Kevin_Wilson334 Prieš 36 minučių
Why does he keep saying Bison like that?
Gil Alvarado
Gil Alvarado Prieš val
If Trey Lance gets drafted in the 1st round, they'll regret drafting him so early. Think about this, Jalen Hurts got drafted in the 2nd round with a greater body of work and accomplishments. Lance is playing lower tier competition with only one year of starting. Does anyone need reminders on how one year college starters fare in the pros?
Music World
Music World Prieš val
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Carrie Hudson
Carrie Hudson Prieš val
I Love Myself Some Alabama Crimson Football Games. I can hardly Wait For the Next Season Games!
Thienbaoguonghung Truonghoangtrung
Thienbaoguonghung Truonghoangtrung Prieš val
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Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller Prieš 2 val
Bro all them qbs are injury prone bad and 3 qbs won super bowls because of other players, they got the own team and doing fckin horrible no cap
Justin Bailey
Justin Bailey Prieš 2 val
Get that money big daddy
Kentrell Reece
Kentrell Reece Prieš 2 val
no one will believe this but he is my uncle i'm on my friends account
dlawso23 Prieš 3 val
He would good in a Bears uniform.
Clint Huff
Clint Huff Prieš 3 val
A kid mentoring kids 🤦
Patrick Neal
Patrick Neal Prieš 3 val
If he slips to 2nd round watch teams trade up for him
Patrick Neal
Patrick Neal Prieš 3 val
At least the young man might be getting paid.
Earl Robertson
Earl Robertson Prieš 3 val
OSU fans are the whiniest bunch of POS's that ever breathed.Clemson still owns you and laid a shut out on you,4-1 and 33-0.
C. J.
C. J. Prieš 4 val
Brock Purdy went to the high school that im gonna go to
Ron Herrera
Ron Herrera Prieš 4 val
This guys going to be a stud in the NFL.
Davis Perron
Davis Perron Prieš 4 val
Those were some solid interview questions 👌 He sounds like he’s gonna make Texas better
Kjm444 Prieš 4 val
Amen god is gonna take care of him
Matt F
Matt F Prieš 5 val
Maybe a future jet, I don’t want the jets to take a Qb, gotta build talent around Sam
danny trevino
danny trevino Prieš 5 val
And then Clemson gets destroyed in the national championship game against LSU and then Alabama re-cleans the title by destroying Ohio State! 😎
Darren Edwards
Darren Edwards Prieš 6 val
No this guy is the real deal!! He is smart.....sees everything...right nfl system and coaching....can be an excellent nfl QB....
Grant Robey
Grant Robey Prieš 6 val
Welcome to Texas🤘🏻🤘🏻
aregua1 Prieš 6 val
Stands empty. People all around the stadium wearing dehumanizing unnecessary masks. I could not watch this.
TheTaurus1988 Prieš 6 val
In 2013 that was a perfect form tackle. In 2020 it’s somehow targeting and ejection.
John Juhasz
John Juhasz Prieš 6 val
After they count all the mail in touchdowns, Ohio state will be the clear winner.
Bammie is beating their chest for beating OSU's 3rd string because of covid-19....PATHETIC!!! Bammie is a fraud....42-35....giggles!!
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin Prieš 8 val
Real answer is he knew if teams saw more film, he wouldn't be a first round pick. He's not even confident in his own playing ability
scott Hamilton
scott Hamilton Prieš 8 val
Oklahoma will drive him back into the bottle
Naturalized Patriot
Naturalized Patriot Prieš 8 val
Paul finebaum...when you can keep an organization at the top, year after year, while having constant staff turnover...you will have earned the right to critique what SABAN Has done for the greatest college football dynasty in history...and hes not even done yet.
JR 08
JR 08 Prieš 8 val
What a Chad
Mike Denman
Mike Denman Prieš 8 val
Ohio State was somewhat depleted, but so was Bama, both teams played their hearts out and should be commended. Alabama was the better team and won going away.
