and it's amazing seeing the growth I love this video
OMNI KING Prieš dieną
I myself am autistic, typically when I say a joke it's really messed up, and I can have no filter to let me know when to stop. And in some cases being able to hear, and feel every slight thing can help a lot. Over time personally I've been able to easily focus on what I'm supposed to be doing easily, while also hearing anything that's said in my house. I don't think seeing how people feel through their facial expression is necessarily an autistic thing, but I could be wrong.
Jenny Sebring
Jenny Sebring Prieš dieną
i gust moved into a new state and one of my new friends is autistic and is really nice but Suicidal): i try my best to remind him he is important and i hope it is working ):
Le Rue Martin
Le Rue Martin Prieš dieną
Amen! we are very lucky to have them.
Le Rue Martin
Le Rue Martin Prieš dieną
What an amazing boy.
Casey Holmes
Casey Holmes Prieš dieną
Goodness this is so incredibly beautiful. Thanks for reminding us that the most important aspect of parenting a unique child is seeing the is beautiful in them and defending it with all the joy and grace we have. Your son is so fortunate to have your love (almost as fortunate, it seems, as you are to have his). Thanks for having the courage to share, and for doing it so incredibly well.
OptimumFrost Prieš dieną
Wdym nothing is wrong? he’s normal like other kids
chase o carter
chase o carter Prieš dieną
I am autistic and I have an ability to pay attention to stuff without even looking at it
Bounty Prieš dieną
I have 2 brothers with down syndrome they are so cute
tsup2 Prieš dieną
ngl when he started off with "That was my son" I found it very funny to think of it as ""that" WAS my son."
miltrae Prieš dieną
I have autism!!!
Francine Fournier
Francine Fournier Prieš dieną
Thank you for showing us your life!
Chazer Prieš dieną
Thank you Mark. As a father of an amazing human being with autism, I appreciate listening to your son's story. They are a true blessing!
BeFxstKidz XD XD XD LOL Prieš dieną
bro this was the best one
Amy D
Amy D Prieš dieną
What a beautiful video! We have loved your science related videos for years; how special to get a glimpse of your family - your son’s huge smile is contagious, for sure. Thank you for putting this out there and for your work to support the autistic community. 💙
Rose is the future
Rose is the future Prieš dieną
This is by far your best video ever! A poem for your son, When you run the ground shakes The sky opens and mere mortals part Part the way to victory Where your Mom and Dad will meet you In the winner’s circle And lay a blanket of flowers around your neck. Respectfully, Our Family
Henry C2
Henry C2 Prieš dieną
Your son is so sweet
Taylor Prieš dieną
I wish I was half the dad you are
Jokerp58 Krajeski
Jokerp58 Krajeski Prieš dieną
Your so is really nice and you should be proud of him so I’m not binging mean but he’s go to be like you as he gets older
Hassan Mujtaba Najdi
Hassan Mujtaba Najdi Prieš dieną
bruh some respect for more family not just your son
Nachos Chesse
Nachos Chesse Prieš dieną
If you see in that watermelon party tricks and he's actually in that video but I just thought whos child is it and now watching this video I know now he's truly a wonderful child bless yous 🙏😊❤️
Robby Clark
Robby Clark Prieš dieną
Thanks for sharing Mark! You have a beautiful family, and an awesome son!
Rie-San Prieš dieną
Can you please do a video on earthquakes? :>
Amanda Farmer
Amanda Farmer Prieš dieną
As a teacher of students with special needs, and as a neuroatypical person myself, I appreciate this video so, so much. Thank you for sharing your family's story.
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson Prieš dieną
Your son seem amazing you should not be scared to show him to the world
Ice Prieš dieną
Did we raise over 3 million dollars HOLY
Endo Studios
Endo Studios Prieš dieną
Now, I would love to be his friend, not because he is mqrk Rober's son, but because he is in my age group and would personally lighten my day, I could learn so much from him and we could talk about our differences.
Brent Patrick
Brent Patrick Prieš dieną
Amazing. Thank you so much for making this known.
