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H3h3 lies
Prieš 8 mėnesių
lil14 Prieš 21 minutę
the person who stalked RomanAtwood is pretty weird @lil14_24
Anna Bruecken
Anna Bruecken Prieš 22 minutes
James charles getting exposed again...not surprised 😂 @Brueckenjohn
kyle klapkowski
kyle klapkowski Prieš 22 minutes
Mr drama alert please get me right with the xbox🚨🚨pleaseeee
Martin Solis
Martin Solis Prieš 22 minutes
Hello keem
Caleb Hawkins
Caleb Hawkins Prieš 23 minutes
Can’t wait until 30 years from now when JoJo Siwa has transformed into the new Ellen
dumb doop
dumb doop Prieš 25 minučių
That's how people get beat up then call hare crime
Bacon Bank
Bacon Bank Prieš 25 minučių
I feel really sorry for what the Atwoods went through. I feel like too often people look at LTlostrs and see an easy life with fame and none of the effects of even the smaller things like hate all the way to the seriousness of their situation. Glad that it’s all over for them @BaconBank45
Kieroni _
Kieroni _ Prieš 25 minučių
That Roman Atwood stuff is crazy can’t imagine what it feels like to be stalked and feel someone is always watching... jeeeez btw Twitter is @Agent00Retweets
Henry Sotolongo
Henry Sotolongo Prieš 25 minučių
i hope roman is doing good, i honestly missed him and his fam. @HenrySotolongo
Avery Francis
Avery Francis Prieš 25 minučių
Honestly the fight between Logan and Floyd being delayed due to lack lack of interest is partially Logan's fault for not selling the fight and just hoping the star power will sell the event for him.
Tomas flatharta
Tomas flatharta Prieš 27 minučių
Hmmm , no as soon as I know the news I will keep us in the loop after admitting you kept a story from us. It was right thing to do but maybe lose the catchphrase?
PaPa POVEY Prieš 27 minučių
An if you call yourself a fighter you just fight, if someone calls you out talking shit then you two just fight in a gym. Y'all clout seeking
Bandon Hunt
Bandon Hunt Prieš 28 minučių
Can't believe Jake Paul thinks he can actually pull of beating Conor. Dude really is delusional. Lol @eren12813443
Jayden Ballreich
Jayden Ballreich Prieš 28 minučių
1:33 lmao @jaydenfml
PaPa POVEY Prieš 29 minučių
Logan and Jake wouldn't fight behind the scenes, theres no loot in that, but yes he seems very jealous of Logan.
Lord Garmadon
Lord Garmadon Prieš 29 minučių
I wouldn't mind James Charles in my dms Twitter @SpinjitsuMaster
THEGodfatherYT Prieš 29 minučių
Damn that deji joke was cold that's why your vid views keep getting down stop attacking people and help them lift them up
sosa5ilas -
sosa5ilas - Prieš 31 minutę
gonna send mr beast a pic of keem to put on the moon @itz5osa
PaPa POVEY Prieš 32 minutes
sadly I've seen this happen many of times in real life, as a single dad of 2 it breaks my heart.
Sabre Nicholas
Sabre Nicholas Prieš 33 minutes
I am curious if James Charles is worrying about that he got exposed AGAIN @nicholas_sabre
Mohamed CHEBATA Prieš 35 minučių
is that popcorn real?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Prieš 36 minučių
Uvis. Dek
Uvis. Dek Prieš 38 minučių
The Roman Atwood stuff is crazy... @UvisDek
Silly Boi_999
Silly Boi_999 Prieš 40 minučių
Keem = bean which means that keemstar is now beanstar @Silly
John Warden
John Warden Prieš 40 minučių
@johnwarden14 new Xbox would be nice
King Nova
King Nova Prieš 41 minutę
If Biden changed the legal age for consent to like 14 then it’s not bad anymore so it kinda seems Biden might be supportingit
boyninja Prieš 42 minutes
Xbox pls
Saurabh Vinchu
Saurabh Vinchu Prieš 46 minučių
McGregor fought a UFC fighter and lost. Jake Paul fought some NBA dude and won. The Notorious will decimate him for good. @TheVinchu
TheMadCat Prieš 46 minučių
I can’t wait until mr beast buys a whole country @TheMadCat99
ichku u
ichku u Prieš 46 minučių
james charles has a rotation of straight men LOL twitter: Ex50916112
Zaid Anaid
Zaid Anaid Prieš 48 minučių
James is always in too something 🙄 Twitter is zaid_anaid
LEGENDARY ASH Prieš 49 minučių
I wanna see jake Paul fight James Charles lol @ashour_shatwan
Zachary Favre
Zachary Favre Prieš 50 minučių
The fight could be in the history books. They just need to promote it at McDonald’s😂 @hacz_
Ethan Daniels
Ethan Daniels Prieš 50 minučių
Eberytime you say james charles i just click off the vid!! Bro you most like him or soemthing you always talking about this dude!