Michael White
Michael White Prieš 8 val
*How can you not have Najee with Henry in the backfield for a two headed monster? Come on, that would be a scary backfield!!!*
PrettyBoy23 Prieš 8 val
To me his still the third best QB out of the class after Lawrence and Fields. Then Zach Wilson is fourth. I honestly could see him going to Denver, Washington or Indianapolis.
football yt
football yt Prieš 9 val
Clemson is my fav
Kendrick Ellis
Kendrick Ellis Prieš 9 val
When was were Born Max??
andrew Brown
andrew Brown Prieš 9 val
That touchdown to Olave 🥵
David C
David C Prieš 10 val
Dave's goal for the big ten realignment and college playoffs My goal is to get to 16 teams in the Big Ten and setting up a rivalry week which would be played on the teams last game. We need two storied franchises for Penn State and Nebraska. Penn State is obvious it would be Pittsburgh. They already are rivals. Think of the players coming out of Pittsburgh Tony Dorsett, Curtis Martin, LeSean McCoy, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, Dan Marino, Russ Grimm, Joe Schmi Nebraska is a storied franchise and needs a rival I would try for Notre Dame or Oklahoma Rivalry week is 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8 I would also expand playoffs from 4 teams to 8 teams. All five conference winners would be guaranteed a playoff spot with last 3 teams being at-large bids. I would also bring back the four major bowls, Rose, Cotton, Orange, and Sugar Bowls. The four bowls would be used in the first round of the playoffs with the Big Ten vs The Pac 12 in being one of the bowls Current Standings 14 Big Ten Teams East West 1 Rutgers 1 Purdue 2 Maryland 2 Northwestern 3 Penn State 3 Illinois 4 Ohio State 4 Wisconsin 5 Michigan 5 Nebraska 6 Michigan State 6 Iowa 7 Indiana 7 Minnesota 8 8 Daves Standings realignment 16 teams Add Pittsburgh and Notre Dame East West Rivalry Week Rivalry Week 1 Rutgers 1 Michigan State 2 Maryland 2 Wisconsin 3 Penn State 3 Northwestern 4 Pittsburgh 4 Illinois 5 Michigan 5 Nebraska 6 Ohio State 6 Notre Dame 7 Indiana 7 Iowa 8 Purdue 8 Minnesota 16 Teams 12 Game Regular Season 7 games in Division 4 games in other Division plus a game at teams leisure Add Pittsburgh to East Add Purdue to East Remove Michigan State from East Add Notre Dame to West Add Michigan State to West Remove Purdue from West
Santumach Prieš 10 val
Patriots no doubt
Big Slizzy
Big Slizzy Prieš 10 val
How tf did smitty not make the all-Saban team????
Michael White
Michael White Prieš 8 val
He did, go back and rewatch it
Duval BT
Duval BT Prieš 10 val
It’s always something 🙄
John S.
John S. Prieš 10 val
I'm not confident he will succeed in the NFL. He's been spoiled by Smith and Metchie et al. getting ten yards in front of whoever's covering them on every play, and those human steamrollers on the line giving him all the time in the world to look downfield. That's not how it works in the NFL. Maybe he really is an elite QB; if not, he isn't gonna know what hit him.
Марина Костерина
Марина Костерина Prieš 11 val
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Chief 90
Chief 90 Prieš 11 val
Eddie Jackson? He should have been on there. Eddie Jackson was cheated out of the Thorpe Award. If he hadn't gotten injured in the A&M game, he would have won it. He should have won it anyway.
Richard G.
Richard G. Prieš 11 val
Eddie Jackson needs to be on that list
Марина Костерина
Марина Костерина Prieš 11 val
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Марина Костерина
Марина Костерина Prieš 11 val
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Maximus Pierre
Maximus Pierre Prieš 11 val
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Марина Костерина
Марина Костерина Prieš 11 val
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Amanpreet Gill
Amanpreet Gill Prieš 12 val
He was going to pick up his mother, to take her to church, & he was involved in a car crush. I car crush God couldn't stop, with a second here, a second there. God couldn't cause a second delay. Just goes to show you, God isn't going to make your dreams come true, God didn't for the Burlsworth family, so don't expect God to help you in achieving your goals.
jacob mcdaniel
jacob mcdaniel Prieš 12 val
What a humble young man, Roll Tide!