Daine Westera
Daine Westera Prieš dieną
I love his big smile
poke packs
poke packs Prieš dieną
I like him he's cool and also if I had a son like him I would 100% do the same thing you would you are a great father with a great kid :)
Sebastian Budz
Sebastian Budz Prieš dieną
Amazing video
Madison Lovesvids18
Madison Lovesvids18 Prieš dieną
I have ADHD and ODD, I get mad at small things, and I take many pills throughout the day. My brothers and cousins try and do things it tick me off. Even my dad jokes around and my parents don’t tell my brothers to stop antagonizing me. I have to walk away and keep my hands in fists so I don’t hit anything because I get so mad. I don’t realize when I talk loudly, and I have to be quite all the time because my dog gets stressed with loud noises. Having disabilities and mental issues aren’t easy. I also hear things louder than they are.
Dismythed & JWA
Dismythed & JWA Prieš dieną
Mark, the flak you have received over this is based on ignorance. ASD is more than a mental "difference". People who are "different" don't need help. People with afflictions do. I am neural-divergent and need significant help. If I could have it taken away, I would do it in a heartbeat. Ignore the extremists who do not even know what it is like to have a disorder impact everything they do. A person claiming ASD who is successful without help has no idea what it is like for those whose ASD interferes with normal functioning. Stay strong. Help your son. Don't let the ignorant cloud your judgment.
YDXavier Prieš dieną
5:08 look at the kid 's finger when he preesed it
Lucas Lourenço
Lucas Lourenço Prieš dieną
As a teen who was once suspected of having Asperger's Syndrome (autistic spectrum) in primary school, I am super happy to see a child with autism (more serious than my case) that has a really cool ability and that this boy lives a completely normal life. Thanks for sharing.
Demon_techno Prieš dieną
Wow that's nice I hope your son becomes like his dad
Elijah Jeremy
Elijah Jeremy Prieš dieną
I just started watching your videos and while this was such a vulnerable video it was a beautiful one. I learned so much about this special need. Your son is beautiful too what a sweet smile. Bless!
Deion Blalock
Deion Blalock Prieš dieną
Illuminate puppet
Cooper Richards
Cooper Richards Prieš dieną
i thought this said my artistic not autistic
Literally cried🥺
Urban Aldrin
Urban Aldrin Prieš dieną
One of the best speed cubes, Max Park, is autistic but that did not stop him so if ur autistic it does not mean you will fail in life
Eliott Dbrp
Eliott Dbrp Prieš dieną
Really interesting vidéo tks for it, a bit sud for the 11k thumb down but tks again
MeisterPalpus33 Prieš dieną
This is awesome. You're a great Dad 💪🏼
SUSHI BOY Prieš dieną
Helow everyone me i ask some help.. 😢
jimmy _animation
jimmy _animation Prieš dieną
Lol F
Franz Pattison
Franz Pattison Prieš dieną
I'm on the autism spectrum and unfortunately I'm just low functioning enough not to be successful and well-integrated into society, but just high-functioning enough to realize it and wish for more
wjhssjhhrfmj Prieš dieną
Props! ... and Kudos!
JesusACristo Prieš dieną
Do a video on aspurgers
JenniK Prieš dieną
I love this video ❤️
SI XUE CHEN Prieš dieną
Tyler1 when he was younger
brendon nevins
brendon nevins Prieš dieną
I’ve got autism too
Renee Young
Renee Young Prieš dieną
❤️❤️❤️❤️ love this!! Your son is amazing! Thank you for sharing!
Nathan N Lisa McClellan
Nathan N Lisa McClellan Prieš 2 dienas
Mark, thank you so much for this video! I to have two sons with special needs.
David Parent
David Parent Prieš 2 dienas
I agree with so many others this was just incredibly awesome presentation of your special needs son. Your video filled me with such wonderful happiness. I almost cried to especially when you talked about leaving the world better place, that's been my motto to life too. Thank you so much for making such heart felt message of love and goodness. Thanks so much for your channel.
Constancia Atienza
Constancia Atienza Prieš 2 dienas
You've made me think bout a lot
Anderson Lynn
Anderson Lynn Prieš 2 dienas
My kid is on the spectrum too , thanks for doing this video .
mason mobly
mason mobly Prieš 2 dienas
4:03 i have that stuffed animal
Take The L's Haters
Take The L's Haters Prieš 2 dienas
My favorite color is blue you are so brave posting this your son is remarkable
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