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah Prieš 52 minutes
Stalkers are losers they have nothing better to do
Eliuth Skies
Eliuth Skies Prieš 53 minutes
“Scribble scribble “ eliuth_skies
Muhammad Siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui Prieš 54 minutes
I agree with the fact that McGregor vs Jake Paul won’t happen, but I would still love to see that fight 😂 @msturtle22
What yo deal
What yo deal Prieš 54 minutes
Bro I'm glad Romanatwood and his family are back but those stalkers are so weird who would do all those things out of nowhere. @foxyatiefa
syns Prieš 56 minučių
3 min in and still a add unsubbed
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah Prieš 58 minučių
The interest for the Logan Paul fight is the fucking fight Logan vs may weather why does it need the bs hype it has enough
Basil Saudi
Basil Saudi Prieš 58 minučių
Wow there is people like that stalking roman. twitter: aviatorairlines
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah Prieš 59 minučių
Deji spit fax
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah Prieš val
Connor would fucking destroy Jake Paul it’s a waste of his time
Yadiel Olmo
Yadiel Olmo Prieš val
What happend to roman was not right I hope it gets dealt with so that he can return back to LTlost. @speedster_26
VIPER Prieš val
How people like James Charles blows my mind. Surpised keem is defending these actions.
NBR X LØFT Prieš val
Dam Romeatwood that’s crazy he being haunted by the dark web probably
Paddy Peet
Paddy Peet Prieš val
That’s what’s Roman gets tho shouldn’t be with a girl he uses for her body and views, real OG’s will know what’s what
greghah Prieš val
This guy literally got Carson canceled for nothing so big because he wants views
XTheWhiteNinjaX Prieš val
I think it’s so crazy that these people had access to all this stuff, and was able to compromise sensitive information, turn power off to a WHOLE HOME and I hope there are safe! @nicoyoung76
Santino DeLeo
Santino DeLeo Prieš val
ur a clown logan and jake aren’t fighting
Luxio Prieš val
i agree there isn't much hype for the fight tbf
Ramy XD
Ramy XD Prieš val
Jake Paul the ultimate Troll, but I swear on god anything is possible keem who knows what Connor will do in the [email protected]
NBR X LØFT Prieš val
I’m hype for the fight
Mitchell Norville
Mitchell Norville Prieš val
I wanna see a jake and Connor fight, be a big money maker, maybe push back brother Logan’s fight to have them both at the same time 🤔 @norville0698
bosuna _perde
bosuna _perde Prieš val
İd get scared to death if that happened to me forget making a video
TitanTeddie Prieš val
I can’t express how much I despise this guy
NBR X LØFT Prieš val
What is up trouble nation !!!!!!!! @Mccornknob
Google meets
Google meets Prieš val
I still remember this day
Amenji Prieš val
You’d for sure beat Jake and Logan in a fight
Skewzt Manuel
Skewzt Manuel Prieš val
As an outsider to the Floyd vs Logan Paul fight, there is no hype. I forgot they were even supposed to fight! @skewzt
Quick_ ASSASSIN Prieš val
Hopefully all the stalkers are gone Crazy about the swat team @MakaiLambert @LambertMakai
Jase Johnson
Jase Johnson Prieš val
I think it’s crazy that all that happened to such a positive you tuber @jase47160799
ZeroTheAce Prieš val
Are giveaways real? just a question......but @00ZeroAces
Lorina Prieš val
I think Logan Paul thinks people are hyped for it @lorinaniin
Emmy Riot
Emmy Riot Prieš val
Jake Paul needs to stop the fight hype his eyeball might pop out if he gets punched by Conor. As for James Charles this guy is just a whole other thing. Maybe Jake Paul should punch james charles instead for 10k. Js. [email protected]
Fat Wife
Fat Wife Prieš val
they’re are literally ppl in 8th grade or freshman year who date seniors
MAX Dj Prieš val
Breaking news Dream was jailed for being so famous
mrzelz Prieš val
that stalker stuff is creepy af @mrzelz
BIGBreezy Prieš val
i feel bad for roman that would suck [email protected]
Constitutional Patriot
Constitutional Patriot Prieš val
James Charles is clearly a predator
Killlachief Prieš val
Jeez , i hate when people treat there kids like that. People like that shoudnt be parents. @fw_amin
Elliot Jerutis
Elliot Jerutis Prieš val
Lmao imagine being a keemstar fan... such a joke.
Andu Viljak
Andu Viljak Prieš val
pretty crazy like always @estandu14
YS Prieš val
Twitter is @YS_ELITRON hope i win!!!
Fillery666 Prieš val
Gets COVID an keeps sending things to winners. 🤦‍♂️ We gonna start calling him killer COVIDstar.
Scryz Prieš val
sometimes I like to think the twitter trending pages are rigged, it'd be really random when stuff like jake paul vs connor mcgregor would appear out of no where, even with high popularity @scryzon
Fillery666 Prieš val
That’s not a stalker that’s a hacker. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
lookadadonkey Prieš val
DebatingLeech 76
DebatingLeech 76 Prieš val
James if you want to keep your career stop doing this @egan_hunter
xponent Prieš val
It's Funny how the greatest athletes in our generation get disrespected just for a loss like all their legacy/achievement didn't matter. @f1tsumtesfaye