a mundane day in my life :)
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I bought my dream fall wardrobe
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Why I got engaged at 19
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Shopping My Own Closet Challenge!
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nyc shopping haul
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Prieš metus
throwing myself a party
Kaitlyn Ann
Kaitlyn Ann Prieš val
EcoRoots safety razor is $32
Morgan Prieš val
girl why do you have to whisper stripper there is nothing wrong with it lmao
Itzz Bumpy
Itzz Bumpy Prieš val
i’m inspired
Fenne Maas
Fenne Maas Prieš 2 val
Girl you look so good
Aseel Yousef
Aseel Yousef Prieš 4 val
Could you please try laser hair removal? In a few sessions “depends on your hair” it stops growing back and sometimes it grows but much less
Ko_Toriii Prieš 4 val
I see everyone saying that Yesstyle uses sweatshops, but where did they get this info from? I’m genuinely curious. Can someone send an article or something?
Taryn Gunhold
Taryn Gunhold Prieš 5 val
i wonder if she’s shaving against the grain. because the only time i get ingrown hairs is if i shave against the direction the hair grows or the razor is dull.
EmmabethK Prieš 5 val
I'd love to see you try the kenzii hair removal at home laser!
Shreya B
Shreya B Prieš 5 val
My anxiety was high throughout 😭
Desirae Sherwood
Desirae Sherwood Prieš 6 val
I suggest buying the correct razor and trying again lol
cy leean
cy leean Prieš 7 val
Adriana Strothers
Adriana Strothers Prieš 7 val
Hailey, have you seen a gynecologist about this? The EXACT same thing happens to me everytime I shave there...I'm 16. But dude I am really considering going to one.
Mia Phillips
Mia Phillips Prieš 8 val
Try sugar waxing!! not that painful and you can make it at home using sugar, lemon juice and water!
H May
H May Prieš 8 val
What lash glue does she use?
kiki reid
kiki reid Prieš 10 val
you bought puebe oil
Rayne Loeppky
Rayne Loeppky Prieš 10 val
I used to always get razor bumps down there and I found a technique that works pretty well all though I do still get ingrown hairs occasionally. Last step in shower routine so that the area has time in the warm water to open your pores. Exfoliate the area really well so that all the exercises dry and dead skin is gone. Then I take Aveeno non scented body wash and shave away from the hair growth. I know people say to go with it but for me it’s not a close enough shave. I also use a three blade woman’s razor, nothing supper special. It works! And it’s simple! Try it out! Also don’t go over the same area multiple times.
Emma Clinton
Emma Clinton Prieš 12 val
Get the Manscaped tool!!
scout kunsberg
scout kunsberg Prieš 13 val
the way she called herself hakey
Gurgo Prieš 13 val
Who’s recording
Catherine Lilly
Catherine Lilly Prieš 14 val
I really love this editing style
Maybelle Conrad
Maybelle Conrad Prieš 14 val
What even is a normal price for clothes?? $22 is a lot
AneliseRoth Prieš 15 val
See if you can find the right razor she talked about and use that. Cause I’m the same way with razor burn.
Eva Perez
Eva Perez Prieš 16 val
Not scared of the tats, hair color, or the nose piercing, but is scared of the contacts xD
Victoria S
Victoria S Prieš 16 val
My stepdad’s an allergist, I’m on shots, literally changed my life. You really should go on them.
Jada Davina
Jada Davina Prieš 16 val
you should try magic shave powder!!!
Greer Harrison
Greer Harrison Prieš 16 val
Hey haleyyyy, Try Kenzzi its a laser hair remover. Its something I wanna try it and not many people have on here
Cam Cotter
Cam Cotter Prieš 16 val
Where do you get the fake tatoos
Shana Preston
Shana Preston Prieš 16 val
Not even gonna lie, I just got a Bambaw metal safety razor off of amazon. It is a super pretty rose gold color, and looks like the one the girl in that tiktok had. I love it so far. No razor bumps really and a pretty close shave. I use aloe vera down there after the shower, and as long as the blade is sharp, it seems to do the trick.
Arrayah Faith
Arrayah Faith Prieš 17 val
OOOH look into Electrolysis!!!
YazzKidding Prieš 17 val
HAHAH I got the same bag!!!
