The Best of Shaq Laughing on TNT
Outside the Bubble | The Arena
Resi Hobbies Indonesia
Resi Hobbies Indonesia Prieš 22 val
when the killer teacher make a joke 1:47
BeeYron17 Prieš 23 val
Shaq alwyas projecting his personal experiences on subjects. Everyone isn’t Shaq .
Seth Louden
Seth Louden Prieš 23 val
One of the best bits on tv
rpaul sanders
rpaul sanders Prieš 23 val
Donate guys... I'm broke and now in self destruct
Beaver Tom
Beaver Tom Prieš 23 val
“I know Charles didn’t watch it so I’m not even gonna ask” Charles 🤷🏾‍♂️
Spurs_ Prieš dieną
Ernie is the only member that is not replaceable.
NBT DC Prieš dieną
Tsalis Abida Nurdin
Tsalis Abida Nurdin Prieš dieną
KG and Sheed 2024
Yali Prieš dieną
🥺🥺🥺🥺wow 😔💔
Rishi Dandu
Rishi Dandu Prieš dieną
Who’s here after the 1 year anniversary 😢
Ahmed Valentineee
Ahmed Valentineee Prieš dieną
"If you ever had a dream about whoopin me, you better wake up and apologize"😂😂
marvingardens Prieš dieną
Name three schools in Louisiana Chuck: What is Wonderwoman?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prieš dieną
Dear Shaq, you know I love you. But James Harden, is indeed, better than Kyrie Irving
Shifu Sage
Shifu Sage Prieš dieną
Shaq hate any big who ain't shaq 🤣😂🤣
Shifu Sage
Shifu Sage Prieš dieną
I'll take Chris paul over Curry
Shifu Sage
Shifu Sage Prieš dieną
Why they got lemarcus aldridge in the picture????
Matthew Castillo
Matthew Castillo Prieš dieną
Ernie 😂 “shooting that thang from deep.”
NBAGOATS Prieš dieną
Kenny always try to be neutral.
kyle shadeck
kyle shadeck Prieš dieną
1 year later and he’s a front runner for MVP. Les go jojo!
Trippie Bluee
Trippie Bluee Prieš dieną
I'm loving the Steph puns😅😂😂
Duke Blue Devil
Duke Blue Devil Prieš dieną
Can you hold this ladder please? Spoken like someone who has never climbed a ladder before
R S.
R S. Prieš dieną
I wish Chuck had a ring so badly 😂 he’s such a good sport though about all the jokes
BZnetworkz Prieš dieną
CreeperKen Prieš dieną
editing is so cringe
Klaus Bugatti
Klaus Bugatti Prieš dieną
Delete staples from stadium. Put kobe on it.
Klaus Bugatti
Klaus Bugatti Prieš dieną
Good work Dre.
justdietom Prieš dieną
Praying to god he knocks Charles out one day
Antonio Vaughn
Antonio Vaughn Prieš dieną
We have the best city in the world
Omar Pasha
Omar Pasha Prieš dieną
Look how big those former NBA players are in comparison to that wrestler? Wow!
Francis Hardeliza
Francis Hardeliza Prieš dieną
thats why kg and the wolves reach west final back in 04 bc of that vision & mision but came short..
Owo Char
Owo Char Prieš dieną
They are spoil millionaires. They don't care about the game.
Blaz Kozjek
Blaz Kozjek Prieš dieną
The older they get the grumpier they are poor EJ
Hell Fridge
Hell Fridge Prieš dieną
Chuck did her dirty😂😂
AH Bloemhoff
AH Bloemhoff Prieš dieną
Gotta say Shaq was actually amazing. I love Kobe, but I would not put Kobe ahead of Shaq. Prime Kobe as the only superstar on a team, or Prime Shaq as the only superstar on a team, I would pick Shaq every time.
Mike Ehrmantraut
Mike Ehrmantraut Prieš dieną
Yo literally since this they didnt havent made an appearance
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Prieš dieną
You got to get rid of Westbrook .. matter of fact if Westbrook was on my team I would trade him ASAP . When you’re literally bullying you’re teammates into getting rebounds just to help you stats it’s the most selfish ... that dude literally got mad at his teammate for getting a rebound .. keep that player away from my locker room .. poison... there’s one way to win championships .. one word . TEAM.. team ball . Why harden and Westbrook have no rings .. funny they have multiple players on the all decade team who haven’t won a ring . They happen to be the most selfish
JAMIL Singleton
JAMIL Singleton Prieš dieną
He shoulda checked shaq. That woulda had me on some "eff you" mentality. Like we just won a game. Show some respect for the moment.
