Jake Paul CRASHES UFC 261
Prieš 15 dienų
Luprez Tryson
Luprez Tryson Prieš 16 val
Idc, always bet on black
KaîsO Prieš 16 val
When P4P speak about Whiskey to Mcgregor, Mcgregor clueless,like his lip stop moving.. I know,Mcgregor also know that Whiskey not gonna help him btw.
Blackpanther Prieš 17 val
Maybe this would be a good a fight if Connor would take this serious. And wouldn’t be drinking
Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham Prieš 17 val
🤣😂😂.... he got battered and sent to the ER! 🤘🏻🍀🍀🍀
gregorymjr12 Prieš 17 val
To be clear this a horrible CLICKBAIT title! Alex goes off on fake MMA Gurus and is completely RESPECTABLE to Diego!
ghubbz36 Prieš 18 val
Josh Labia creating fake accounts to dislike this video. This kid is extremely likable. He's got all the tangibles to be a star / fan favorite.
Linda Salazar
Linda Salazar Prieš 18 val
Cute baby.
the Mu
the Mu Prieš 18 val
Andy S
Andy S Prieš 18 val
Zhang went on too many TV shows in China.
Aevhun Madalgaudus
Aevhun Madalgaudus Prieš 18 val
Go watch his fights: CM Punk has no shoulders
Foxface Prieš 19 val
There are a lot of really awesome comments on here. I hope Alex sees them. Well deserved.
Keely OMG
Keely OMG Prieš 19 val
This guy is Dope. Huge fan of his now. He’s got a great future ahead of him in MMA. He really really reminds me of “Ryan” off of Kingdom, that MMA show on Netflix. Check it out and tell me I’m wrong & that there isn’t a real big resemblance .
Caveman12 Prieš 19 val
Seems like @mmaweekly is happy he is in trouble.
Pekay Naytha
Pekay Naytha Prieš 20 val
DC is such a respectable one in here JJ is an ass
Kon Bounma
Kon Bounma Prieš 20 val
I really hope someone offers that FAKE ass coach to a real fight, just to see if he's methods work. We know he can't fight so he uses Diego as a punching bag to make it look like he can fight. Train your fighters, not cheap shots when they're upside down.
Keely OMG
Keely OMG Prieš 20 val
I like this guy. He’s got a new fan in me
Pete Pete
Pete Pete Prieš 20 val
Him and rogan would talk for 150 hours
Kijavi !!!!!!!!
Kijavi !!!!!!!! Prieš 21 val
Everything turned out juuuuuust fine 😉
involved bystander
involved bystander Prieš 21 val
he is doing the guys wife.. she lets him use the card.. the guy finds out.. she bails on rumble.. SHIT hahahaha
Dio Santiago
Dio Santiago Prieš 21 val
blackvol2 Prieš 22 val
The brows are still on fleek tho
kidk007 Prieš 22 val
Remember, he’s innocent until proven Rumble.
Chedolf Prieš 23 val
Hearing Brock Lesnar talk is weird for WWE fans.
LimaMikeAlphaOscar Prieš 23 val
Red is dead.
baileypanama Prieš 23 val
She didn’t wrestle cyborg though, they were boxing. Plus it takes one punch to end a career
Carl Orme
Carl Orme Prieš 23 val
I actually feel sorry for Anthony Johnson 😔
tr1xxr4kidz Prieš 23 val
Learn to pronounce names... smfh
Larry Maples
Larry Maples Prieš 23 val
Still didn’t hear him go off on Diego .
Doug Phillips
Doug Phillips Prieš dieną
Tounge tied numb nut🤣!
CENTER MASS Prieš dieną
Just call diego chief smoke a pole. Dude in donalds prime he woulda took that guy apart.
Jay U
Jay U Prieš dieną
wow who ever that screaming fan was for the first few minutes. If you ever see this. Shut the heck up!
Zhang is full of excuses excuses she can’t handle that Rose knock her out and blames the crowds for her loss.
Bookie Prieš dieną
Joe Vasquez
Joe Vasquez Prieš dieną
Why if he speak totally normal with the impersonation 🤣🤣 1:00
50 Macks
50 Macks Prieš dieną
Horrible highlights i don't want to hear talking
Chris Castodio
Chris Castodio Prieš dieną
Cerrone vs Dan Hardy
Larry Koziol
Larry Koziol Prieš dieną
One hell of a interview! Alex seems to be a really solid dude.
Bobby W
Bobby W Prieš dieną
Wow I love this guy
Chris P
Chris P Prieš dieną
edge12234 Prieš dieną
I’m a fan now
OC0512 Prieš dieną
If these two spoke the same accent, they would have similar voices
link4356 Prieš dieną
This mma page used to be cool but now it's managed by a bunch of people who know nothing about mma and would get their asses kicked by 12 year olds
Brando Orellana
Brando Orellana Prieš dieną
bio.tv.24 Experimental.التجريبية
bio.tv.24 Experimental.التجريبية Prieš dieną
I watched this video, very good luck👍✌👏👏👏👏👏🌹
bio.tv.24 Experimental.التجريبية
bio.tv.24 Experimental.التجريبية Prieš dieną
I watched this video, very good luck👍✌👏👏👏🌹
Rafael Nieves
Rafael Nieves Prieš dieną
No wonder why this has more dislikes then likes. Gjy won't shut up and he barely showed anything
SWP 215
SWP 215 Prieš dieną
Wow i like this dude. Great personality. I hope this kid has a great career.
