Yassuo | We took our first L... [ADC to Masters Part 3] Ft. Alicopter

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LittleCrust :D
LittleCrust :D Prieš 22 dienas
bro just so you know samira W can proc her passive twice lmao
AlexanderKP Prieš 24 dienas
Alicopter kinda nutti
Paul Salvenmoser
Paul Salvenmoser Prieš 29 dienų
lool i am plat 3 and got plus 33 in silver 2 as adc main xDDD
Kunogari Prieš mėn
8:50 come on pinoy that dono was funny I wanted to hear the rest of that
Sean Genutis
Sean Genutis Prieš mėn
why are you being toxic to reksai lol he was 100% right and you were wrong lol own up to it
nawfal zaki
nawfal zaki Prieš mėn
yassuo: +28LP thats terrible meanwhile I feel blessed getting more than 16 lp
CoLD HearT
CoLD HearT Prieš mėn
what headset is he using ? ive been looking for its name and nothing so far
LetMeSeaa Prieš mėn
I really appreciate your choice of music sir Editor :D
Nashor Fury
Nashor Fury Prieš mėn
the thumbnail looks like ur making out with ur hand
Rhys Tadman
Rhys Tadman Prieš mėn
Her second ability probably works better when the enemies are on the outside of the spellblock wall thing xD
theblue fog
theblue fog Prieš mėn
It was so funny to watch this as a Samira main xd Record more, I'm sure you'll get better soon!
Cage McKinsey
Cage McKinsey Prieš mėn
nice work playa
Genji Prieš mėn
I wanted to see moe take the playas red buff. That woulda been really slime of him and he woulda been such a baller for it.
Bmclgaming YT
Bmclgaming YT Prieš mėn
Moe thinks 28 lp in silver is bad... Meanwhile me getting 21 lp in bronze
fakejutten Prieš mėn
Good to see that he goes 11/1 and gets +28. I´m 13/4 and get +28 too.
Big Boy
Big Boy Prieš mėn
4:46 he was about to say "and shoot it up" I swear
Insta:Ali478x Prieš mėn
Damn boa
Spongeclaw Prieš mėn
Devil may cry we love it
Antonio6579 Prieš mėn
Insane DMC edits on this one
panBucz Prieš mėn
P l a y a
Mathéo Guillon
Mathéo Guillon Prieš mėn
Stop with Terraria music pls I miss it too much :'(
Lord MS
Lord MS Prieš mėn
I wanna hear the story of the guy with the girl in the bar!!!
samroogers Prieš mėn
shouldnt have inted playa
AntiFan Prieš mėn
That jungler was definitely Harambe
Fire Life Mage
Fire Life Mage Prieš mėn
That Wii music be wild
something something
something something Prieš mėn
Moe:“+28 thats it?” Me:Laughs in +13
Cool Beans
Cool Beans Prieš mėn
Really enjoying this series
John-Marc Curran
John-Marc Curran Prieš mėn
57% winrate out of nearly 60 games and getting 14 LP but losing 17 in Silver 1. Riot needs to fix this broken system.
Harry Crab
Harry Crab Prieš mėn
That's so sshtupid only 28lp.
XxWallzxX Prieš mėn
This is the ultimate thing that everyone already knows. But it also seems at times that they still work towards the goal of genocide. I know for a fact that these cops and this country of hostile run aways do. But like I said before. We are monitored by the whole world. U.S or even LTlost cannot stop foreigners. Heck.. Not even every person in America as well. But foreigners are your biggest worry. Word travels around you know. Even though this country controls media. It's still around dude. Even other countries are more open to speech and their own voice. So last time the country told youtubers and were coming as randoms to sneakily report the comments of mine that says what they are trying to frame for to genocide with rape and torture. In which you cannot cover up as well as it is widely known. Even a huge LTlost who turned to you guys openly still said what you guys are too in being hypocrites. It is hard to touch that dude as he is that huge and is one of yours. Unless you speak to him and he does it. You know.. the cover up. Yesterday they suffocated Mya and she was crying But yelling that she can't breathe. The cops over here was talking crap and said that hey! Maybe she has Covid19. I stated that it was a threat btw. But they also never sway and said it themselves that they will still go for it. Now yes, LTlostrs have sided with them and even a bigger one will give other instructions on what to say and do. One youtuber has opened up on one of them and he himself is pretty big too in a certain type of game. I am not naming them. So don't be threatened by this comment. Others may not be that involved. But they still get hammered by cops and know how this is. My thing is how badly this country wants to showcase a family for profit and in their faces still go for what they intend to do with excuses in front of their faces as a we will do it anyways. If I getBANNED. That is simple. Cover up and the country ordered everyone to go in on it to make it happen. I would be off of media and they will move in on the family to kill and cover up with people getting ready to cover up the family genocide afterwards. Like I also said a long time ago before. Even if you try me. You still are screwed with the family genocide in which excuses comes soon for them. Now before you take us down and report me for this comment. You can't silence the world. Even if your people come in hard with fake proof of the family that got killed in what ever excuse you say. It's a genocide they all witnessed. Who also suffered greatly. In the hands of hypocrites. Just as that huge LTlostr says. HYPOCRITES. Done. Also like I said before. Even if they don't go for all fully. They will work on them eventually. Bo matter how long it takes. Thet like it clean.
