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twenty one pilots - arizona
Maddievixky Prieš 17 val
why does this song always make me cry help i just did mg makeup
Euller Costa
Euller Costa Prieš 17 val
Hareeish Sivakumar
Hareeish Sivakumar Prieš 17 val
Man it I’ve been listening to their songs in 2015
Charis Omasiri
Charis Omasiri Prieš 17 val
I can't believe it's been 2 years since when I first blast this song from my home speakers
Anonymous One
Anonymous One Prieš 18 val
3 moor days this song will be 6 years old but it still slaps hard
Kaleb Valenti
Kaleb Valenti Prieš 18 val
For a long time I thought he said "Wal-Mart shirt" not "warmer shirt" lmao
thune 347
thune 347 Prieš 18 val
I never knew that the talking from 4:18 and onwards was the talking in The Hype at 1:40😳
Charles Prieš 19 val
Already 6 years old. Man. I remember this being in WWE 2K. I was obsessed with it and this song. I miss those times
harsh aggarwal
harsh aggarwal Prieš 19 val
I love Twenty One Pilots but the fans are literally a disgrace to music
Mandar Garud
Mandar Garud Prieš 17 val
At least they aren't as bad as k-pop stans , but yeah it sucks how they get so much hate because of the toxic fans .
igor_synku Prieš 19 val
5 years old song but still 🔥
Tumo Sobe
Tumo Sobe Prieš 19 val
self sabotage is a sweet romance... pain is just a middle man.
Alex Femi
Alex Femi Prieš 19 val
Tumo Sobe
Tumo Sobe Prieš 19 val
mister teary eyed... :D
Sgstyles09 Prieš 19 val
Who randomly thought of this song
Saleek Soomai
Saleek Soomai Prieš 19 val
2021 gang
Emmanuel Giyani
Emmanuel Giyani Prieš 20 val
wait a minute that dragon is the toy in the Choker music video
PIOTUR Prieš 20 val
nostalgia ):
PIOTUR Prieš 20 val
"in my bunker underneath the surface LOC-888-481-90TO?" that is that mean guys
Rat_tional Prieš 20 val
why is it so bad now i miss the old times-
Miguel Pinero
Miguel Pinero Prieš 20 val
This song hits too close to home for me now.
Ağlayan Isaac
Ağlayan Isaac Prieš 20 val
Hector Uriel
Hector Uriel Prieš 20 val
My Favorite Song ❤️🔥
Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles Prieš 20 val
I shift down for this song
truly walkie
truly walkie Prieš 21 val
i imagine me and my depressed cousin running away with this sound<3 he helps me alot and we’re only young little depressed kids wanting to die
SomeAsianBoi Prieš 21 val
1:08 that's a nice Dema mug
Daily Routine Now
Johnny Donny
Johnny Donny Prieš 21 val
I smell nostalgia
Nikodem Pudłowski
Nikodem Pudłowski Prieš 21 val
when i find in 2018 this song, i can't stop listen
Kral 49
Kral 49 Prieš 21 val
Nine days left to the New album. But we 've already memorized this song and choker.
Vykyng Blå
Vykyng Blå Prieš 21 val
Big Fun in the Short North of Columbus! Love that place!
Cristóbal García
Cristóbal García Prieš 21 val
It brings me back to the old songs. Very good job, I love the art, the song and the lyrics. Can't wait for the rest of the album |-/
TRIXXY Prieš 21 val
I know This Song From I'm 9 Y/o Now I was 14 y/o
Ala Pola
Ala Pola Prieš 21 val
Polska? Jesteście tu?
Nikodem Pudłowski
Nikodem Pudłowski Prieš 21 val
Polski nie ma jak tu nie być :)
Victor Santivañez
Victor Santivañez Prieš 21 val
Again, Tyler stole the show........ and the toy dragon.
La Ri
La Ri Prieš 22 val
It has been years since i listened to tøp, I even got a sweater last time!
Eli Hinton
Eli Hinton Prieš 22 val
Lol josh has no idea what he's doing and I love it
Rineshow Prieš 22 val
Yeah I wonder where the dog went
MokasBlue Prieš 22 val
nice music bro
Alisha Murray
Alisha Murray Prieš 22 val
I want to be ugly like God.
Saleh Saif AL-SAWAYA
Saleh Saif AL-SAWAYA Prieš 22 val
Thanks for god it’s blessing and It’s royalty kings blood !!!🩸 !!!
Howard Richardson
Howard Richardson Prieš 22 val
When the song from 5 yrs ago seems like the songs that are made now of days (kinda)
Lisa Love
Lisa Love Prieš 22 val
My eyes are closed
Saleh Saif AL-SAWAYA
Saleh Saif AL-SAWAYA Prieš 22 val
Right left up downtown I’m everywhere 💙🇦🇪🍯🦅 ride please RIDE….
Dda Pin
Dda Pin Prieš 22 val
Thank god I got to see my grandpa the day before he fell and went to the hospital and then.. well... he passed away. I’m so grateful for that visit. He was so happy that he could walk normally without help. I’m tearing up as I’m writing this. I’ll have that joy on my mind always and I’ll always remember him like that. Rest In Peace grandpa, you will be truly missed.
The Funnies
The Funnies Prieš 22 val
Why is everyone saying that it is the first song in which tyler has screamed? Didn't tyler scream in several other songs in vessel?
