iDKHOW - Leave Me Alone
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Ashley McBryde - Never Will
Goodbye Donald Trump
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Foo Fighters - Waiting on a War
Foo Fighters - No Son of Mine
Trump is Almost Gone
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Freddie the Stoner Cheers Us Up
JP Saxe - A Little Bit Yours
Fauci on a Couchi
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hereticpariah 6/66
hereticpariah 6/66 Prieš val
_wtfuuuu?!?_ when kimmel segued into their new pillow ad, YT instead sent me to an _actual advert_ for the square pillow!! ...look, i dont need any more convincing to not by lindels' "maga pillows," but this _sure_ pointed out an immediate alternative!! Lol!
Katharine Campbell
Katharine Campbell Prieš val
RIP Larry 💖💖
SmokieSmoke Prieš val
Trump was never going to be impeached. Republicans have the same secrets Trump does. Only real justice will come, when its time to vote.
Dylan Lawrence - TheSpiderDoctor
Dylan Lawrence - TheSpiderDoctor Prieš val
There's something about this that I like more than the original and the original slaps! Maybe it's the slight autotune, the clearer mics, and the off tone singing. I don't know how but they're pretty good either way!
Yaw Eli
Yaw Eli Prieš val
President Obama always has “class” even when he is not a teacher. Inside magazine-“Look at that, that’s what I do”!
Stav Arger
Stav Arger Prieš val
She will be the next President after Joe Biden. She will be great!
Gabbar Singh
Gabbar Singh Prieš val
Everytime I hear 'governor of Arkansas' I think snow. 👃👃👃.
SandP Productions
SandP Productions Prieš val
songsforlife〈3 Prieš val
Jajajaja nombra a Chile por la estupidez más grande del mundo!! Como la gente hace un cumpleaños a un gato?!?!
Elil Garith
Elil Garith Prieš val
K W Prieš val
Pete castiglione
secularism is paganism
secularism is paganism Prieš val
Trump will getaway usa never had justice to begin with
Mvlexn Prieš val
Yooo u wild😂
Zsa Zsa Umbra
Zsa Zsa Umbra Prieš val
I'll award points to the guy that said assistant president!
Steven Bird
Steven Bird Prieš val
Wankers! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nicholas Agnew
Nicholas Agnew Prieš val
Happy Birthday Guillermo!
itsaleja Prieš val
The last kid it's so inteligent! He's right, stop saying guys to the lesbians.
OlofTV Prieš val
who is laughing like a f-ing monster in the back whahahahahaha
Sammy Trees
Sammy Trees Prieš val
Will see what this next old papa brings to US !!! I don’t believe him a word he says... not even the nose between his 👀...
Kelly Bryant
Kelly Bryant Prieš val
God Nikkie Haley is such human garbage.
mat wilson
mat wilson Prieš val
Rubbing it in our faces the filthy rock spiders
stephen cohen
stephen cohen Prieš val
Denzel Washington MY MAN u wanna go home or u wanna go to jail.U got some mad squabbles boy 😎💯✌❤🇮🇪.What a man and a great actor The Equaliser is a good movie and I'm gonna watch the 2nd one too MY MAN 😁
Trev Cornwall
Trev Cornwall Prieš val
Isn't it worrying that out of all those people 1 person had half a clue who Joe Biden was?? I've known who he was for 15 plus years and I don't even live in the US?? I mean what are these people doing with their lives??? Come on America..
Kinga Pienińska
Kinga Pienińska Prieš val
Dallon looks so much nervous like during The Brobecks times when he was supporting Fall Out Boy
Josette crenshaw
Josette crenshaw Prieš val
Tracee is not funny at all""
Kanasha K
Kanasha K Prieš val
Aunt chippy when she's watching this: ( 3.37 ) You F***king little a**hole i ain't dying without taking you to hell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅
Josette crenshaw
Josette crenshaw Prieš val
Tracee get these jobs becuz of her last name...
DanielG Prieš val
Fox News, what a joke!
Stefan Chirila
Stefan Chirila Prieš val
"Anti Donald Trump Live" is a better name..
Albert Nyakundi
Albert Nyakundi Prieš val
The kids also hit a jackpot
Jordan Cunanan
Jordan Cunanan Prieš val
More political banter....YAWN! 👎👎👎
Albe Sunim
Albe Sunim Prieš val
There is a large invasion of illegal Bigfoot crossing the Oklahoma / Arkansas state line ever since Oklahoma announced they are considering issuing Bigfoot hunting licenses. Right of the bat they are lobbying Sanders and requesting asylum. She will grant it if they agree to indentured servitude to her campaign. But unfortunately their kids will have to be taken from them. You know just as a guarantee that they will finish there service to her.
Ank Tulga
Ank Tulga Prieš val
You are just a big Hypocrite Jimmy A big one at that!
J A Prieš val
Burn in hell
bunny mom
bunny mom Prieš val
Yeah, give trump a break. Jail will be a nice break for him. Hukabee is a shining example of stupid.
Vanessa Hammam
Vanessa Hammam Prieš val
Do Americans not have exams?
DoranArtMedia Prieš val
"We still don't even know what Benghazi is" ( This is very insincere, We do indeed know what Benghazi is)
tubularAp Prieš val
7:24 -"When they pillow, we pill high." Hmmm, there's a double-double meaning in there somewhere ...