David Winter
David Winter Prieš 12 val
Hayes also.
David Winter
David Winter Prieš 12 val
Coach Bowden is in their league in my opinion. Bryant - Paterno - Bowden. They belong.
Jessica Bravo
Jessica Bravo Prieš 12 val
Emmitt looks so proud. He knows he's raised a good man. Thanks be to God🙏
The mad lad
The mad lad Prieš 13 val
Jself 04
Jself 04 Prieš 13 val
You realize how Alabama is in like every other one 😂 roll tide baby
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Prieš 13 val
Calling it Minnesota
Judson Schatzman
Judson Schatzman Prieš 13 val
All this UT disrespect. they beat every team they played by at least 30 points. They won the Big XII championship 70-3. They were an unstoppable team
Chen Liu
Chen Liu Prieš 14 val
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David Stutz
David Stutz Prieš 14 val
Dwayne Haskins 2.0.. He needs to stay at least 1 more year
brandon yip
brandon yip Prieš 14 val
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Totally not Depressed
Totally not Depressed Prieš 15 val
They think Alabama's dynasty is bad? Go to the FCS, where there's more teams and a bigger playoff and one team still manages to dominate for near a whole decade.
Jim Richards
Jim Richards Prieš 15 val
There is but one answer to the question of whether or not this is the guy for the job. Time will tell and at Texas, you don’t get much of that precious commodity to prove yourself. At one time, Fred Akers had the best won/loss record of any head coach ever fired for non-performance. UT may have broken than record in the interim.
Reed chism
Reed chism Prieš 15 val
Top 4 1bama. 2oklahoma. 3clemson. 4georgia Texas NC Osu all contenders
Reed chism
Reed chism Prieš 15 val
All I gotta say is Texas is actually back now
Mark Prieš 16 val
Geaux Tigers
Mark Prieš 16 val
Geaux Tigers
Buckeye Girl
Buckeye Girl Prieš 16 val
I'm from Ohio and a diehard Buckeye fan, so it goes without saying that I love Urban Meyer. I've been boycotting the NFL since Kaepernick made it a clown show bigger than our congress, but Meyer and Lawrence could make me take a peek now and then.
Terry Shakespeare
Terry Shakespeare Prieš 17 val
One of the funniest films ever made one of my top 10 movies ever takes me right back to the day every time I watch it
Mikevdog Prieš 17 val
Maybe an asskickingterisk.
Utooob76 Prieš 17 val
Now , Go get Tim Tebow
Redsona Productions
Redsona Productions Prieš 17 val
Auburn wasn't ready. I knew it was over when Nix was steady running for his life.We wasn't ready and Tank Bigsby should've started at RB.
DripEditz HD
DripEditz HD Prieš 17 val
shivers: Im finna end this mans career
Pay AttentionTV
Pay AttentionTV Prieš 17 val
Fun Fact: At BYU Steve Sarkisian was the first QB to win 14 games In a season
Elmer Fuddrucker
Elmer Fuddrucker Prieš 17 val
Ohio State who?
mickey p
mickey p Prieš 17 val
both of you pick ohio state to win explain
Glenn Tubbs
Glenn Tubbs Prieš 18 val
13 - 0, this year, not 12 - 0
Fred Wright
Fred Wright Prieš 19 val
Marcus spears may have played for LSU, but he's definitely all saban.
Mon Deezy
Mon Deezy Prieš 19 val
Stanford the only one with a black coach who care about the young man more than a athletes like that other schools.
Anon Cerb
Anon Cerb Prieš 20 val
Hope he does well.
Charge Nurse
Charge Nurse Prieš 20 val
Give this man an iron claw and then you have Vega from Street Fighter
Monye Duval904
Monye Duval904 Prieš 20 val
A guy like this has to go somewhere where's it's a good environment an good coaching. An doesn't have to start right away. Something like what A-Rod did when he came into the league.