Brian Lenker
Brian Lenker Prieš 5 val
WHERE was he this summer !!!
Aaron Petersen
Aaron Petersen Prieš 6 val
Why does he look like the guy from Trailer Park Boys in the thumbnail 😂
Liber8tor Prieš 6 val
WAW (What A Weasel)
Paula Gauthier
Paula Gauthier Prieš 6 val
I’ve been horrified for the last year watching my country burn.
Anthony Merrow
Anthony Merrow Prieš 7 val
Dewine is a pussy
Lil Teapot
Lil Teapot Prieš 7 val
Brian Bomofob
Brian Bomofob Prieš 8 val
Mike looks like Stephen Hawkins
Wren Smith
Wren Smith Prieš 11 val
Two things that need discussion; the wheel of progress is turning in the US, and around the world, and this upsets those in power and living at the top of a hierarchy of privlege; and, the human condition; faith, hope and charity (the giving of self) are work where as fear, anger and hate a lot easier. If it's somebody else's fault you don't to be responsible.
Terry Baker
Terry Baker Prieš 12 val
This dude is a fn weasel if there ever was one.
RamblingRose Prieš 12 val
Mike De Wino, suddenly doesn't want any rioters, unless they donote to Joe. You can't make this shite up!
Killsocialmedia Prieš 14 val
The traitor line goes from obama to Hillary. I hope they like prison
TR Mon
TR Mon Prieš 15 val
Where were you during the BLM and Antifa riots that Killed over 49 people
Gwo-Ming Jan
Gwo-Ming Jan Prieš 16 val
Where was their outcry when Antifa and BLM destroyed cities and many people were seriously injured and killed. Hypocrites. We have no respect for your opinion when you don't do the right thing. Jesus rebuke you.
ThePaleWitch N7
ThePaleWitch N7 Prieš 17 val
He looks like an old bubbles
Vir DeS
Vir DeS Prieš 21 val
Congress must tossed the house of representatives impeachment do process weren't followed. Amazing how quickly our representatives showed up for an impeachment to represent themselves. Americans don't have representation. Now should Americans asked what happen with the relief bill? Suddenly disappeared.
Seanecho Armando
Seanecho Armando Prieš 21 val
The proud italian roughly compete because decision phenomenologically use excluding a snotty view. succinct, economic thrill
JoshE Prieš 22 val
Yo, the signer in the back kills it! Nice job! So much passion. Honestly forgot he was talking.
condore 76
condore 76 Prieš 23 val
You special alright ! Gonna sign documents to allow someone to be next president ,knowingly knowing that the elections were not valid an were missconducted . Constitution infringement!! I Would never play a part of such treachery!!!
Dan Moore
Dan Moore Prieš 23 val
Gov, you and everyone else who are ignoring crimes committed by others and over exaggerating those of other. All of you and your behavior, denials, not calling out every single person,is the most damaging
L C Prieš dieną
They all hate him, he’s not part of the club, he doesn’t want to be there, they disrespect him & his wife ( which is not cool ). Looking forward to seeing the truth come out.
no justice no peace .
jerry vanalst
jerry vanalst Prieš dieną
PBS no longer needs Federal Government funding!
wes knitter
wes knitter Prieš dieną
What inauguration. HAhahahahahahahaha
Karen Morente
Karen Morente Prieš dieną
Violence can't be tolerated? Why has it been tolerated and encouraged by leaders, Governors, Senators and so called Elects Biden and Harris. Why was Obama able to also invite it without a word.? " Burn it down. Tear it down!". Now it's close to you it can't be tolerated. Millions lied to and two billion dollars in damage.
Josh Walker
Josh Walker Prieš dieną
Who voted for these ppl.. wtf. Really look at this guy. After 3 yrs of terrorism on all states. Now they want to help. This guy is compromised an anyone that stands with him... if I have a 1st amendment its wat I believe.
Janice Fitch
Janice Fitch Prieš dieną
Times up Mr big shot
Ulysses Ibiam
Ulysses Ibiam Prieš dieną
Building on falsehood & shocking to hear the oldies who should have knowledge about hell & heaven liking, embracing falsehood.