Young_ Mar24
Young_ Mar24 Prieš dieną
stop posting this clown dislike just for that lmaooo
sportsfan inc
sportsfan inc Prieš dieną
Thing with Cowboy is that he has never called his fight maybe the Conor fight was the only one. Cowboy trained for Sanchez and would've won that fight. I think he should go out on his shield with another veteran.
Eamon Quinn
Eamon Quinn Prieš dieną
Time for the comeback
Fractal_423 xx
Fractal_423 xx Prieš dieną
10 mil views
Andrew maclean
Andrew maclean Prieš dieną
tjo Prieš dieną
His name doesn't do his intellect justice.
DOUG DEVINE Prieš dieną
DC an Jones got millions in the bank!!! The F**k this turd got to be telling people how to act!! Idiot goes and puts a tattoo on his head looking 🌽 AF!!
Randy Fletcher
Randy Fletcher Prieš dieną
This dude is gonna be a commentator some day. No doubt.
Chance Carrico
Chance Carrico Prieš dieną
Go smoke some dope Jake
Joee95 Prieš dieną
He has Michelle watersons eyes
Matt Mergy
Matt Mergy Prieš dieną
Really digging the show lately
scoremat Prieš dieną
Shit video... NO HIGHLIGHTS ON THIS VIDEO just some casual spouting garbage. Click bait!!
Peter Nelli
Peter Nelli Prieš dieną
Whoever he borrowed the money from he can pay them back now. That's fucked up
Pekay Naytha
Pekay Naytha Prieš dieną
If this guy is a president he will be worst then Donald Trump
Mark Boliek
Mark Boliek Prieš dieną
Sonnen is more entertaining win or lose.
Eaglehead Builders LLC
Eaglehead Builders LLC Prieš dieną
I like Kabob.... 😂🤣.. But we can say anything we want!
Larry Fisher
Larry Fisher Prieš dieną
Here's a different spin on things. We all can agree that Diego's coach is an idiot and he hasn't done anything for Diego. BUT, he may have given Diego his confidence back, and that's important. Now Dana knows that 170lbs isn't the best weight for Cowboy. Just look at his welterweight record. Now, how would it look if Diego beat Cowboy? Diego would say, "See my coach is helping me win." It just wouldn't look good for the UFC or Cowboy.
Kamodo Jones
Kamodo Jones Prieš dieną
Nate is so punchy. He should hang up the gloves.
Larry Fisher
Larry Fisher Prieš dieną
Cowboy can't fight at 170lbs. He knows that too.
Emir Bojanovic
Emir Bojanovic Prieš dieną
6:22 Vince McMahon right out of his mouth
Lab Rynth
Lab Rynth Prieš dieną
A fast stick vs a strong bear
Dark Vador
Dark Vador Prieš dieną
Overconfidence looks like somebody got a taste of his own medicine
Emir Bojanovic
Emir Bojanovic Prieš dieną
Both placed an ILLEGAL bet on themselves. Dana knows it
Karim Aoinia
Karim Aoinia Prieš dieną
Khabib so much respecte...👊🏼✌👑👑👑 allhamdoulilah... ❤✌
Am I? 137
Am I? 137 Prieš dieną
The Death Punch Works y'all you just have to be hanging upside down like a punching bag for it to work
The Real Not Kamaru Usman
The Real Not Kamaru Usman Prieš dieną
Buy dogecoin.
michael lilienfeld
michael lilienfeld Prieš dieną
Buy bitcoin
Beastly Gamer
Beastly Gamer Prieš 19 val
@Rick Gilbert You keep thinking that all you want. The dollar is worth 6% of what it was worth 100 years ago. My dogecoin has increased 15X in value since January because the faith in the dollar is collapsing.
Rick Gilbert
Rick Gilbert Prieš dieną
@Ben Dover not if a business wont take it its not. Lol its gotta be worth something cash was a backing bit coin what anything? Lol if a business doesnt take it they dont have to cash is king around here. The almighty dollar.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prieš dieną
@Rick Gilbert people make it valuable it sells itself
Rick Gilbert
Rick Gilbert Prieš dieną
@Ben Dover what makes it valuable? Why does anyone want bitcoin i dont ill take the us dollar that is good ANYWHERE.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prieš dieną
@Rick Gilbert dude we haven’t been on the gold standard for 50 years
Sir James
Sir James Prieš dieną
Wait, so you're just now reporting on this?
Turk McGirt
Turk McGirt Prieš dieną
18:47 i always tell peeps its sad how mayweather played his legacy. He was good enough to beat anyone at anytime in his prime i think but still used advantages and tactics to get upper hand. Thus removing himself far from any discussion of goat. Sad really
SMASH TIME Prieš dieną
Alex is like this everyday. He's a solid guy!
William Hill
William Hill Prieš dieną
Shit happened 2 yrs ago.... he’ll get a slap on the wrist
OnceGreatBritain Prieš dieną
First boii