J A Prieš val
I hate you all so much I can't believe that these ppl are idiots but you take over part of portland and that's ok are all hypocrites
Starr Edwards
Starr Edwards Prieš val
i love themmmm
paulor1027 Prieš val
Clone wars??? Looks like he had a facial makeover.
Danish Meman
Danish Meman Prieš val
Great state of Arkansas? LOL It's ranked 49 in healthcare and 42 in education out of all the states.
Annette Wayne
Annette Wayne Prieš val
Wow 😯 The young people of today really need to brush up on their politics!
Jeff Roberts
Jeff Roberts Prieš val
Funny show. On-point. Thank you. Stay safe. ♥♥♥
Rajamani Saraswathi
Rajamani Saraswathi Prieš val
So ashamed of this woman.
Snitzel Claus
Snitzel Claus Prieš val
(No offense to anybody) I know that there is over 320 million people living in the US, and that there are people who are really great or just good geography, but every time I see videos like these, I get suprised of just how bad they are at geography. An american citizen didn’t even know where America was on the map, and then the other points at India and tell us that It’s Mexico. Just sayin
Gray Prieš val
i love this more than anything else in the world
sokin jon
sokin jon Prieš val
Dude he’s done just stop talking about him!
Eco Quilting
Eco Quilting Prieš val
Wow that is sooo creepy! (Sarah Smile-ing)
Cant hurt Jimmy's feelings
DCO CO Prieš val
What? Did someone say ingredients?
Seclusionloner Prieš val
3:51, the music you hear is called "Xm24" by Lenky
ethan freeman
ethan freeman Prieš val
Last time I checked you have to be 21 to smoke Jimmy.
Ron Tyler
Ron Tyler Prieš val
Now, now, your divisive hate is showing...remember the majority of voters voted Biden. Many just didn't know it.
michael huppertz
michael huppertz Prieš val
A known side effect of Covid-19 is that brain functions are attacked. I assume that the number of unreported cases of Covid-19 infections in Republican circles must be significantly higher than expected.
darkghastful Prieš val
My mother saw a blurb on tv and texted to tell me they were on Kimmel. They were INCREDIBLE live.
JaxFlGuy 337
JaxFlGuy 337 Prieš val
Jimmy is so Handsome funny and talented “said nobody ever” lol
J Dillah
J Dillah Prieš val
Surprised he didn't mention Kobe smh...🙁 wow
Braydiddly Prieš val
Len your supposed to say Seven 😒
desi oye
desi oye Prieš val
Freshly minted..haha
Dusty Harris
Dusty Harris Prieš val
Money buys you federal judges isn't news. What a corrupt country.
Chrissie Bawn
Chrissie Bawn Prieš val
Love these guys!
Issy Bell
Issy Bell Prieš val
@9:21 “do what is right not politically correct” wait isn’t the right thing also politically correct 🤔 i am confused and please forgive me if i don’t understand your politics. I am not an American.
Bekki Shanklin
Bekki Shanklin Prieš val
If y ou happen to watch the riots in russia, there's a guy with the buffalo horns and painted face in the crowd being rushed to the hoosgow
MrStensnask Prieš val
What constitutes a "generous lover"...? Do you have to provide money, alcohol or baked goods while screwing?
Matthew Ray
Matthew Ray Prieš val
Florida smoking age is 21
Melanie Jecker
Melanie Jecker Prieš val
we need a complete do-over in congress. get them all out and start over fresh. there's too much corruption and resentment for these people to ever work together peacefully. the double standards and hypo-criticism isn't going anywhere. but that's not gong to happen short of a "designated survivor" kinda situation.
chaengg chaengg
chaengg chaengg Prieš val
kanye is a good and a bad person at the same time
amorfati khb
amorfati khb Prieš val
aw dude i love him
Josh is a Jedi
Josh is a Jedi Prieš val
Holy crap he looked horrible as a young guy.
Mary Franken
Mary Franken Prieš val
Micki is amazing! ❤️
bungee gum
bungee gum Prieš val
man i love ice cube
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick Prieš val
To bring the iPhone thing into perspective. This is not focused on the iphone12. My grandma had an iPhone 8 Plus and it would mess with her pacemaker when she would sleep with it next to her left ear to listen to audio books.
Sylvain-Paul Côté
Sylvain-Paul Côté Prieš val
Showing that people didn't know who Joe Biden was only shows that most people are so ignorant of politics that they shouldn't be alowed to vote, because, clearly, their vote is totally uninformed. How can you make a choice when you don't know the people? It's your future people! Read! Study! Inform yourself if you don't want to make the wrong choice!
chaengg chaengg
chaengg chaengg Prieš val
i mean what's the point of being kanye west if you can't
Christina Horrell
Christina Horrell Prieš val
My ex wife didn't know who Joe Biden was in 2016!!! I discovered this while playing Cards Against Humanity with our friends! It was pretty embarrassing
Louis Van Niekerk
Louis Van Niekerk Prieš val
She sounds a lot like that little girl from wreck it ralph...
C Rutherford
C Rutherford Prieš val
In a world where everything we say and do is tracked, filed and stored. And the people at the top still do whatever they want
ZX9 Music
ZX9 Music Prieš val
I don't know Duran Duran two
Fredrock Trubadur
Fredrock Trubadur Prieš val
Nevner shave again!! :D :D