Margaret Cleckner
Margaret Cleckner Prieš dieną
It's very dishonest.
fed up Lady Patriot
fed up Lady Patriot Prieš dieną
I wish Adam Schiffy boy would crawl back into the wood work... you all know Joe Biden is a fraud and so is his son hunter and we all know who paid them dont we
Martha Hall
Martha Hall Prieš dieną
Beverly Thompson
Beverly Thompson Prieš dieną
Get rid of the crooks start charging them for their crimes.
RamblingRose Prieš 12 val
@Atite Lometen need more bubble gum!
Atite Lometen
Atite Lometen Prieš 19 val
You got 3 member in the house of representative that are full blown Qanon! lol
Beverly Thompson
Beverly Thompson Prieš dieną
When are you going to charge Biden having ties to the CCP
Ronald Banks
Ronald Banks Prieš dieną
Franky Valladolid
Franky Valladolid Prieš dieną
My thoughts exactly , could past this along ?
El Punky
El Punky Prieš dieną
Is this the same pbs that said they would take certain kids and remove them from their homes to education camps.
R C Prieš dieną
The Flag placed on the casket is wrinkled. Very strange.
Michael Tichowitsch
Michael Tichowitsch Prieš dieną
Freedom of speech is dead in this world ,our pops fought in two world wars got shot by fascists n commies for our freedims n freedom of speech but thas has eroded ,lest we forget ,give these govts back there medals they mean nothing ,speak up get bashed by the Gestapo police n fines n wear masks we are not free we are controlled by monsters pregnant on power ,greedy selling to ccp who kill uigurs sex slaves body parts from fallin gong children look at Hong kong ,war soon in sth china sea ,cyber wars ,attacks schools n university's who threw the bible out of christian nations n bought there way in with Confucianism, our media n govts infiltrated by ccp n commies belton road sold to all govts ,we have seen D j Trump robbed of a election u cant con the people all the time ,it looks like the world is witnessing the nwo ,n the new world leaders communist china ,speak up n get killed bashed made out by the forces that be u have a mental decease jailed hand cuffed fined badly humiliated to the ground for not conforming ,we arent free n we dont have freedoms or freedom of speech anymore ,where watched n stripped searched n bashed, it might be time to be euthanised n be dumbed down to a spastic level ,,if they have nothing to hide why didnt they get to che kmout the dominion machines like the c19'the civer ups ,I believe in God n in God I trust but Govts no more they forget we vote them n we can vote them out but not anymore the crimnals in high places do everthing how can the poor get truth n justice ,we cant ,we are just lambs to the slaughter ,justice is no more ,no one is abpve the law but today money is the law ,I pray in to God in the name of jesus clean this satanic mess up n I pray against evilmforces against Gids kingdom ,amen ,people forget we all get depression n we all get lonely diesnt matter how rich or poor we are or how many powerful friends n family we have , the yruth will set us all free n God is truth n Hod is in control.,people who dont believe in jesus will perish, the bible which is the guide book for the humanbeing like it ir not without that the world falls completly into decadence,no one is perfect the sinner ,
Adriana Manjarrez
Adriana Manjarrez Prieš dieną
Evan Shiong
Evan Shiong Prieš dieną
PBS usually doesn’t allow comments - why on this video?
Henry Smith
Henry Smith Prieš dieną
Excellent relaying of information and answering of questions. Question: Have we found through those phones confiscated the texts message of the plots, the players, undertaken on the Capital?
William Burke
William Burke Prieš dieną
There call the United States Communist party
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette Prieš dieną
First Trump ignores the pandemic and allows it to spread and ruin our economy and now his lies are causing violent riots and it's costing us $millions to protect our Capitol and state capitols. The money needed to help citizens is being taken to defend our country from local terrorists .