Imaginary User
Imaginary User Prieš mėn
This guy was speaking uganda my brudda
Sarubotai Prieš mėn
these games look harder than my D2 games wtf lmao
Alicia Carlum
Alicia Carlum Prieš mėn
2:05 wait what happened to his grade, it stacked so fast from D
Oliwer Cedermark
Oliwer Cedermark Prieš mėn
Alternative title: Moe and Ali experiencing the low elo toxicity
TurtuZen Prieš mėn
samira: dante but bad
Arthur Correa
Arthur Correa Prieš mėn
One of the hardest part of climbing as adc is the fact that you play a duo lane, and sometimes your support don't know what he is doing (this gets better diamond 3+), but moe is just skipping 80% of it cause he plays duo with a challenger support, kinda makes his climbing much easier
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Prieš mėn
Måns Weslien
Måns Weslien Prieš mėn
Fed7 Prieš mėn
Wtf those letters
K17s Prieš mėn
When moe is toxic I feel like unsubbing
Osmanthus Wine
Osmanthus Wine Prieš mėn
oh no
luis behn
luis behn Prieš mėn
Playa, if I get lucky I migth get 13 lp when I win. No cap
GTgamer 2019
GTgamer 2019 Prieš mėn
pino that D-C-B-A-S-SS-SSS-D part was perfect and i dnt know haw arnt ur a milioner and live in a box
Neko Azuki
Neko Azuki Prieš mėn
Need a player for flex RN. EUW - Add GUIGURSO20 Rank dont matter
Reformed Viking
Reformed Viking Prieš mėn
This dude actually tilted in pisslow
ATT ice_YT
ATT ice_YT Prieš mėn
I’m 19-8, and I’m getting +13 -18. F this game for real.
Auron Hale
Auron Hale Prieš mėn
Think they just tryna deter people from smurfing by making the grind longer. 🤔
mann6374 Prieš mėn
pinoy bro whats up with this music
zer0edgy Prieš mėn
The reksai types exactly like you spoke to Sanch on the drama call KEKW
Fintan Colaco
Fintan Colaco Prieš mėn
what a playa!
Marlon Prieš mėn
This editing is crazy
Walking In
Walking In Prieš mėn
RIP Samira
Narwhals R Awesome
Narwhals R Awesome Prieš mėn
alicopter sounding like he s from super Mario waka waka waka
OG Slide
OG Slide Prieš mėn
intro music anyone?
Light Prieš mėn
Eric CHENG Prieš mėn
moe's playas be good
evilbuster Prieš mėn
hey playa this vid was such a ballar
sparkysparky boomman
sparkysparky boomman Prieš mėn
*1 1 1*
%??? Prieš mėn
holly sh1t the hype when i saw devil may cry's streaks
ŁΞØΠ Prieš mėn
LP are fucked in this season I am Gold 1 EUW with 54% winrate ~70 games and I get +12 / -16 ??
Chitsulo Prieš mėn
Watching you playing Samira makes me hopes that even me as a hardstuck d3 can hit master easily. Thanks!