Yancarlo Adair Rocha melendez
Yancarlo Adair Rocha melendez Prieš 22 val
My favorite song:)🛐
SheBe XplosiveAF
SheBe XplosiveAF Prieš 22 val
Long one, sry, frens. ❤︎ The suffering has always been temporary, the end game hasn’t hanged & no matter what happens Ty’s reminder that growth is an option calms my fears; love life, its blessings & don’t lose what your home will be built upon. Everything else will happen regardless of how days are spent; I need to find my way back. So I’ll do that, the distractions have been keeping me from being aware my son’s growing too fast, back to soaking him up like every day is my last. I’ve been doing it all wrong,ahhhgain. Thank you, boys. I feel bad that every time Tyler drops some wisdom I realize It’s like a kick to the head bc I’ve learned so much from him and sorry for making you repeat yourself, TyJo. You boys enjoy those 3 beautiful gals.
Zoe Nahir Sorgente
Zoe Nahir Sorgente Prieš 22 val
omg they're doing it againnnnnnnnnnnn its all about the colours omfg
Dda Pin
Dda Pin Prieš 22 val
My grandpa just passed away, 3 hours ago. This song understands.
Esteban León
Esteban León Prieš 22 val
Vampy Prieš 23 val
No one's gonna take notice that the boys named a dragon "Trash" after me? I feel honored.
Maricielo Lorena
Maricielo Lorena Prieš 23 val
Todas las músicas de twenty one pilots son ARTE.
YourLocalBlurryface Prieš 23 val
Notice how towards the end of this song- its slow motion, he looks at the dragon. And in chlorine he is also running the same way...
YourLocalBlurryface Prieš 23 val
Now Ned is missing...
El vato sin vida social
El vato sin vida social Prieš 23 val
En tiempos de cuarentena llegó el gran twenty one pilots y nos regala esta joya :'3
Adam West
Adam West Prieš 23 val
I've lost everything and everyone. Now I have nothing to live for. Apparently those of you I meet over yrs nd inspired y'all have forgotten about me. I jus wish I can fucken die for good so that I don't have to suffer. No one will help to feel again. Nor do I kno if my 3 childhood BFF are alive especially my #1 BFF she is my world. FML I wna die
Grizzlysol Prieš 23 val
Trench is still one of my favorite albums of all time. And this is one of my favorite songs. Love this.
Rajif Agilginanjar
Rajif Agilginanjar Prieš 23 val
iAlmightyDark Prieš 23 val
Tøp will always be my favorite.
Christopher Reagan
Christopher Reagan Prieš 23 val
Ержан байтула
Ержан байтула Prieš dieną
спасибо вам большое я сдал английский слушая вас
AnimesDrip _
AnimesDrip _ Prieš dieną
Recommend by Cesar Diaz Op id
JotaEse Channel
JotaEse Channel Prieš dieną
Yes i like it
Lewis Soderberg
Lewis Soderberg Prieš dieną
I acually love their new symbol so much
Jess P
Jess P Prieš dieną
Im calling it; in a year, this will be the least viewed music video of theirs.
Josh Baker Videos
Josh Baker Videos Prieš 23 val
Mason Bryant
Mason Bryant Prieš dieną
Nobody: Bats: 2:06
Sam Lara
Sam Lara Prieš dieną
gianfranco Prieš dieną
2016: Tyler el bicicletero 🚲🔴⚫ 2017: Tyler el capturado 🟡🦅 2020: Tyler bailarín en cuarentena 🕺🏻🏠 2021: Tyler el ladrón🏃🏻‍♂️🐉🔵🟠 . . 😂😂😂
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose Prieš dieną
Not sure what genre this is but it sounds like reggae/pop to me I like it.
snow BEk
snow BEk Prieš dieną
✌️ 🇵🇸
Monsters Rule
Monsters Rule Prieš dieną
Today on may 11th 2021 is my first time listening to this song, I love it
yali shaked
yali shaked Prieš dieną
dogma_ Prieš dieną
Imagine walking into a jumbled store and Josh Dun is there fucking- beaming Tyler out of existence.
alejandro seferino aza
alejandro seferino aza Prieš dieną
10 days for SAI
Ximena Martinez
Ximena Martinez Prieš dieną
Vengo a contar una pequeña historia :') yo tenía una "amiga" la cual yo apreciaba mucho , bueno yo siempre intentaba ser su "mejor amiga" pero siempre me ilusionaba y luego se iba con otra , y pues yo sentía feo , ella una vez me mandó mensajes diciendo que la perdonará por siempre dejarme , que realmente se dio cuenta que la amiga que siempre estaría para ella sería yo , y tontamente le dije que si podríamos ser "mejores amigas" la invitaba a almorzar , le regalé cosas , salía con ella, y me volvió a traicionar , y yo siempre imaginé que yo y ella éramos estas dos personas de la canción, un día le dije a mi hermano que sentía feo por todo lo que ella me hizo y mi hermano me dijo algo lindo "ella no merecia tu amistad" y bueno eso es todo amigos :'D A por cierto Tyler y Josh son los mejores 💛 ||-//💛
Sergio Esteban Vanegas Patiño
Sergio Esteban Vanegas Patiño Prieš dieną
Gracias por todo Tyler y Josh
April Prieš dieną
loving the more post punk direction tbh.
authorityy Prieš dieną
The rap near the end of the song seems like it belongs in Vessel.
Eyes Prieš dieną
Tyler: no ones coming for me Josh: we will see about that