WRNR_MN Prieš dieną
Start seein Crump for what he is - a fuckin tool
Screw Bigtech
Screw Bigtech Prieš dieną
Go fuc yourself...the Demonrats and rinos been trashing this country for decades...we the ppl are fucking done with your bullshit antics...we the people will take our country back with force if necessary...believe that...
Debra Jewell
Debra Jewell Prieš dieną
John Ruiz
John Ruiz Prieš dieną
the bad guys have been identified, the democrats who bailed out rioters not protesters are trying to tell us they want law and order after defunding police and warning that President Trump was going to turn America into a police/military state
Southern TripleJ
Southern TripleJ Prieš dieną
I'm horrified how PBS and other mainstream sources of information are nothing but communist propaganda channels now! Get ready folks America is about to die right in front of you all over your damn feelings.! you're going to think feelings when your stomach feel in your backbone ! You're going to think feelings when your children are feeling like they're starving to death! You going to think feelings, when you're feeling the freezing cold because you're only allowed to use so much heat and electricity! Yourfeelings are going to hurt really bad and you're going to have to walk everywhere you go and old shoes that I wore out because you're only allowed one pair year that's all you can afford! You people with your damn feelings!
sigge saltensø
sigge saltensø Prieš dieną
He is demonizing the Trump, between the lines.JUST LIKE THE NAZIZ DID WITH THE JEWS, BEFORE THEY PUT THEM ON THE TRAINS, Not a word about the wild riots last year. The criminal elect vice President is the one who shuuld be condemnd. Together with Polosi and THE Bidens
Chuck McQueen
Chuck McQueen Prieš dieną
Something the Governor of Ohio may want to consider is to lockup the some of the people who have incited these rioters against the Pre-elect President Joe Biden, just for there own safety. Like Congressman Jim Jordan, who from day one of the results has backed Donald Trump. It has been said that some Congressmen/women have helped the rioters with the inside layout of the Capitol in DC, if this is the case, you would most likely get the sense this would be the same for all State Capitol Buildings. By locking up Jim Jordan, it will take him out of the picture as being a collaborator.
Shannon Elam
Shannon Elam Prieš dieną
I recall Gov Dewine like other state officials all across the country who were defending the violent destruction that was done be BLM and ANTIFA who were never criminally charged and were never tried to stop those violent riots that left billions of dollars in property damage, multiple injured, and at least 47 people dead , yet, he’s calling Trump supports domestic terrorist, etc. knowing there were members of ANTIFA and BLM who led and encouraged certain Trump supporters to illegal enter the Capitol building damaging property, disobeying Capitol Police that some were physically attacked causing injuries and sadly the death of one police officer, and where a Capitol Police Officer wrongfully shot and killed an unarmed woman, a man died from falling more than 30 feet while climbing an exterior wall as video shown many individuals were seen doing, and noting the deaths of 3 people that was said to have died of unfortunate natural causes which for some reason those deaths haven’t been reported. Nonetheless, I don’t condone the illegal entry into the Capitol by BLM, ANTIFA members and those TRump supporters who were supposed to be their to protest like tens of thousands in the crowd that did NOTHING wrong, yet are being titled as a mob or terrorist, etc. which isn’t right as they have a right to peacefully protest as they have during more than 600 Trump rally’s and protests, and they shouldn’t be titled other than being peaceful protestors who has the right to peacefully protest because they feel President Trump has been cheated out of this election from massive election fraud that did occur that hasn’t rightfully been heard by any state or federal Supreme Courts who denied, deflected, rejected, etc. every case presented by President Trump’s legal team among others who have tried to present evidence thats been rejected by those courts that doesn’t want to get involved as its their job to do, etc. which isn’t fair to about half of the american people. Noting the majority of whats happening could have been prevented if those courts and others should have accepted the majority of those cases where evidence could have been presented and a justified outcome leaning either way could have satisfied the majority massive number of people who feels cheated and unheard. What’s happened has been an unfair process that half of the citizens refuses to believe because of the dirty politics thats being played, with the assistance of biased media who have wrongfully censored our voices, and corrupt and uncaring Judges that refuses to do their job according to the Constitution of the United States, all f which is wrong and cannot be allowed to stand without being rightfully settled.