Xevra Fallen
Xevra Fallen Prieš mėn
Whats the sound
Xevra Fallen
Xevra Fallen Prieš mėn
At 130
Alex Prieš mėn
I get anywere from 8-13 lp in gold 4 and i lose 19 I was on a 9 winning streak and i couldnt get to gold 3
Archiie Prieš mėn
Ngl Pinoy went hard for these edits this video. Respect my man.
fritz hans
fritz hans Prieš mėn
Those Edits are Sick!
ARES Prieš mėn
Moe getting +28 LP in silver 2: Man this is terrible, we got 28LP man! Me getting 14-17lp per game instead of 12: well we have progress
otux san
otux san Prieš mėn
Dude it's sow funy loking at Gold players flaming challenger that make me Feel Good. now i'm 100% sure that they are brain dmg
cong puter
cong puter Prieš mėn
Devil may cry reference lets goo moe
Leonel Sosa
Leonel Sosa Prieš mėn
the spongebob beep boop music was fire
Comrade Stickisim
Comrade Stickisim Prieš mėn
Atleast play ADcs 😂
Saša Paunović
Saša Paunović Prieš mėn
There goes all my chanel points :C
Mert K.
Mert K. Prieš mėn
Yu a weird playa moe
Amine Jouali
Amine Jouali Prieš mėn
Loved the dmc reference
kostas papakitsos
kostas papakitsos Prieš mėn
cringe players man
Sav Prieš mėn
SweetLikeDonuts Prieš mėn
where does the playa sound effect come from
A freudian
A freudian Prieš mėn
Big smoke from gta
sixyty Prieš mėn
Am I the only one sad about the fact that we didnt know how that mans date went? 8:40 dono
Sebastian Litzenberg
Sebastian Litzenberg Prieš mėn
nah i want to know what happened too
SHADOW xz Prieš mėn
the devil may cry edit was insane SSSick one pinoy
阿李CWen Prieš mėn
now Reksai 43% winrate btw
goncalo rocha
goncalo rocha Prieš mėn
Flicky Duvet
Flicky Duvet Prieš mėn
Dont be mad at 28 lp. Bro... i get 13 per win and loose 19 in silver 4. Like wtf is your problem man?
καρδιοταχυδαχτυλουργους Prieš mėn
My mayaa if you don't start balling we are gonna lose this game gang gang skrrrr
fotis nikolaidis
fotis nikolaidis Prieš mėn
So this is basically duo to masters?
Magick Prieš mėn
bruh the lp gain is so stupid i wen 8/2 in my placements got placed silver 2 and im gettin 40+ lp every win
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Prieš mėn
I love that DMC reffrence
G4l Prieš mėn
Actually troled these 2 games really hard, lol
dancel delaCruz
dancel delaCruz Prieš mėn
Legend says that player is still saying playa.
GalaniteBro Prieš mėn
Lorenzo De Luca
Lorenzo De Luca Prieš mėn
David Holt
David Holt Prieš mėn
That Rek Sai had to be high asf
The Yaasuo
The Yaasuo Prieš mėn
moe playing dante from dmc5 ah yes
The Yaasuo
The Yaasuo Prieš mėn
ye i know it is a nero fight ost but samira is dante >:(
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov Prieš mėn
Getting carried by Alicopter kek
i have no memes
i have no memes Prieš mėn
less lp = more content
Adgie Prieš mėn
Aye moe the yas and naut that rolled you are my friends, big fans of your content and the yas especially. Ty for giving them the opportunity to roll you!
Lesther Marc Ocampo
Lesther Marc Ocampo Prieš mėn
We need those 27 mins long vids of this challenge brooo
Shades Prieš mėn
Devil trigger? Nah man. Pinoy literally has the best taste ever. Props
Rashid Thebøss
Rashid Thebøss Prieš mėn
Don't mess with bronze they are just hard stuck
Drage Prieš mėn
Imagine this dude’s face when he called moe bad and alicoptor bad
UrbaN Prieš mėn
they were kinda bad tho
Nucleuiiz QTEX
Nucleuiiz QTEX Prieš mėn
Nucleuiiz QTEX
Nucleuiiz QTEX Prieš mėn
better ask Moe for a raise as a editor ;)
Takumi Kase
Takumi Kase Prieš mėn
So he gave up the jg challeger?
Βαγγέλης Καλ.
Βαγγέλης Καλ. Prieš mėn
Man I hate this Reksai with a passion
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