YazzKidding Prieš 17 val
YESSS HALEY!!! I found so many cute tops and skincare products from Yesstyle! Obv there are some products that are low quality, but if you search well and look at the reviews there are so many great finds 💛
mariana barajas
mariana barajas Prieš 18 val
Ok but laser hair removal is the way to go !
Laura Sánchez
Laura Sánchez Prieš 18 val
Katie Mack
Katie Mack Prieš 18 val
Question.. Do you ever make these videos and as soon as the camera is off start SCREAMING BECAUSE ITS SO HARD BEING A GIRL?! 😩😩😩 cuz I would.. I’m about to scream just watching this video 😡
Lilly Roberts
Lilly Roberts Prieš 19 val
those razors last a limetime
tenzin Lhamo
tenzin Lhamo Prieš 20 val
OMG she looks like chloe ting at the end.. just me?
Ivy Turpin
Ivy Turpin Prieš 20 val
i’m like on the younger side *11* and i find this helpful bc when i start shaving 👇 when i’m older i know what maybe does, or doesn’t work so thank you Haley!💗Girlie Pop!
miss anxiety
miss anxiety Prieš 20 val
I disconnected my headphones before watching and the beginning scared me I thought I did something wrong 💀
Tori Prieš 21 val
You can get similar for much cheaper. Also rub a wet alum block over the shaved area. Only thing that’s ever worked for me x
Sydney Turk
Sydney Turk Prieš 21 val
guys!! get a safety razor!! got mine from target for 10 bucks, shaves wayyy closer, less razor bumps, and you can get blades for literal pennies!
Olga Nalon
Olga Nalon Prieš 21 val
I'm using a normal razor + laser removal at home and had helped a lot battling against razor bumps and irritation down there! You could try that 😄
Mandy, Edie, Ida, Sheldon & Allie
Mandy, Edie, Ida, Sheldon & Allie Prieš 22 val
DO NOT BUY OTC CONTACTS!!!! You could lose an eye. Source - 12+ years of working for an Ophthalmologist
Harley Pelletier
Harley Pelletier Prieš 22 val
I bought shaving powder. I’m gonna try it down there again, it didn’t work last night but I also think I messed up soooo has anyone tried it and did it work for you? It’s supposed to make the hair just wipe off
Christa Sue
Christa Sue Prieš 22 val
You can do laser hair removal at home!!!!!
jose26 26
jose26 26 Prieš 22 val
its time for the headphones again...
Kerri Astorino
Kerri Astorino Prieš 23 val
wheres your clothing rack from
Lin Da
Lin Da Prieš 23 val
Somethink that really helped me with having bleedings, irritations or bumps: baby oil👀✨
Cas Prieš 23 val
thank you so much for this series. i don't know if this is helpful, or if you already know this, but after I shave, I use alcohol free witch hazel to prevent razor bumps. I use the thayers witch hazel that comes in a spray and I just spray it all over my legs after I shave and it 100% stops razor bumps and burns and controls bleeding if i cut myself. I'm scared to use it much to prevent razor bumps around my bikini line just because that area is more sensitive and I dont want to have a reaction down there. So far, I've just sprayed the witch hazel onto the palm of my hand and then kind of pat it onto my skin down there, but I definitely don't use enough if the product I think - again, im scared. Maybe you should try to focus on using an after shave?
Lena Prieš dieną
It’s also important to use these razors with shaving gel
Sasa Todoroski
Sasa Todoroski Prieš dieną
Fun fact:Boys watch this too.
Jenny Prieš dieną
This sounds nuts but I always use regular conditioner, like for shampoo, for shaving. Makes a world of a difference. Legs, pits...anywhere. Skin is so smooth after. I don’t use shaving cream. Doesn’t work, I always bleed. No razor bumps with the hair conditioner :)
Colcol Prieš dieną
What did u use for ur lippps?
Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts Prieš dieną
Please bring back the podcast 🥺
Saylor Greer
Saylor Greer Prieš dieną
try using pfb vanish!! changed the game for me! you can find it on amazon
Morgan MacKenzie
Morgan MacKenzie Prieš dieną
Who’s here from when she first started this series🙂
Emily Inoue
Emily Inoue Prieš dieną
Idk why but when you walked in with your new outfit you gave me Chloe ting vibes lol
Emily Inoue
Emily Inoue Prieš dieną
Omg your hair is so cute 🥰 it looks super healthy too! How do you keep your dyed hair healthy? Cause that’s been like the reason I’m scared to have mine dyed.
sydney2v Prieš dieną
you look so good haley!