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson Prieš 11 val
Shannon elam the government is gone I wish Juliana would save his time and money and forget government offices. I want to tell Trump impeachment means nothing to us loyal supporters. Don't waste your time and energy. Get safe. Everyone do what u can to get safe. Biden lives on a mansion yacht. Guns and fighting back will not do anything. This is a cyber attack from China and biden and obama. Our freedoms are disappearing. Take constitution and start over again. Remember the slaves coming north and the Jews under hitler. Good luck and love
Cerone 747
Cerone 747 Prieš dieną
Trumps American Nazi Race Soldiers came out to the nation's capital and showed their asses.
Trisha Finley
Trisha Finley Prieš dieną
I’m not a resident of “The Great State of Ohio” but this popped up in my LTlost auto play so what the hell why not give it a comment. I must say whom ever elected in these officials deserve what they must not realize is in store for them. As for everyone else feel free to come to FL. The weather is nice and we don’t have a governor who so freely silences our God given right of free speech all in the name of safety from some imaginary threat that Trump supporters pose. There is a reason they boarded up DC prior to the election and it’s not republicans. Nor were the events that transpired in our capital solely perpetrated by the right. So sad to see the alternative reality the citizens of Ohio are subjected to. While it was ominous to see what took place on January 6 I can say from my first hand observations the narrative the MSM has scripted is nothing short of half truths and outright lies. Where was all the outrage we are witnessing throughout the actual riots that have taken place over the last few years? The fear mongering and kabuki theater taking place is shameful and a complete waste of time, effort, and resources that could be used on much more pressing issues. The dog’s tail wagging in the beginning of the video is somehow amusing considering the “seriousness” trying to be projected. I hope the people of Ohio realize the gaslighting taking place.
Leona Breazeale
Leona Breazeale Prieš dieną
I find it really sad that we have to plead with people not to commit violence. NO Violence is ever acceptable! Ever!
kathryn atkins
kathryn atkins Prieš dieną
To the peaceful protesters, stay home your voice can be heard later....because the bad actors will use you as a shield...They will do something to escalate violence and the law abiding citizens will pay the price...
Tony Belmonte
Tony Belmonte Prieš 7 val
I believe there will be shots fired, and enough to make a difference. They will use it as an opportunity to attack the 2nd amendment and do a gun grab. We need to figure out a way to prove it's not us.
kevin stonerock
kevin stonerock Prieš dieną
When you have voting machines that are programmed to redistribute votes to the other candidate from a remote site. At least some are made by dominion which is the the same company that makes the machines that were made for Venezuela in their rigged elections for the dictator there. There has been new revelations exposing the fact that antifa members were present on January 6th and were mixed with Trump supporters. Don’t take my word for it. If you can get unbiased information that isn’t being blocked by mainstream media or tech companies as well as their blocking the president from communicating with the American people you’ll find out a lot they been trying to hide from you. As for the covid aspects, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different result. Our Rino governor has been doing just that. With prior epidemics, immunity was spread by contact with each other. I’ve listened to some who feel that the isolation is stifling the immune process. The reason I think he’s a RINO is he appears on liberal media outlets and always criticizes the administration in some form or other. You should ask yourself why liberal media has him make appearances when they don’t allow other republicans to voice their beliefs. Supporting the democrats by constantly blocking the immunity process is only fostering more cases and prolonging the fatality rate. I think he needs to butt out of the process and try something different by trying a hands off approach.
B F Prieš dieną
Prayers for the American people. For the black community. For president Biden and Mrs. Harris. For all the brave soldiers etc. For the courageous man and women who stand up against this sad development in your beautiful country. Prayers for all the victims and families black and white who lost their lives. Germany here
B F Prieš dieną
Defend your freedom and democracy dear fellow Americans. Germany here
B F Prieš 7 val
@Tony Belmonte I totally agree!
Tony Belmonte
Tony Belmonte Prieš 7 val
@B F we may need those like yourself soon. We do not only defend democracy for ourselves,we defend it for all.