Az Wade
Az Wade Prieš dieną
Shaq didn’t wanna say Howard 💀
DAILY DOSag3 Prieš dieną
It just amazes me that LeBron played in the East and all you heard was “the East is weak” so then he goes and dominated the West. Led the league in assists, had the lakers as the #1 seed, beat Giannis and Kawhi back to back... but that gets swept under the rug because LeBron has AD. That makes no sense. LeBron is the most VALUABLE to his team. You take LeBron off his team they are losing. Giannis team won a playoff game that he was not in 😂😂😂
Amir Gal
Amir Gal Prieš dieną
Top 5 : MJ.... Kobe, Bird, Magic and Shaq
Shaneosaurus Gaming
Shaneosaurus Gaming Prieš dieną
The just jalapeños
T D Prieš dieną
1 year. #restEasy
riko balboa
riko balboa Prieš dieną
Funny how drakes freestyle was from his song......
Sushi Su
Sushi Su Prieš dieną
Chuck is right
Ernest Charles III
Ernest Charles III Prieš dieną
Love Shaq and his honesty , would love to meet him one day, Salute to your father , Im a vet as well!!!!
Arden Charles Santos, CSP
Arden Charles Santos, CSP Prieš dieną
I’d side with Shaq on that Dragic argument. Then the other arguments I’d give it all to Chuck.
David Prieš dieną
Replace Shaq with Gary Payton
abnuridd24 Prieš dieną
What is Giannis go to move?
Tigerblaez Cartoons
Tigerblaez Cartoons Prieš dieną
Barkley vs Godzilla REMATCH?!
Cho Boy
Cho Boy Prieš dieną
If you show Shaq getting dunked on, he will be crying all night
Blaine Martin
Blaine Martin Prieš dieną
Thank you Shaq! Milwaukee's offensive attack is trash! They let him run like he's LeBron but he's more like Shaq. Chuck is right that he should operate on the block. A better jumpshot will help but the coach needs to stop letting him go head-on. Makes no sense.
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio Prieš dieną
This is funny because he got banned from Twitter lol
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Prieš dieną
Nice, they brought this video back 💯 🔥 🏀
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio Prieš dieną
Space jam was not terrible:(
Jmiah Nixons
Jmiah Nixons Prieš dieną
Please just get rid of kenny
Derrick P
Derrick P Prieš dieną
Can’t believe it’s been a year 😞 RIP Kobe & Gigi and the rest of those souls on that helicopter .
LostCub 85
LostCub 85 Prieš dieną
Kenny: but I'm saying right now.....that's the way I felt Everyone else: BLANK STARE INTO THE FUTURE Meanwhile Chuck is outside in a windstorm 😁😁😁
Lockdown335 Prieš dieną
People who wont try a food even once aren't worth your time
Mason Geisler
Mason Geisler Prieš dieną
I swear this segment has just become “Hey how do we humiliate some of the funniest yet dumbest people on live television”
Greeicob pigg
Greeicob pigg Prieš dieną
I 💚 elevator ernie
S Man
S Man Prieš dieną
Very relatable until he took his shirt off 😂
Phil Sobkow
Phil Sobkow Prieš dieną
best part about all of these is hearing Ernie legit laugh at those graphics that the team always does. Seriously, hilarious stuff guys!
Greg Thornton
Greg Thornton Prieš dieną
he made a face...
Michael Thibeault
Michael Thibeault Prieš dieną
Ian the grippler here looks short, but he is 6'1
Ferenc Prieš dieną
Two Germans in Shaqtin a Fool? Dieser Kommentarbereich ist nun eigentum der Bunderepublik Deutschland.
Cyrah Hawkins
Cyrah Hawkins Prieš dieną
Lol Chuck real life be gettin under Bro. Shaq skin lol
John Bui
John Bui Prieš dieną
This is how Shaq got his Doctorate degree
Yo Go
Yo Go Prieš dieną
Pat bev mom can get more buckets then him
Blia Yang
Blia Yang Prieš dieną
I got roasted by Jeff Ross the same amount of time as Lily Singh did. I guess Me and Lily are on the same level
halfblooddutchprince Prieš dieną
Had to pause it after Smellalogic 😂😂
Jamirimaj Prieš dieną
2:03 Freak travelled
NeoNitty Prieš dieną
Shaq proof rims💪🏼💪🏼
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Prieš dieną
The Dwight Howard edit has me rollin' !!!!!! HAHAHAHA
KyleNamite Prieš dieną
Mitchell: "That's all I needed."
Juan Pepe
Juan Pepe Prieš dieną
Shaq is the sensitive class bully.
George Miller
George Miller Prieš dieną
The most intense LTlost video of all time
Lee's Boots and Such
Lee's Boots and Such Prieš dieną
That was weird and Kenny should have just let it go.
Lien Adventures
Lien Adventures Prieš dieną
nowadays sexton domating kd,kyrie and the beard
Stop that soft hatin Chuck 🤣
ILUFFAYOU Prieš dieną
is chuck on dialysis? gadddaym