Vehicle Sensing in the Streets
Tour of My New House!!!
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Making a Spark-Gap Transmitter
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Super Simple DC Motor
KayKay -chan
KayKay -chan Prieš 18 val
Like of you came from 103.3 the edges Shredd and Regan. Congrats dude you were on the radio!!!! Your very funny too 🤣🤣
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장갑을 끼라고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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Please give me a oscilloscope please please please
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:D Hehe Prieš 18 val
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Joe Fudd Prieš 18 val
Be careful! You've made an x-ray tube/x-ray machine!
Toshit Pathak
Toshit Pathak Prieš 18 val
That's awesome. Also From now, I'll call those small zip lock bags "the cocaine bags"😂
PeterPengProductions Prieš 18 val
Well thanks, now i know there is nothing to worry about !
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what are the background music name?
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new subscriber from Pakistan
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16:01 penis music
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3:21 that aged well
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lol i already subbed to larry's channel. They do feed you in prison but the food sucks and you only get very limited basic size meals, so making more is vital. And you have no access to any cooking utensils or equipment.
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Ellen Soares Prieš 19 val
3:48 twooch Two Cellos 2CELLOS
Expo SUN
Expo SUN Prieš 19 val
7:59 You definitely work in Soviet Union
Kami sama
Kami sama Prieš 19 val
Back when ElectroBOOM was well behaved.
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10:14 Oh wait he is Derek from veritasium
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4:02 prefect explonaition😂
0:13 correction: if im still alive!!
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I remember the time when people started talking about who is electro boom's crew and the first thing I thought was he having a crew, Nah impossible he's doing it all by him self and now I know it's true
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_Username checks out._
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We’re so lucky to still have him with us.
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I’ll pay you to tutor me for my mechatronics class
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Anyone got this reccomended 8 years later?
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dude, that singing though
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I thought this is a serious vide of electroboom but the last part is soo😆😆😆
pirotehnika na kvadrat
pirotehnika na kvadrat Prieš 19 val
do you know what is like to be shocked by 400 volts ac 50hz
EndOfLineTech Prieš 19 val
Master part replaces (aka mechanics) don’t know what they are actually talking about. A general mechanic knows more then like a dealer mechanic or master part replacer. I’ve been dealing with multiple dealers for 6 months now over an electrical problem and it somehow surprised me how stupid they are. Even though I already knew that…. Like to begin apparently (and listen closely if you have electronics knowledge) I cannot use a fuse tap on the internal fuse box because it is integrated with the BodyControl Module; and each of those many fuse circuits are not like normal fuses (big ass bus bar on one side, and the circuit on the other). Each of those circuits are individually controlled by the BCM, that limits the current and the BCM will only provide the current the said module asks for over the communication network. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I kid you fucking not. 🤣🤣 3 separate master part replaces have told be that… should of saw the face of the one where I asked back “then why the fuses?” You could see the dial up modem starting to go off in his head… I had no proof other then “no fucking way” and I’m not one to be told I’m wrong without a fight. So I found one on eBay for like $50 and riped it apart. What would you know. The body module has nothing to do with the fuse section except driving the power relays on and off… and the fuse section is literally any other fuse box in existence anywhere. Imagine that.
Frane Asanovic
Frane Asanovic Prieš 19 val
Ah the day a legend was born... Such a long time has passed since then 🙂
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duuude everything conducts electricity.
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🤣Lastly he says- 🥴🥵Anything for science
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I was getting worried for a minute
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This video show how to be a rack star
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2:45 😂😂😂
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So i can put my electric oven outside and its Oki you even listen to your self you god Damm shill
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Whos better LWIAY or LATITY?
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That magic wand can make an arc between the legs! 🤣
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Qua, qua, qua qua...
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this actually gives me anxiety LMAO
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6 years later, some say Mehedi is still dropping the watch🤣🤣
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*Stupid Man* !
Dimitri Boukas
Dimitri Boukas Prieš 20 val
I don’t think u have to specifically sand one side of the wire it works either way if u do the whole thing
Greeb 風
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And his fails
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y0LAs * Prieš 20 val
There are more jumpscares in ElectroBoom videos than any "Five Nights At Freddy's" let's play ^^
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5:59 my dad came in at the perfect time so I had to minimize
Dimitri Boukas
Dimitri Boukas Prieš 20 val
If u simply just turned the one magnet that didn’t work the other way and not flat it would have worked too
Calemnvir de Eramant
Calemnvir de Eramant Prieš 20 val
"Incase your deaf and cant see you plugged it in" *what*
Eran / Эран
Eran / Эран Prieš 20 val
Mehdi: "Shouldn't education channels be educational" History Channel: haha ancient aliens go brrrrrr
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Talk to Albert instine dumb ass
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Seat with heat 🔥😏👌
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Ka Ko
Ka Ko Prieš 21 val
Doesit work to build an metal circle and but electrizity in and later like use the eletricity im not a pro at elektro stuff put your reLy helping me to learn it
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What next🙄🙄
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This is that guy?
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Pliss translate Indonesia
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Don't try this at home kids. 😉
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9 43
Just vibing
Just vibing Prieš 21 val
9 4th
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I Litteraly dont understand anything but the way Mehdi mess everything is too comedy😂😂😂
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Social Mehdia Manager .... I'm so Sorry ...
Everyday cartoon hindi
Everyday cartoon hindi Prieš 21 val
3:44 X D Noicccccccccccc Look at His multimeter
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4:57 note it
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Awwww I like you too
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79.99 hell no
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Make a nerf electric dart.
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I lost it when the shower head caught on fire lol
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The phone part. Ya, this is what I was waiting for since I saw your old charge Detector.
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bilij pdan Prieš 19 val
Mehdi just used this video to flex how he's amazing
Jayparth More
Jayparth More Prieš 22 val
The black bruises on the white desk by the effect of short-circuiting sparks say a lot about your nature... Thanks a lot for all the enlightenment, Mehdi Sir✨❣️
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Only 15k more likes to go guys, let’s go
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Stop talking Donald Trump because I want to watch my video because Donald Trump is already kicked out because I love Joe Biden
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0:56 and so on. *"The electrician's fetish"*
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"never trust an electrician with no eyebrows" classic Norm Macdonald
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i was the 69769th like i made it another 69 nice
Quentastic 303
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2:08 made me jump
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Too much biology😂😂
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The only thing I like in this video 8:00
CandyCaneKnight Prieš 22 val many hands does he have O.O
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Quentastic 303 Prieš 22 val
what a unexpected plot twist