B F Prieš 17 val
@Be gone Be gone thank you so much! And the German's for our friend's in America always. Your kind answer makes my day. You wouldn't believe it but I got some ugly response from Trump supporters. It's so sad that some people are not willing at least try to learn . Please excuse my poor English . Be safe on the other side of the pond!
Be gone Be gone
Be gone Be gone Prieš 17 val
If any country should value democracy and warn us, it's Germany! Thank you. Americans for Germany
Mitchel Ramsey
Mitchel Ramsey Prieš dieną
Woukd have been nice if he would have signed such document during blm and Antifa riots. Hoever, this is all politisized.
Warren Scott
Warren Scott Prieš dieną
dewine oh yeah ..just ànother ...,.. communist swamp rat
huytonbaddy Prieš dieną
could he be any more boring.
Pale Compass
Pale Compass Prieš dieną
25 seconds in, somebody brought their dog to work.
Alfredo Montez
Alfredo Montez Prieš dieną
Saboteur, spooks, spies, secret police and blue lives need jobs too.
Crime Nation
Crime Nation Prieš dieną
Ol' Bubbles Looking Ass..... smh
美港天下AsiaSkyMedia Prieš dieną
She is a 仆街!
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Prieš 2 dienas
its time for the Trump hatters to get a full dose of their own vile medicine. preimitive? to late!? bow tf down!!!!!!
Mike Abrams
Mike Abrams Prieš 2 dienas
Oh boy theyre serious arent they ?
david gorman
david gorman Prieš 2 dienas
why do you keep spreading hate groups there's no hate groups there's people standing up to the corruption in the democratic government the two-sided Justice everybody seen for the last four years is b*******s***I'm telling you right now if we wanted to we would take everyone of the state houses but were waiting to see if Justice is handed to your asses
Win Cha
Win Cha Prieš 2 dienas
Democracy is dead - when FBI, CIA, and government officials protect criminals the USA is finished
Patricia Cook
Patricia Cook Prieš 14 val
Games not over yet. Let’s have faith and watch the tables turn at last.
Mike Abrams
Mike Abrams Prieš 2 dienas
My thoughts exactly , thats the fun part when they get arrested lol! Stay tuned ! Lol!
david gorman
david gorman Prieš 2 dienas
Everybody knows you communist corrupt Democrats are corrupt as hell and we know you stole this election you let riots go on All Summer Long burning cars down hurting police bonding them out of jail we all know who was campaigning to bond people out of jail camel toe Harris we will hold every single last one of you covering up this corruption accountable that's a promise from 80 million American Patriots real American Patriots the good people
Eddie M
Eddie M Prieš 2 dienas
this man appears to be the embodiment of a male (more or less) version of a Karen. what a fastidious prig.
Phoochie Prieš 2 dienas
This is all false information.... It was already confirmed that BLM and or Antifa activist where on site to instigate violence which most protesters did not create violence other then the activists that kicked in windows and shoved people in to the building. This is insane...
SIGSEGV Prieš dieną
There were both, stop spouting nonsense
Push Fortruth
Push Fortruth Prieš 2 dienas
Where were you all summer?
Greg Prieš 2 dienas
This is the governor of Ohio, what is happening to the US.
Phoochie Prieš 2 dienas
Its being dismantled from the inside out... plan and simple.
Captain Bienvenue Canadian Avenger
Captain Bienvenue Canadian Avenger Prieš 2 dienas
Little Mike wants to be a dictator.
Dylan Charette
Dylan Charette Prieš 2 dienas
He's got bitter beer face.
Josh Allen
Josh Allen Prieš 2 dienas
These comments are a fever swamp.
Jay Martin
Jay Martin Prieš 2 dienas
You sir , Are a Moron!
twinstar9 Prieš 2 dienas
Turn speed to 1.5- then his pace of speech is almost fast enought.
Stiff Richard
Stiff Richard Prieš 2 dienas
Well, I guess AnTiFa and BLM are in trouble... or are they?