Jessica Meza
Jessica Meza Prieš dieną
I wax now, which is really not bad after getting over the initial nerves of tearing the hair out, but when I would shave, I had an electric trimmer that I would use to get the hair as short as possible without touching my skin with a razor, then there's less for it to fight against. Then I would use the razor as little as possible, because too much causes irritation, so I would go against the grain and just one pass really would do it since it was trimmed down so close, and no bumps :) you shouldn't only exfoliate when it's time to shave though, definitely keep it up for at least a couple days after since the hair starts growing back immediately and it helps to not get any ingrowns :))
ᴍꜱᴠᴇɢÁ ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛᴀᴇs
ᴍꜱᴠᴇɢÁ ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛᴀᴇs Prieš dieną
Mines always smooth but I use to struggle wif that and that shii was annoying😭😭
Yankee Delta20
Yankee Delta20 Prieš dieną
Haley: its soooo nice Me a car guy: wel yeah its an audi
L E Prieš dieną
Buy "Bikini Zone". The key is salicylic acid after shaving. You're welcome.
Sepn Prieš dieną
Also my friend uses aloa oil or baby oil and cream
Sepn Prieš dieną
I thought she wasn’t going to keep this series going
Isa Prieš dieną
it seems like a lot of people missed the part where hayley's mom said her parents worked out his infidelity.
soph lanee
soph lanee Prieš dieną
gusta is not the only one! georgie henley was one of the first to show this style in her clothing, random mood board posts, her antique jewelry, and in her apartment. she has been supporting small businesses that make these kind of items for like two years now.
Sky Selly
Sky Selly Prieš dieną
I live for the voice effects lmao
Shota Aizawa
Shota Aizawa Prieš dieną
Please do more thrifting hauls because these shops are really bad to buy from
Claire Bryan
Claire Bryan Prieš dieną
Literally love this series tho. Pls never stop
AnaAnisia Prieš dieną
I'm both Cuban & Italian, so my hair down "there" is very thick! The one razor I swear by is a "5 blade Gilette Men's Razor" you can purchase them at CVS or Target. it gets super close and the oil I use after my shower is "rejuvenique oil" from "Modern Nature" I have very sensitive skin and that's an all vegan brand. I'm also an esthetician, so I know a few tricks
TPMI Prieš dieną
Did anyone else just want to put her hair up for her, haha
certified sapphic
certified sapphic Prieš dieną
bye why was i subscribed to this racist homophobe
Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault
Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault Prieš dieną
I’ve been using these razors for a few years now and I’ve never gone back! They have them on Amazon and at a lot of low impact small shops (I recommend buying local) they are much much much cheaper! Mine was only about $15 and came with over 80 blades! The blades last a long time too!!
Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault
Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault Prieš dieną
The more you use them the less you nic yourself you definitely have to get used to using them but once you do trust me it’s worth it!
Emma houghtaling
Emma houghtaling Prieš dieną
Girl I have the bikini shave hack for youuu!! I used to get razor burn and it runs in my family. So you soften the hair then use olive oil like from the kitchen. And get a new razor and shave!
Hailie Provost
Hailie Provost Prieš dieną
Since I’ve started following this series there is one thing I’ve always wanted to know I’ve seen many LTlostrs use it but some times I’m not sure if they are telling the truth since it ends up being a sponser there’s this think called kenzzi which is like a ipl hair removal that many claim makes you not have razor bumps. I’m wondering if maybe you could review it for this series but then again it is pretty expensive. I don’t know if it will work but from the youtubers I watched they all say it does so I feel like it would definitely be something interesting to look into
Alyssa Bearden
Alyssa Bearden Prieš dieną
You look so different 🥲
Justine Gagnon
Justine Gagnon Prieš dieną
Try again with a real safety razor please! 😭
XxSAGExX OwO Prieš dieną
Spock:Who Are You Talking To Mama
Emma Kusick
Emma Kusick Prieš dieną
If you use anabiotic ointment after you shave it helps prevent razor bumps!
Nadine Greer
Nadine Greer Prieš dieną
something that helped me shave is putting a thick layer of vaseline on the area immediately after. i have noticed there is significantly less irritation, it’s magical!!